Sustainability and the Consumer


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Presentation made to the Truitt Bros. hosted Northwest Sustainability Discovery Tour

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Sustainability and the Consumer

  1. 1. The Northwest Sustainability Discovery Tour<br />8/10/10<br />
  2. 2. The Noble Family of Companies<br />Noble Agency: A bold agency where creativity reigns—from life insights to strategy to the final creative connection. <br />CultureWaves®: Real-time behavioral evidence translated into relevant insights.<br />The Food Channel® Culinary Center & Studios: Great recipes, cooking how-to tours, and the latest in food trends and ideas from trained chefs.<br />
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  8. 8. The Future<br />The best way to predict the future is to create it. <br />Peter F. Drucker<br />
  9. 9. Who’s Driving Sustainability?<br />
  10. 10. Corporate Impacting Sustainability<br />Ford’s in-car system help’s drivers find the “greenest route”<br />Coke to retail a chair created from 111 recycled plastic bottles<br />Apparel Tags Now Promote Caring For Clothes AND Planet Earth <br />Starbucks' Cup Competition Rewards Innovations for Reuse<br />Whole Foods is pledging significantly stricter labeling when it comes to organic or eco claims<br />Electrolux to Make Vacuums from Plastic Ocean Trash<br />
  11. 11. Culture Impacting Sustainability<br />Green graduations: Cap and gown now recyclable<br />Edible Gardens in Schools<br />Global Sustainable Tourism gains traction<br />Trendy NYC Eatery famous for grass fed beef has “use-everything” ethos, offering leather bags made from the skins of their house-butchered livestock<br />Hip-Hop Star Pharrell Launches Jackets Made From Recycled PET Bottles<br />The Rise of “Eco Chic” & “Vegan” Footwear<br />Celebrities Support “Meatless Mondays”<br />
  12. 12. Sustainability: The FUTURE/Energy<br />Survey: Majority in US Ready to Change Energy Habits<br />Spray-On Solar Panels Could Appear in Three Years<br />solar panels that mimic nature<br />Is the ocean an untapped energy source?<br />Google buys 20 years worth of wind energy at a set rate. <br />Car-Powered Supermarket Check Outs <br />Nokia patents cell phone that recharges itself by harvesting energy from motion<br />
  13. 13. Sustainability: The FUTURE/Nature<br />Vacuum Pod takes on urban transportation with zero emissions<br />Taking cues from Asia: 100% biodegradable leaf packaging<br />Arboform, a renewable plastic that can be cast by machines, but acts exactly like wood<br />Lilly Pads, or floating cities, airports and hotels to counter possible rising water levels<br />Invention Awards: Eco-Friendly Insulation Made From Mushrooms<br />
  14. 14. Four Opportunity Areas<br />The Wave: Corporate Hating<br />The Evidence Shows Us: Nothing Has Changed<br />The Wave: Virtual Merge<br />The Evidence Shows Us: Talk to Me Like a You Know Me<br />The Wave: Power Plays <br />The Evidence Shows Us: Simply Said<br />The Wave: Giving Back<br />The Evidence Shows Us: Do It Anyway!<br />
  15. 15. CORPORATE HATING™<br />Big business listens when people start screaming.<br />DEMAND FOR RESPECT<br />“I hate being treated like I don’t matter.”™<br />Website Ranks the Best and the Worst of Customer Service<br />Show Your Employer the Economy Is Putting You on Edge<br />Germany's Increasingly Powerful Seniors, Fighting for Rights and Respect<br />Frustrated Tweets are a Headache for Airlines<br />Younger Generation Upset by Older<br />Company Buying Out Finance App<br />The Netherlands Publish an Iran Election-Awareness Stamp<br />No One Wants to Look Like a Banker in These Economic Times <br />Video Reveals that Amsterdam has Less Crime, Drugs and Violence than the U.S. in Response to a Fox News Broadcast Calling the City a “Cesspool of Corruption”<br />Poster Series Celebrates the Demise of the Newspaper, Pokes Fun at Prada, and Calls Attention to Paris Hilton’s Poor Reading Skills <br />
  16. 16. Nothing’s Changed<br />The Patron wants to believe that we can make a change in the world through Sustainability, but they just haven’t seen the results. How do we offer the right amount of information regarding our efforts, without appearing to be a brand that doesn’t actually “make change”?<br />
  17. 17. Nothing’s Changed<br />Social Media Convo’s reveal industry talking to industry people<br />Volunteering Is Down During the Recession<br />How Some Major Universities explain their Sustainable Efforts<br />Some Consumers are asking what does the business model look like for a post-consumerist society?<br />
  18. 18. VIRTUALMERGE™<br />Where the actual world meets the virtual.<br />TANGIBLE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES<br />“I’m in the real world and I’m bringing the Internet with me.”<br />Foursquare Turns Socializing into a Virtual Game by Making Players “Check In” at Physical Locations<br />Augmented Reality Gaming for Kids Allows Children to Interact with Virtual Objects on Real-world Toys<br />My Surface App Shows You Paint Colors and Textures on Your Phone<br />People Becoming Less Social in Reality and More Social Online<br />Google Sending QR Codes to Google Maps Hotspots<br />Bands Releasing New Singles on Apps and Video Games Before Music Stores<br />Facebook Adds Relationship Reminders for Forgetful Individuals<br />Geosniffing Allows Tracking Based on Location and Social Media Sign-Ins<br />Manor, Texas, Uses QR Codes as Part of Tourism<br />
  19. 19. Talk To Me Like You Know Me<br />Patrons today want to be closer than ever to the action. They don’t just want the information about in the locations they are in, they want the back-story before they show up, and the conversation to potentially follow them out the door. How do we take our brands and increase their Social Footprint?<br />
  20. 20. Talk To Me Like You Know Me<br />Scale and ease of mobile mass will devastate local media scene. <br />For the First time in Human History we have the opportunity to actually be citizens of the world. <br />Burt’s Bees Asks people to find their inner Burt…with mobile access and on site sales<br />
  21. 21. POWERPLAYS™<br />Seeking admiration as a source of power.<br />IN-CROWD PRESTIGE<br />“Not many people know what I know and do what I do.”™<br />Website Reveals Famous TV and Movie-Filming Locations <br />Underground Journal is Part Entertainment and Part Grassroots Activism<br />In London, Pickpockets Give Money Instead of Stealing It<br />Estée Lauder Expands <br />Value Product Line<br />High Demand for Skilled Labor Still Exists, Despite the Recession<br />Home Phones Become a Luxury<br />A Legion of Web-Based Troublemakers Known as “Anonymous”<br />$23,000 Pen Commemorates<br />Gandhi’s Life<br />“Flash Mobs:” Spontaneous Dance Sequences<br />Tween and Teen Fashion Let Kids Express Their Individuality<br />Fabergé Launches First <br />Jewelry Line in 90 Years<br />Silent Discos—Everyone Wears Headphones<br />Teen Bloggers Influence Fashion Designers<br />Cooking Lessons and School of Wine—All for the Educational Culinary Experience <br />
  22. 22. Simply Said<br />Patrons are more than a little confused when it comes to the terms we use as industry insiders. They want to understand, but need it put in terms we can all understand. How can we enable greater conversations by putting the information in the language of real people?<br />
  23. 23. Simply Said<br />Chefs growing their own ingredients in pots, on roofs, even on farms started for the purpose. <br />Disney Offers Free Park Admission for Those Who Volunteer<br />Method Wins Over Mainstream with Simplicity and Innovation<br />UPS's New Green Label for Eco-Friendly Packages<br />'Green Box' Pizza Box with 4 plates built-in<br />Visualized Guides to Philanthropy<br />
  24. 24. Making the world a better place.<br />SELFLESS REWARDS<br />GIVINGBACK™<br />“When you give, you also receive.”™<br />Mobile Phones Become Tools of Economic Empowerment for the World’s Poorest<br />Couple Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary by Installing Gardens for Their Neighborhood<br />Kiva Begins Loaning to<br />U.S.A. Groups<br />Economic Troubles Are Spawning Real-Life Superheroes<br />Helping Children Who Suffer Neglected and Rare Diseases by Donating Used Video Games<br />Company Sells Sandals Made of Recycled Tires in Third World Countries<br />Selena Gomez Appointed the Youngest UNICEF Ambassador<br />Pop-Up Ad Agency Helps Small Businesses<br />College Housing Green Move-Out Program Collects Donations for Local Charities<br />Pepsi® Uses Bowl Game Commercial Budget for Crowdsourced Philanthropy<br />Campaign to “Adopt and Revive” Unused Words <br />
  25. 25. Do It Anyway!<br />Doing the right thing hasn’t always made sense from a P&L point of view. But today’s patron is closer to the notions that brands should be like people than they ever have before. If a person should do the right thing, then shouldn’t a company?<br />
  26. 26. Do It Anyway!<br />People Choosing Not to Have Kids For Sustainability Reasons<br />Walmart has awarded the World Resources Institute a grant to help create a set of accounting tools for companies to measure the carbon footprint of their supply chains<br />Panera Pay What You Want Non-Profit is a Sustainable Business Plan, netting $100K profit in the first month of operation.<br />Conscious Consumers Worry About Their Water Footprint<br />
  27. 27. FUN!<br />Instead of getting hung up on the serious business underlying the sustainability movement, consumers today crave anything that alleviates the pressure of their everyday lives. They WANT relief!<br />They want to do the right thing, but they really don’t want to dwell on it…give them and yourself a break by relaxing on the doom and gloom parts of the planet falling apart and make it fun to fix something. <br />
  28. 28. Thank You<br />For doing what you do, for your company, for the food industry, and for the world.<br />Andy Ford<br />417-849-5440<br />Twitter @aford<br /><br />