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Photo trip report from a meeting of Farmer Research Groups at Ilu-sanbit and Selka kebeles (Sinana)


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Photo trip report from a meeting of Farmer Research Groups at Ilu-sanbit and Selka kebeles (Sinana)

  1. 1. Photo trip report from a meeting of Farmer Research Groups at Ilu-sanbit and Selka kebeles (Sinana) December 2014
  2. 2. • Innovation Platforms (IPs) in the Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian highlands are established at each research site. • This visit aimed to support research for development activities conducted with Farmer Research Groups (FRGs). • Africa RISING activities in Ethiopia are delivered through a series of research ‘protocols’ on different issues and commodities. • So far, farmers in Sinana organized themselves into seven FRGs at Selka kebele and eight FRGs at Ilu-sanbitu kebele.
  3. 3. Meeting with Sinana Technical Group (TG) members to plan the FRG meetings
  4. 4. Addisu Asfaw, Africa RISING site coordinator presenting the participatory community analysis in Sinana woreda
  5. 5. Sinana Technical Group members writing presentation on flip chart using Afan Oromo language
  6. 6. Zelalem Lema explaining the table showing the different research protocols to farmers at Selka kebele
  7. 7. Farmers who have apples raising their hands at Selka Kebele to organize themselves as an Apple farmer research group
  8. 8. Bekele as a TG member sharing the FRG experience of Sinana Agricultural Research Centre
  9. 9. Farmers asking how a farmer participates in more than one research protocol can be a member at different FRGs
  10. 10. Apple FRG members selecting their representatives to be members of the kebele innovation platform
  11. 11. Bekele (TG member) sharing the FRG experience of Sinana Agricultural Research Centre at Ilu- sanbitu kebele
  12. 12. Endeshaw (assistant site coordinator) counting the number of farmers participating in different research protocols
  13. 13. Ahmed (Sinana IP facilitator) explaining the concept of Innovation Platforms
  14. 14. Farmers at Ilu-sanbitu kebele who participated in the livestock feed FRG organizing themselves as a Tree lucerne FRG
  15. 15. A farmer selected by his FRG members introduces himself
  16. 16. A farmer having a side talk on research activities with Addisu (Site coordinator)
  17. 17. Endeshaw (right) with Shure (left, TG member from Sinana Agricultural Research Centre) writing the name of the representative farmers selected from each FRGs
  18. 18. A farmer selected as a representative introduces himself to all FRG members at Ilu-sanbitu kebele
  19. 19. Project partners Ethiopia
  20. 20. Local partners Ethiopia • Academic institutions: Wachemo, Mekelle, Madawolabu, Debre Berhan and Hawassa universities; Maichew Agricultural College • Regional research organizations: Amhara Regional Agricultrural Research Institute, Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, Oromia Agricultural Research Institute • Federal research organizations: Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research, Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute • Offices of Agriculture: Endamekoni (Tigray), Basona Worena (Amhara), Lemo (SNNRP) and Sinana (Oromia) • Agricultural Transformation Agency
  21. 21. Credits Produced by Africa RISING Project in Ethiopia Compiled by Apollo Habtamu Photos: ILRI/Apollo Habtamu Our appreciation goes to team members, local partner organizations and the community of Salka and Ilu-Sanbitu kebeles
  22. 22. Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation The presentation has a Creative Commons licence. You are free to re-use or distribute this work, provided credit is given to ILRI.