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  1. 1. Ground - Rikeor
  2. 2. High angle - Rikeor
  3. 3. Rikeor <ul><li>Both these clips work well as the action is all with in the frame. In the ground version it is easier to see what is happening as there is nothing blocking the view, in the high version the view is partly blocked in places so it may be hard to see what’s happening, despite this the high version gives more the effect I want as it’s more like a point of view shot from Sam who is watching the events unfold. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Ground - Christina
  5. 5. High angle - Christina
  6. 6. Christina <ul><li>Both clips are mostly fine, the first has a light line at the start which means I could only use the clip after it goes and in the second I wouldn’t be able to use the end as the tree cuts of the view and the clip ends shortly. </li></ul>