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Photo trip report from the initiation meeting of the Lemo woreda Innovation Platform (SNNPR), 12-14 February 2014


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Photo trip report from the initiation meeting of the Lemo woreda Innovation Platform (SNNPR), 12-14 February 2014

  1. 1. Photo trip report from the initiation meeting of the Lemo woreda Innovation Platform (SNNPR) 12-14 February 2014
  2. 2. • The Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian highlands is supporting the establishment of local innovation platforms in each of its sites. • This visit aimed to brief agricultural research, development and other stakeholders working at Africa RISING sites about the program’s activities, and initiate the establishment of Innovation Platforms (IPs) with key partners. • By the end of the visits we established 4 strategic (woreda) and 8 operational (kebele) IPs and formed technical committees at woreda and kebele levels.
  3. 3. Briefing session on Africa RISING activities to agricultural research, development and other stakeholders working at woreda level
  4. 4. Kindu Mekonnen gives an overview of the Africa RISING program, project activities to date including the results of the Participatory Community Analysis
  5. 5. Discussion by stakeholders involved in the innovation platform
  6. 6. Workneh Dubale, Africa RISING site coordinator confirms his intention to collaborate with stakeholders to see the project objectives achieved
  7. 7. Participants discussing challenges and opportunities around innovation platforms
  8. 8. Identifying key stakeholders to be members of the innovation platform
  9. 9. Participants agreeing and approving the technical committee members
  10. 10. Members of the Technical Committee at zonal level: (from left to right) Belay Osere, Lobe Haile, Tamrat Erjinaw, Shemelis Mengistu, Fikadu Tessema, Ashenafi Yohaness , Workneh
  11. 11. Elias Damtew leading the discussion on monitoring and evaluation framework
  12. 12. On the way to visit Jawe kebele
  13. 13. Greeting one of the model farmers in Jawe kebele
  14. 14. Examining forage interventions
  15. 15. forage interventions
  16. 16. Model farmers while sharing their experience
  17. 17. Discussing innovation platform purpose, role, membership and technical committees
  18. 18. Aberra Adie talks about building partnerships and value chains
  19. 19. Members of the Technical committee in at Jawe kebele : Mulugeta Negash, Mulatu Basha, Birtukan Bizuneh,, Bekelech Belachew, Birtukan Shigute, Ayele Abebe, Meles Shobiso
  20. 20. Africa RISING team, Jawe kebele farmers and other stakeholders
  21. 21. Farmers set up a straw man to prevent animals eating their crops
  22. 22. Project partners Ethiopia
  23. 23. Local partners Ethiopia • Academic institutions: Wachemo, Mekelle, Madawolabu, Debre Berhan and Hawassa universities; Maichew Agricultural College • Regional research organizations: Amhara Regional Agricultrural Research Institute, Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, Oromia Agricultural Research Institute • Federal research organizations: Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research, Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute • Offices of Agriculture: Endamekoni (Tigray), Basona Worena (Amhara), Lemo (SNNRP) and Sinana (Oromia) • Agricultural Transformation Agency
  24. 24. Credits Produced by Africa RISING Project in Ethiopia Compiled by Apollo Habtamu Photos: ILRI/Apollo Habtamu Our appreciation goes to team members, local partner organizations and the community of Lemo woreda
  25. 25. Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation The presentation has a Creative Commons licence. You are free to re-use or distribute this work, provided credit is given to ILRI.