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Google docs

  1. 1. Google Docs and more! ● Google Docs ( is a great learning and teaching experience! You can make test and instantly collect data on a google docs spread sheets. Google doc power point presentations are wonderful for older kids that are giving an informative presentation. Little kids will enjoy play on the drawing documents in google docs. Whatever you use they can be used at a kids or teachers advantage. ● Drawing: Little kids can see how google docs can be fun very easily. Once you are logged into google docs there will be a button in the left hand top corner that says create new. Then a drop down box will appear with a list of choices. Click the choice that says drawing. This feature can be used to a teacher and student’s advantage. A. Students: Kids can create their own pictures and even share them with other kids in different classes. The SHARE button is on all the choices in the drop down box and will be used as an advantage to everything you do on google docs. By clicking this share button you can type the e-mail address of another teacher that you would like to share the drawn work with. Kids and color, create, and boldly imagine with this drawing feature on google docs. B. Teachers: The drawing option will most likely not be used as often for teachers. However, teachers can create banners and other pictures to add into their word document on google docs and then share it with other teachers! Create banners and exciting pictures to spice up your document by clicking on the 6th button going left to right that looks like a square with a circle overlapping it. It is the shape button and allows you to create the shape you click on from the drop down box. After words you can save the file to your computer as a JPEG and then in your word document you can upload it to add “colorful” content to your document. ● Power points: Power points are perfect for group collaboration, presentations, and student projects. The power point option is most likely the best choice in all of them. Again to access a new one all you have to do is click on the top left hand box that reads, Create new, click it and then click on presentation. A new presentation will open up and you can begin. This mostly benefits a teacher but students can use it as well if they have a google docs account. A. Teachers: Teachers can benefit from this by, 1. working together on the power point. Or 2. Easily sharing the document with all teacher so when it comes to presentation time everyone can see the slide right on their computer! To work together on a power point simply go into your document (power point) and click the button that you will see says private only to me. It will be in the top center of the page in blue with a small symbol on it shaped like a lock. Once you have clicked the button a box will pop up and on the bottom will be a label that says add people. Below will be a box for you to type in that persons e-mail, click on the type box. Then off to the right of the type box will be a drop down box that says can view or can edit . The same exact things will happen if you click the share button. By clicking view you or now verifying that more people, other than you, are able to view your presentation ( up to 200 people can view your
  2. 2. presentation at once). By clicking edit you verify that that person can edit your presentation (this option is best for collaboration with other co-workers. Up to 10 people can edit your presentation at once). B. Students: A student’s need for the presentation is very basic. The student can begin by clicking the format button in the top left hand corner in the tool bar. Then they go under presentation settings and then from there they can click on change theme (the same will be done for teachers). From there students can follow the exact directions on the slides. When it’s time to add a new slide go to slide then click on new slide or you can just do the following action by holding ctrl and pressing m . There will be five options after words: title , two coloumn, text, caption, or blank. The following are the choices of templates you can begin with on your new page. Students (and teachers) can also add pictures by clicking the icon of a small picture below the tool bar. It will be next to a box that says normal. From there kids just add their information. ● Documents: Google documents work similar to a normal document. Again the share button has made this invention much easier. There is no need to print the document when you can just share it with the share button. Google documents are just like normal documents and shouldn’t cause any confusion. Students needing to write an essay can use google documents or teachers needing to write an important paper or presentation for teachers can use this as well. A. Teachers: Teachers can use google docs as the fastest way to give out information, presentation, and idea outlines about the school. It’s all thanks to the share button. Google documents are opened the same way through the button in the left hand corner that says create new. Then just click on document. Everything you need is right there in the tools bar. On documents you can add links, pictures, drawings, equations, comments on your outlined work, math symbols, headers, and footers. To do all of the following just go on the document to insert and then a drop box will come up with multiple options. Just click to insert and boom your done. The comment option is good for people who can edit your documents because they can give their opinion and other people can view that opinion. Your documents are guaranteed to come out well if you use google docs. Plus it will increase your efficiency around school because all you have to do is click share. B.Students: Students will have the same abilities as the teachers do and this is a very positive thing. Students can collaborate together on group projects or get opinions from viewers. Or the student can just work alone on a project in google documents. The most useful tools in the documents for them will be the share button and the table of contents option. By adding a table of contents at the beginning it allows you to see whats coming up. Every time the students wishes to start a new “chapter” the just create a heading using the header option in the insert tab. Students and teachers will be busy using these features. On a last note about all the following docs, to spell check just simply right click on the red under lined word.