How to ship web software like pirates!


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How to ship web software like pirates!

  1. 1. Comment devenir riche avec les logiciels libres les standards ouverts et les microformats (entre autre) Présenté par Sylvain Carle de Praized Média Soirée W3Qc 2009-06-15
  2. 2. How to become Rich (fast!) with Free Software Open Standards and microformats (plus a few other tricks) Presented by Sylvain Carle of Praized Media W3Qc Night 2009-06-15
  3. 3. Note Presentation “Montréal Style” slides in english for the global network mais j'échange en français avec l'audience you can stop me anytime, quand tu veux, LANG=FR or LANG=EN, whatever!
  4. 4. Alternative Title How to ship web software like pirates
  5. 5. ARRR!
  6. 6. 3 easy steps http:/ /
  7. 7. At Praized, we are at phase #2 now!
  8. 8. More seriously... 1. How do you go from an idea, 2. To a product... 3. To a business?
  9. 9. The only thing certain... Is uncertainty!
  10. 10. Go for agility Core product/market direction Technology choices for speed
  11. 11. Dev Team intelligence and autonomy Choose your metaphor wisely
  12. 12. Technology choices for speed ● Anti Not Invented Here Syndrome (re-use is king) ● Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) for servers ● Hosted at Amazon EC2 + Liquid Web ● Ruby On Rails for platform / API ● MySQL + Sphinx for search ● WordPress and PHP for distributed views ● jQuery + CSS framework (more from Frank later) ● TRAC for subversion + tickets + wiki
  13. 13. Sea dogs / dev team ● Colin Surprenant – Lead Engineer ● Marc-André Gagnon – Platform/API developer ● Stéphane Daury – Wordpress + PHP guru ● François Lafortune – Front-end developer ● Many freelancers from Montréal (Station C)++ ● And a secret zombie army (more on that later) ● Interview process is a few weeks... write some code, close some tickets, ask good questions.
  14. 14. The secret zombie army Open Source developers from all over the world!
  15. 15. No Quarters! ● Architecture is art/science, keep right balance ● Have test to cover at least 80% of the codebase ● Automated deploy, FTW! ● Ship at least once per week, twice sometimes ● Milestones, tickets, priorities, review each week ● Standup meeting every morning ● Almost no meetings. Wiki pages, BRD, frankendoc, white boards, giant post-it
  16. 16. Open Standards for uplift ● A few choices : Microformats, OAuth, OpenWeb ● Timing, community, maturity (almost) ● Make sure your stuff is easy/documented ● Open means letting a little bit go ● Open means being in many places (Google Code, ● Open also mean being out there (like tonight) ● Open mean you can start now! http:/ /
  17. 17. O yea, have fun, too! Im in ur API looking for cheez near Montréalz
  18. 18. Thanks, bug me online! http:/ / + http:/ / http:/ / http:/ / Sandbox for developers @afrognthevalley @sylvaincarle on twitter @afroginthevalley on http:/ / http:/ /