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African Library Project in Kenya


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In 2016, the African Library Project (ALP) is starting to send libraries to Kenya, a country in east Africa. Volunteer book drive organizers in the US and Canada collect the books and money to ship them. Learn more about Kenya and ALP's partners there. Learn how you can start a library too!

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African Library Project in Kenya

  1. 1. In Kenya
  2. 2. Many prehistoric fossils have been discovered in the Great Rift Valley. Kenya is a democracy. Nairobi, the capital, is a modern metropolis.
  3. 3. Kenya is a diverse country with a population of 46 million. The African Library Project works in southwest Kenya near Lake Victoria in Homabay and Migori counties.
  4. 4. ALP works in rural areas with high rates of poverty. People are hard-working and entrepreneurial and make the most of what they have.
  5. 5. “Free” primary education, though mandatory fees add up and can make school too expensive for many families. All students have to pass exams in English to advance to the next level.
  6. 6. Large classes and limited materials make education challenging. Some schools have textbooks. Only 2% of schools have libraries.
  7. 7. ALP is partnering with Project Humanity and Rongo University College to start libraries in Kenya.
  8. 8. Will you do a book drive so more children in Kenya have access to books?