Africa RISING West Africa Project: From the start until today


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Presented by Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon at the Africa RISING West Africa Stakeholder Meeting, Accra, Ghana, 23 January 2013

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Africa RISING West Africa Project: From the start until today

  1. 1. Africa RISING West AfricaProject: From the start until today Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon Africa RISING West Africa Stakeholder Meeting, Accra, Ghana, 23 January 2013
  2. 2. The Start Oct. 2011: Brain storming meeting Bamako: agreement on countries and regions: UER, UWR, NR [Ghana], Sikasso [Mali]; agreement on key farming systems Jan. 2012: Inception workshop Tamale: confirmation of regions and farming systems; need for a thorough research framework (hypotheses, trial design; approach and context); appropriate action and control site selection => fast track workplan building on existing work to produce results by September 2012
  3. 3. Next steps Feb. 2012: First disbursement of funds to AfricaRice and ICRISAT; decision on Program approach; name Africa RISING February/March: Stakeholder workshops in Mali and Ghana April: Set up of Project office at SARI in Tamale staff: systems agronomist, administrator, accountant, research supervisor, technician, drivers
  4. 4.  May: Community analysis in Ghana; community action plan; district stratification and characterization in Ghana (rainfall, elevation, population, market access) by IFPRI June: workplans for Mali and Ghana developed; sub- agreements with partners; disbursement of funds June - December: Implementation of year 1 field activities
  5. 5.  June - January: Selection of future action and control sites in Ghana (socio-economic and biophysical characteristics: length of growing period, market access) October: Year 1 review and planning meeting December: Site characterization and selection in Mali; workplans for 2013 Continuously: Strategic Program documents developed (research framework, M&E plan, communication strategy, management structure)
  6. 6. Sub-agreements by IITAInstitution AmountILRI $195,000UDS $25,000WIUC $32,000SARI $80,000KNUST $16,000SRI S3,000IWMI $100,000AVRDC $200,688AfricaRice $299,822ICRISAT* $754,490* sub-contracts with partners in Mali
  7. 7. Research framework Research hypotheses (5), research design, SI?, focus on different hh types, entry points, approach to SI, R4D platforms Generic to be applicable across all three Africa RISING regions Flexible to allow site specific adaptation Program Research Framework Task Force Workshop in July in Ibadan, Nigeria, Completed, presented later
  8. 8. M&E Plan Led by IFPRI Workshop in Addis Ababa in September Draft circulated for comments in November Status: finalization in progress
  9. 9. Communication strategy and tools Leadership by IFPRI Team located at program and project level List of tools: wiki: calendar: or outputs on CG Space: presentations on Slideshare: pictures on FlickR: website:, YouTube and Yammer web domains will be established
  10. 10. Program Document Assembly of all strategic documents  program context  purpose, objectives, outcomes  guiding principles and conceptual framework  research design  M&E plan  communication strategy  management structure  standards for engagement
  11. 11. Program Management Structure
  12. 12. WA Steering Committee ToR Provides advice and oversight on Project activities Approves annual Project workplan and budget Reviews and makes suggestions to Project Coordinator on semiannual technical progress reports to USAID Plans yearly stakeholder meetings with support from Program Communications Team First meeting tomorrow
  13. 13. Membership Chair (R. Asiedu, IITA Regional Director West Africa) Project Chief Scientist (A. Larbi, IITA) Project M&E Lead (IFPRI) Project Communications Lead (K. Lopez, IITA) ICRISAT (F. Waliyar) AfricaRice (O. Ayaji); rotating seat CORAF (E. Asiedu) CSIR (A. Salifu) AGRA (K. Makinde) Donor (J. Glover) Secretary (I. Hoeschle-Zeledon, AR Coordinator)
  14. 14. 17 August: Visit US Congressional Staff to inspect bilateral and multilateral food security programs in northern Ghana met by SARI Director and Africa RISING chief scientist visit of demonstration trails of drought and Striga tolerant maize; rice seed multiplication and varietal trials interactions with farmers
  15. 15. Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation