Candidate : Anifowoshe Abdul Rahaman Afolarin
Date: 4-05-2009

     TCS Confidential

               Anifowoshe Abdul Rahaman Afolarin
          Email: Current Allocatio...

                          management of P&G recruitment/Career fair within
                          the Univers...

                                  implementation of HR processes /Policies within,

2007                          RPG Pvt Ltd                              HR Assistant- L&D

March 2006-07       ...

Training Conducted
      Program or Course                                 Coverage                            ...

Performance Ratings for the previous    Good
two years

Passport Details
  Name as on                          ...
TCS Confidential
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Resume Template Folarin 1

  1. 1. Resume Candidate : Anifowoshe Abdul Rahaman Afolarin Date: 4-05-2009 TCS Confidential
  2. 2. Resume Anifowoshe Abdul Rahaman Afolarin Email: Current Allocation: ERU ISU RMG Mumbai I had the privilege to work at various levels and capacities both corporate and Non corporate functions and my roles have been in the Experience Summary different areas of Human Resources. I was RMG Lead for Hi-tech ISU and currently I an RMG responsible for ERU ISU. I have been privileged to handles various functions and roles such as RMG Lead Hi-tech ISU- Tata Consultancy Services, Marketing Executive – Tanzeel Enterprises, Talent Management lead – P&G west Africa, L&D Executive – RPG Pvt India ltd Multiple Location Exposure in I have worked in Mumbai, and Bangalore Locations respectively. TCS I am currently working as ERU ISU RMG for Mumbai, I am responsible for the staffing needs and deployment of associates to various Current Role Description project/assignments as aligned to both associates aspiration/competency and the customer needs. Experience Profile - Key Functions Function/Process Role & Experience Details Duration Talent Management, Recruitment, Performance HR Generalist Functions 6.5yrs Management, Learning and Development I have worked as a HR Lead for United Nations Information Systems ( was responsible conducting the UN initiative program designed for Medical Students, 8 months I have also worked as L&D Executive for RPG Pvt India Ltd, were I was responsible for training needs of Employees, as well as designing the learning Cycle process for new inducted Employees in the 7months company. HR Specialist Functions I have also worked with AIESEC ( , as Vice President HR/Exchange Development I was responsible for the management and tracking of members career Cycle, knowledge management, as well as competency management systems within the organization , as well responsible for the training and development, coaching , mentoring of members across Growth Networks ( WENA, CEE, AFRICA, 5yrs which is over 100 countries in the world, was also responsible for Recruitment/selection of members joining the organization. Acquisition I have worked with P&G West Africa as Talent 9months Management team Lead, where I was responsible for TCS Confidential
  3. 3. Resume management of P&G recruitment/Career fair within the University Campus. I have also worked with AIESEC in various recruitment/Selection processes and induction of 2yrs talents into the organization I have been associated with Tata consultancy Services, as the RMG Lead Hi-tech ISU where I was responsible for Staffing Needs of TCS clients across Geo such as US/Europe, as well management and Staffing fulfillment of Business Requirements, also 1.5yrs responsible for the deployment of associates to various projects( offshore/onsite) as aligned to their aspiration and respective competencies. And currently I am responsible for ERU ISU Mumbai. I have worked with AIESEC for over 6yrs to managing in the of members Performance within 6yrs organization, and as such was solely responsible for Performance Management tracking performance of members within African Growth Network and Central Eastern European growth Network I have had wonderful career start in AIESEC , were I had been able discover and develop my potentials in various levels and capacities – such as Leadership, - Vice President HR/Exchange development, strategic management, External Relations/Branding, Talent 3yrs management, - I have developed and gain handful experience locally, nationally and internationally. Career Development I have managed the AIESEC Exchange program and had taken responsibilities and roles in different 2yrs functions such as Decision making process, Product development, Event management, project management e.t.c Training and development has always been my passion, hence I have been involved in various L&D 4yrs processes, both in Corporate and Non Corporate functions. I have worked as a Trainer, Coach, mentor and as well as facilitator at various HR functions, Seminars, International Conferences e.t.c. Training & Development I have been involved in design, creation and implementation E-learning Processes for Employees, for RPG I have also been managed and developed 7months an induction training for newly recruited employees HR Policies & Processes I have helped enhance and contributed to the 1.5yrs TCS Confidential
  4. 4. Resume implementation of HR processes /Policies within, especially ensuring 100% compliance of all associates within respective ISU’s and or Business Unit within TCS. I had the privilege as RMG to influencing and HR Compliance ensuring 100% compliance by all associates and 1.5yrs leadership teams within Hi-tech ISU. I have worked with AIESEC for so many years, and I was responsible for the management and 2yrs development of structured online System, such as member tracking system, Mgt system, Database HR Systems management System, as well competency management systems. And I have as well worked as L&D Personnel with RPG to managing the Lunch of E-learning online 7months program for employees I have been associated with TCS Maitree, where I participate in various activities and initiatives, and Associate Welfare currently I am the Team Lead for Maitree Club Red 5months HIV/AIDS initiative Gateway Park Location. 5months I am currently the Maitree Team Lead for the Club Red Initiative, and I have conducted and organized series of sessions/forums where all associates were fully involved and engaged, and apart from that I Associate Engagement have as well been part of Global Initiative been organized by AIESEC – and I was the Facilitator for this events both nationally and 2yrs internationally. I have worked and handled various HR/Leadership roles and functions within both in Corporate and Non HR Management/ Leadership Corporate such as HR Team Lead United Nations IT 3yrs Project initiatives, Talent Management Team Lead, Vice Presidents HR/Exchange Development Employment Summary Dates Organization Role 2008 – 2009 TATA Consultancy Services RMG Lead Hi-tech ISU 2009 (Current) TATA Consultancy Services RMG ERU ISU August 2005 P&G West Africa Talent Management team Lead Sept 2004 PMG Consulting Research Consultant July 2006-2007 Tanzeel Enterprises Marketing Consultant TCS Confidential
  5. 5. Resume 2007 RPG Pvt Ltd HR Assistant- L&D March 2006-07 United Nations Info Tech – HR Team Lead Jan 2009 –till date TCS Maitree Club Red , Lets Talk Team Lead Education Summary Degree and Date Institute Major and Specialization BSc Political Science, 2006 University of Lagos, Nigeria International Relations, Public Admin/HR Management Chattered Human Graduate Academy of Human Resources Management, Resource Management Management, United States Organizational Behaviour Analyst Certificate in Computer Speed Setters Institute of Studies Computer Applications, Computer Computers/Secretarial Studies hardware, Software Applications, Q- Basic Programming Training Received Program or Course Coverage Dates ICALMs- Integrated Competency Competency Assessed, ICALMs Reports, Competency Nov 2008 Management Systems Assignment, Competency Integrated Workforce Management RMG Tracker, RGS, Offshore/Onsite Leverages, Reporting, Feb 2008 Fulfillment Analysis June Propel Training Seminar "Experiencing Certainty 2008 Maxim Training Seminar Understanding of Skillset Mix from the project Side, as well Dec 2008 Business Requirements. P&G Marketing Training Seminar P&G West Africa – The Training course/module is based on Jun 2004 marketing consulting , E-marketing and, Negotiation and Branding Feb 2009 Lean Six Sigma How to reduce this time by removing the non-value added wastes. Effective Management- Values of Performance Based Appraisal Feb 2009 Performance Based Appraisal TCS Confidential
  6. 6. Resume Training Conducted Program or Course Coverage Dates EP Induction Seminar About RMG/ Role of TCS Employees in TCS Feb 2008 – Feb 09 Cultural Sensitivity Seminar This training was designed for EPs of AIESEC 2007 Mumbai, traveling abroad for an international internship program National Training Motivational The training covered Leadership, Role of respective 2004- Seminar – AIESEC members in the organization, and the training 2005 was designed for the newly recruited members who are about to begin a life time career. Induction Seminar The training covered role of RPG Employees, Goal 2007- Settings, and the seminar was designed for new 2008 recruited RPG Employees. Maitree HIV/AIDs Awareness The training covered the Basic Knowledge and Jan Training Seminar understanding of HIV & AIDS, and this training was 2009- till designed for TCS employees so as to expand their Date horizon as well as help them understand why it is important to spread the awareness of the disease and especially also be aware that anyone infected with this disease should be cared for . Professional Memberships/Certifications Professional Society/Certification Member Since / Date Certified Association of Human Resource Analyst November 2008 Skills & Competencies Skill/Competency Proficiency (E0 to E4, L1 to L4) Leadership/Training /Facilitating E4 Communication E4 PC User Skills E4 Team Management E3 Personal Details Date of Birth 18-06-1981 Nationality NIGERIAN Base Location Mumbai, India TCS Confidential
  7. 7. Resume Performance Ratings for the previous Good two years Passport Details Name as on Passport Place of Relationship Date of Issue Expiry Date Passport Number Issue Anifowoshe Abdul A1276176 20-12-2001 18-12-2011 Nigeria Rahaman Afolarin TCS Confidential
  8. 8. TCS Confidential