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Neuromechanics group presentation 27.1.12


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Published in: Education, Business
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Neuromechanics group presentation 27.1.12

  1. 1. Bernard Boakye-AframNeuromechanics Group Seminar Simon Fraser University
  2. 2.  An Inconvenient Truth: Business School Ideas are not always applicable ◦ Product and process are separable ◦ Compliance Issues: Cultural Resistance, Lack of a social context
  3. 3.  User based needs assessment  Very expensive  Difficulty with technology
  4. 4. Open Innovation works
  5. 5.  Reverse Innovation
  6. 6.  Magnet Effect: Using innovation to attract communities to health care facility Professional Satisfaction/retention
  7. 7.  Align innovation with short-term objectives of elected public office holders