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Ted @ Palm Springs 2009


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Reprise of TED 2009 in less than one hour...for a fine group of coworkers who didn't get the opportunity to attend in person. I really only hit the VERY TOP highlights as the actual recap is impossible.

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Ted @ Palm Springs 2009

  1. 1. TED @Palm Springs 2009
  2. 2. Thinkers/ Educators/ Doers
  3. 3. Reboot • Juan Enriquez A broad thinker who studies the intersection of science, business and society, Juan Enriquez has a talent for bridging disciplines to build a coherent look ahead. The founding director of the Harvard Business School Life Sciences Project, Enriquez has published widely on topics from the technical (global nucleotide data flow) to the sociological (gene research and national competitiveness), and was a member of Celera Genomics founder Craig Venter's marine-based team to collect genetic data from the world's oceans.
  4. 4. Juan Enriquez •Banish Entitlements •Life Happens •Must Make Decisions in the “Flames of the Present While Looking Forward” •3 Trends that Will Affect Us 1.Financial Crisis 2.Marriage of Tech/Biology 3.Robotics
  5. 5. Juan Enriquez • “Humanity is on the verge of becoming a new and utterly unique species” •What makes this species so unique is that it takes direct and deliberate control over the evolution of the species. •Calling it the “ultimate reboot,” he points to the conflux of DNA manipulation and therapy, tissue generation, and robotics as making this great leap possible.
  6. 6. Reboot • P.W. Singer “Dr. Singer is considered one of the world’s leading experts on changes in 21st century warfare. If Moore’s law holds true, robots will become even more powerful than they are today. There is a revolution in the instruments of war. They affect not only the how, but the who of fighting wars. It changes the experience and identity of the warrior.
  7. 7. P.W. Singer •You have to think of other countries working on robotics. What does this mean about the state of education, science and tech in America? As we have gone open source, so has warfare. The components can be sourced from around the world. Bad guys can also make drones just like Hobbyists do. 1. Reinforcement of power of individuals against govt. 2. Al-Qaeda 2.0 and a shift in tactics of •War Porn •Desynthesized terrorist organizations that might use •Cubicle Warfare robotics in their attacks. ‘You do not have to convince a robot that they will get 72 virgins for their sacrifice’
  8. 8. Reboot • Bill Gates In summer of 2008, Gates left his day-to-day role with Microsoft to focus on philanthropy. Holding that all lives have equal value (no matter where they're being lived), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has now donated staggering sums to HIV/AIDS programs, libraries, agriculture research and disaster relief -- and offered vital guidance and creative funding to programs in global health and education. Gates believes his tech-centric strategy for giving will prove the killer app of planet Earth's next big upgrade.
  9. 9. Bill Gates •Malaria is the deadliest killer on the planet. •But, I am an optimist.
  10. 10. Bill Gates 2 1.How do you make a good teacher? You don’t. 2.Testing v. Non-testing 3.Effective v Least Effective 4.Dynamic 5.Engaged 6.Involved 7.Eccentric •Tell People How Good They Are •Work Hard, Be Nice
  11. 11. • Benjamin Zander Since 1979, Benjamin Zander has been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. He is known around the world as both a guest conductor and a speaker on leadership -- and he's been known to do both in a single performance. He uses music to help people open their minds and create joyful harmonies that bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues
  12. 12. Benjamin Zander •You always have one of three options •Luck + Skill Compound on each other
  13. 13. • Tim Berners-Lee “www” To me Tim Berners-Lee is simply one of the fathers of the internet. He is credited with inventing the World Wide web. He currently heads W3C
  14. 14. Tim Berners-Lee •Don’t hug your data too tight •Data is only good when you do something with it. •Linked Data is critical •Release Raw Data Now
  15. 15. • Seth Godin quot;Seth Godin may be the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age,quot; Mary Kuntz wrote in Business Week nearly a decade ago. quot;Instead of widgets or car parts, he specializes in ideas -- usually, but not always, his own.quot; In fact, he's as focused on spreading ideas as he is on the ideas themselves
  16. 16. Seth Godin •People Want Connection and growth and something new. •Tribes need leadership. •You can’t be a leader without a tribe.
  17. 17. Seth Godin •Human beings can’t help it, we need to belong. •Not just to ONE tribe, but many. •Belonging and NEW!
  18. 18. Ideas Worth Spreading Micro-Consulting
  19. 19. • Barry Schwartz Barry Schwartz studies the relationship between economics and psychology, delivering startling insights into modern life. His latest field of inquiry: wisdom.
  20. 20. Barry Schwartz moral will + moral skill = Practical Wisdon “Practical wisdom” is an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy. Rules often fail us, incentives often backfire, and practical, everyday wisdom will help rebuild our world
  21. 21. The End