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Cg marketing 2012 050812 (2)


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Cg marketing 2012 050812 (2)

  1. 1. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012About Control GroupControl Group is a technology and design firm that creates platforms, products, andservices that optimize operations, enhance brand value, and create new sourcesofrevenue. Our clients include leaders in Architecture, Media& Entertainment,Hospitality, Healthcare, Art, Finance, and Retail industries.Culture:The people who work here understand that our robot overlords are takingover. We just want to prepare our clients for the inevitable.Executive SummaryControl Group has traditionally relied on referralsfor recruiting, sales, and businessdevelopment opportunities. With a 30% revenue growth target for 2012, ControlGroup is looking to expand its overall brand awareness todrive sales beyondreferrals, expand existing client relationships, and establish itself as a leader acrosscategories.Business Objectives Increase revenues by 30% $16,150,000 Hardware/Software: $2,422,500 ES – Support: $4,569,900 ES – Project: $3,232,975 Development: $5,094,025 DevOps: $830,600 Increase new opportunities that integrate our service offerings Expand current client relationships across service offerings Establish “Spaces” offering and market leadership positionChallengesWith little to no marketing program prior to late 2011, Control Group mustovercome the following hurdles: 1. No infrastructure for marketing activities 2. Current client base is unaware of the full spectrum of services that we offer 3. Expertise spans multiple categories and disciplines 4. No consistent strategy for sales and business development 5. No consistent messaging 6. No consistent content, assets, collateral, or templates 7. Press has no familiarity or relationships with Control Group 8. Websiteis inflexible; does not reflect CG’s technology and design excellence
  2. 2. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012OfferingsSee Google docEnterprise Services Infrastructure, Network, Voice & Systems Architecture Managed IT Services & Support Enterprise IT ConsultingProduct Development User Experience Design Software Development Graphic, Industrial, Service & Information DesignIntegrated Offerings “Spaces” – Enhancing physical spaces with technology Big Data – Multi-source data analytics (cloud-based)
  3. 3. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012Competitive LandscapeEnterprise Services (ES)ES includes all support contracts and project-based engineering and consultingengagements.Support: Managed ServicesCompetitor Strength WeaknessCyber City Cheap, simple Bad service, reputationBlue Water Cisco/networking, size, Unhappy employees well-knownImaginIT AEC focused AEC focused onlyCG Positioning:We help companies stabilize and optimize operations.Depth and breadth of bench and offering + client service Fully stacked support center with expertise across networking, systems, workstations, and applications (specialized in art, media, AEC, finance, healthcare) Account Management model = client first Flexible offering customized for each client / in tune with each client’s culture Engaged and happy employees = better customer experience TRUSTProject: Infrastructure& Systems (IT Integration, Cloud, Big Data, etc.)Competitor Strength WeaknessAccenture Scale, reputation Expensive, not agileSapient Reputation, seen as Depth of bench creative for sizeDeloitte Scale, reputation Expensive, not agileCG Positioning:We help companies build and scale their business.Infrastructure as a strategic asset We treat infrastructure as a fundamental element of a business User-centered approach: starts with workflow Built to scale and adapt Approach is lean and flexible Help clients invest in technology
  4. 4. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012Product Development (Dev)Dev includes all software and design projects.Product DevelopmentCompetitor Strength WeaknessFrog Design Reputation, design No infrastructure expertiseIdeo Reputation, prestige, Not focused on industrial design technology, expensiveRockfish Reputation Not product focused, web/mobile onlyRockwell Labs Well known in AEC Design, not tech focusedBerg Portfolio of cool projects Unknown, smallCG Positioning:We help companies innovate their products and services.Smart & beautifulproducts and platforms (not marketing) We start with the user experience and work back towards tech and design Process: Tech and design are iterative and done in tandem- we deliver things that work We create new products and business platforms that provide marketable and value – more than skin deep We build it together. Clients sit with us at the office. Lean and agile Elicit a “wow”, but still built to scaleOverall CG Positioning:CG is not a pure IT integrator, or an advertising agency, or product developmentshop— because most business challenges aren’t so simple as to fit in one of thosecategories anymore.Business technology doesn’t come in a box.Change doesn’t come in a box.Don’t get boxed in.That’s why we do what we do.It’s a different shape for the future: - rounded corners - no cubes - no departments - no change orders - work with clients at our office, not for clients at client’s office
  5. 5. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012Strategic PartnershipsApplePartnership: OS X & Server Reseller & Technology ServicesRelationship Objective: ReferralsKey Contacts: Xander Blakely (enterprise sales), Don Peebles (engineering)Relationship owners: Charlie Miller (engineering), Teri Hagedorn (account), StaceyLevine (marketing) Collateral: sales sheets, videos, and case studies to Apple sales and engineering teams to keep them informed of CG capabilities Events: host demo event for engineers and account teams at CGHQ Marketing: Place OTG video case study video on Apple Business Profile siteAmazonPartnership: Amazon Web ServicesRelationship Objective: Referrals & Co-MarketingKey Contact: Josh Hoffman, Principal, Business DevelopmentRelationship owners: Steve Croll, Stacey Levine, DavidRocamora Events: Host joint webinars targeting specific industries. Leverage access to AWS’ newsletter distribution and relationships. Collateral: Provide sales sheets and case studies to vertical specific account managers
  6. 6. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012Customer Profiles / Segmentation (2011) RevenueVertical # of clients product/dev enterprise totalCreative 36 354 1889 $2,243M&E 13 579 414 $993Advertising 5 366 31 $397Healthcare 5 0 89 $89Finance 3 6 462 $468Tech 3 43 51 $94Pro Svcs 2 0 18 $18Retail 1 536 202 $738Manufact 1 0 73 $73Hospitality 1 0 48 $48Gaming 1 1979 59 $2,038Key PersonasSee Google docClient Mindset:Engineers – certainty / clients – uncertainty Afraid of getting fired Commitment/straight jacket Fear of being left behind Fear of buying something that will be obsolete next year Fear of being embarrassed (status quo) vs. need to be famous
  7. 7. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012Key Topics& PlatformsTopic Business Line Segment POV OwnersBig Data (What The ES + Dev Retail, Hospitality Toby, DaveMAC) (WTM), AllCloud ES M&E, Healthcare, Dave, Charlie,(Automation, HIPAA, Finance, Startup, All TobyMedia Production)Commercial iPad ES + Dev Retail, Hospitality Campbell, CharliedeploymentsInteractive Spaces ES + Dev Retail, Hospitality, Campbell, Toby AEC, AdService Design Dev All Campbell, Toby, MaxUX / UbiComp Dev Startup, Retail, Toby, Max, Brian Hospitality, AECCulture ES + Dev All Campbell, Scott, DaveEnterprise 3.0 ES All Dave(IT as strategicasset)
  8. 8. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012Marketing PlanMarketing will enhance and scale Control Group’s business development and salesefforts through brand awareness and lead generation activities. Specifically,Marketing will help Control Group: Increase revenue by 30% Attract new opportunities that integrate our service offerings Expand current client relationships across service offerings Establish, promote, and sell new offeringsPublic Relations & Social MediaControl Group will use traditional media and social media to establish itself as arecognized expert and thought leader in key strategic areas (outlined in thisdocument). By leveraging the media, Control Group’s capabilities and expertise willbe better socialized outside of our referral network.Media ListSee Google doc Quotes/interviews/stories Client quotes/interviews/stories Features/Editorials/Advertorials Comments/link back to blogProperties R&D site Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
  9. 9. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012EventsControl Group will leverage networking, sponsorship, branding, webinar, andspeaking opportunities to establish itself as a recognized expert and thought leaderin key strategic areas (outlined in this document). By participating in these events,Control Group will be able to promote capabilities and expertise outside of ourreferral network, as well as generate new sales leads and prospect lists.Thought Leadership EventsSee Google doc Panels/Roundtables Keynotes Judging Branding/Sponsorship White Paper Distribution WebinarsCommunity HackNY New York Tech Meetup ABNY Startup America Women in Dev
  10. 10. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012Key Foundation ElementsMarketing will make the investment to develop the following key foundationalelements that will support and enhance all sales, business development, recruiting,and marketing efforts:Infrastructure Contact Management System Invitation/Newsletter Management System Style Guide Templates o Keynote o PPT o WordContent Videos o Case studies o Vignettes on who we are and what we do o Fun stuff (culture) Case Studies o Vertical-based o Services/Solution o Integrated offerings Sales Sheets o Managed Services specific o CG Fact Sheet Messaging o Who we are, what we do, who we do it for o Standard sales/biz devmessages o Standard PR messages o Website copy Thought leadership o Blog posts o POVs o By lines R&D PortfolioInteractive Office Space o Display work (Baccarat, Chevron, iPads, prototypes) o Office space as R&D frameworkWebsite o Content strategy& IA o Messaging/Copy o SEO strategy o SEM strategy o Lead capture
  11. 11. CONTROL GROUP | Marketing Plan2012Worldview on clients: Categories to discuss with Andy Space Clients Process Context (where we fit- not marketing) Financials (profitable)How they price good workHow they choose good workValue of Space?&Obsession of architecture?