The Digital Switchover - The Mauritian Experience


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The Digital Switchover - The Mauritian Experience Presented by Trilock Dwarka at AMLF 2012

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The Digital Switchover - The Mauritian Experience

  1. 1. Trilock Dwarka, ChairmanICT Authority - MauritiusNovember 2011
  2. 2. Rodrigues, foremost easternpart of Africa switched over todigital on 31 December 2011
  3. 3. DTT Wild Estimates70% to 80% of 360,000 Households
  4. 4. SURVEY ON DTT November 2012• To be carried out by Mauritius Post on behalf of ICT Authority
  5. 5. DTTB Fact Sheet for Mauritius• No. of households: 360,000• Standard: DVB-T compliant to EN300 744 (interoperability amongst manufacturers)• No. of DTTB (STB) receivers: 250,000• Cost of STB: USD 75 (2006) fell to USD 20• Likely switch-over date: 2013
  6. 6. EARLY START –DTT STUDY1998 – 1999 --- Visit to DTT experimental platform in Rennes (France)2000 ---------- Commissioned TDF of France - Survey 2 digital multiplexes2002 ---------- Pilot test successfully carried
  7. 7. DTT rollout1998 National Digital Broadcasting Committee set up by Government Frequency planning done by TDF - Coordination with Reunion island1999 Government of Mauritius chooses DVB-T for future digital terrestrial television services2001 TDF / MCML / MBC carried out a pilot test transmission2005 Official Launch of DTTB in Mauritius with 70% coverage2006 18 gap-fillers increased coverage to 100%12/2007 ~ 100,000 DTT set-top boxes sold (30% penetration)2008 2nd DTT Multiplex – 6 TV programmes2010 Launch of 3rd DTT Multiplex – 5 programmes
  8. 8. POLICY FRAMEWORKThe Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA)1.Established in 2000 as per IBA Act 2000.To provide for the setting up of an IndependentBroadcasting Authority to regulate sound andtelevision broadcasting in Mauritius.2.Mauritius Multi Carrier Limited (MCML)To act as sole signal distributor for radio & TV signalsin Mauritius.3.The ICT Authority to allocate frequencies to IBA
  9. 9. DTT issues in Mauritius• Coverage of the island• Quality of rooftop aerial Wideband aerial not compatible for DTT reception.• Quality of rooftop aerial installation and aerial misdirection• Impulsive noise and blocking of pictures• Retail staff lack of knowledge on STB set up They did not hold much in making sales increase. Many daily telephone calls received from viewers to explain how to set up STB.• Low cost STBs give asynchronous video audio problems
  10. 10. DTT issues in MauritiusSolutions•Extensive aerial installer training programs / workshops.•MBC / MCML proposed video clips to inform viewers ofthe type of aerial and cables to buy and tips on goodinstallation practices.•Pamphlets / booklets distributed to retail staff, antennainstallers and viewers giving frequencies, channels andlocation of transmitting stations.•Detailed study of the true coverage by using a vehiclewith a 10m rotatable mast for field strength measurements.
  11. 11. Social Impact• Diminish the Digital Divide within the population.• Increase of TV choice with multiple TV channels.• Emphasis on Diversity given the ethnic composition of Mauritius.• Reception of better sound and video quality.• Better government services (personalised and user- friendly).• Increase transparency of government actions.
  12. 12. CHALLENGESBudget to Planning forco-exist bothAnalogue The Analogueand Digital Switch-offTelevision Upskill of our Achieving same Planning of Engineers on Coverage as Digital Digital era Existing analogue Dividend
  13. 13. Action Plan for Digital Broadcasting Migration1. Legislation and Regulatory Issues  Multi Channel Licensing Framework  Technology Neutral Licensing framework  Revocation of allocated frequency at end of dual illumination to realise digital dividend  Consumer participation  Policy consideration for vulnerable groups  Harmonisation of technical standards for Set-Top Boxes / Decoders
  14. 14. The Future The FutureThe Present Broadband AM Radio Network FM Radio Mobile TVAnalogue TV Interactive Digital TV Digital TV Digital Radio Outside Multimedia Broadcast Services Satellite Data Communication Reception
  15. 15. Post DSO Issues(1) Consumer education | Digital Literacy(2) Upgrading to DVB-T2 - MPEG-4(3) Maintenance and expansion of MUXs(4) DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld)(5) HD(6) DAB
  16. 16. Trilock Dwarka, ChairmanICT Authority – Mauritius