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1 2013 newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 2 Issue 1 1st Battalion 24th Infantry Fort Wainwright, Alaska January 2013 Notes From the Command Team Family and Friends of the Legion, The Legion has been hard at work throughout the winter season, and the extraordinary efforts of your Soldiers have had tremendous results and have been recognized across all of US Army Alaska. The battalion’s reputation for exceeding all established standards and our disciplined Soldiers and Leaders ensure that the Legion is the “go to” Battalion for the toughest missions and our training events set the standard for others to follow. I routinely receive comments and messages commending the performance and professionalism of your Soldiers from senior leaders across the installation and the state. Your Soldiers have seen the harshest weather in America and have displayed incredible toughness by training tostandard through the worst of it. Whether it’s a Situational Training Exercise, Mortar Live Fire, Stryker Qualification, orperforming vehicle and equipment maintenance, the Legionnaires are completing their tasks in temperatures well below zeroand doing it all without hesitation or injury. Their discipline and fortitude, and our commitment to each other, are whatmakes the Legion more successful than any other formation I have ever witnessed in action. While political and strategic decisions are still being discussed across our Nation, the Legion is focused on preparingfor our next deployment. Whether we are bound for Afghanistan or anywhere else our Nation needs us, you can be certainthat the crews, squads, platoons, and companies will be trained and equipped to accomplish any task we are assigned. Recentbudget adjustments will cause us to be more creative and effective in our training plans, but we will have all of the requiredresources to remain prepared to deploy in support of any operation. The sun is shining longer every day, and while it doesn’t always feel like it, the spring break up will soon be here.The long days and warm weather offer tremendous opportunities in our area for fishing, hiking, boating, and many moreopportunities. I encourage all of you to plan ahead to take advantage of our short, but utterly amazing, summer season. Ourinstallation MWR and outdoor recreation agencies have a variety of equipment that can be used, but some may requireadvanced reservations and training to ensure you can operate it safely. Contact information for these agencies is included inthe newsletter for your use. I would say that CSM Sims and I could not be more proud of the Legion or of the results of the hard work theSoldiers, NCOs, and Officers put forth, but we continue to find ourselves in awe of what they can accomplish, regardless ofthe mission. These men, your Soldiers, are the reason that everyone understands the need to “Fear The Legion.” This Newsletter Contains Official Information.
  2. 2. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 2 Headquarters & Headquarters Company Havoc Company Friends and HHC Mortar Platoon Family, The HHC Mortar Platoon has been extremely busy Since over the past few months and forgone a multitude of the last FRG changes. First off, I would like to introduce myself as the new newsletter Platoon Leader. I am 1LT Patrick Resetar, born and raised in Havoc Pennsylvania. I want you to know that your Soldier is my Company has priority over everything else and I will keep him in your arms executed a for as long as I can while still accomplishing the mission. My phenomenal fellow leadership and I have high expectations of your amount of Soldiers and will try and make them better every day, not only training and as Soldiers but as men. We have gained many new faces and equipment we welcome their families to HHC and the Mortar Platoon: fielding in SSG Cain Schuler (Section Sergeant), SSG Robert Nelson (1st Alaska’s arctic Squad Leader), SSG Chance Thomas (3rd Squad Leader), conditions. PV2 Richard Mayberry, PVT Shawn Fowler, PVT Thomas Through Hart, PVT Nathaniel Emerson, PVT Connor Kapperman. multiple Stryker For the past few months the Mortar Platoon has refocuseddraws the company now stands very close to filling our and begun dismounted mortar operations training. We havefleet to authorized strength. The men and women of HHC tied together all Individual Soldier tasks (Individuallymost recently began the daunting task of Battalion Stryker navigating from one point to another while dismounted,Qualification and Squad Live Fire exercises, these collective Engaging targets with your assigned individual weapontraining events are being conducted at the Donnelly system, etc.) and have begun to maneuver and operate as aTraining Area and will conclude in middle February. Winter section and platoon. In the month of January we have beenweather tests our equipment and challenges our resolve, but moving and training outside even as the thermometerwith the outstanding leaders and Soldiers in our company bottoms out. We have been drilling our gun teams and firethe arctic conditions will be no match for our Legionnaires. directions center (FDC) day in and day out with various missions, in an attempt to make them more agile and lethal during future combat operations. The coming months will be 1SG Fischer and I are constantly amazed by the busy for your Mortarmen. They will conduct many trainingdetermination and dedication of our Soldiers in this events leading up to live fire missions in March whichformation. Our training plans from now until midsummer certifies them on their mortar system. Finally, I would like toare very aggressive but they are absolutely necessary for our thank the families of my Soldiers for all your support andSoldiers and the missions we will be asked to complete. I dedication now and in the future.couldn’t be prouder of our accomplishments and it’s anhonor to work side by side with the Soldiers of HavocCompany. NIXEL Just a reminder, you can stay current with our Get trusted alertsCompany by checking the HHC 1-24 FRG website and from your local policeagain, thank you for your unwavering support anddedication. Text 99703 to 888777 Fear the LEGION, to receive notifications regarding Public Safety, CPT Jeremy Teter and 1SG Bryan Fischer Road Closures, and Road Conditions
  3. 3. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 3 Havoc Medical Platoon Fire Support Platoon Havoc Medical platoon is focusing on expanding The Fire Support (FIST) platoon has been verythe skills of the combat medics and increasing medical active these past few months. The focus for training fromreadiness across the Battalion. SPC Morris and SPC Dunbar October through December was building up the Forwardare working at the hospital with physical therapy so they can Observers in their basic core competencies and then collec-assist in our Battalion rehabilitation physical training. SPC tive training as a Fire Support Team. The Forward Observ-Gitschier, SPC Djinai, PFC Watermeier, and PFC Alday are ers (FOs) received live training in controlling Kiowa Attackworking with the Fort Wainwright Emergency Medical Helicopters on 1-4 October. On October 22 through 29,Services to gain advanced certification for the National the Platoon conducted the Battalion FIST CertificationRegistry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Several here on Fort Wainwright. Each Soldier was evaluated onmembers of the platoon recently went through Table VIII call for fire, occupation of an observation post, fire supporttraining which is required of medics annually to certify their skills written test, putting various fire support equipmentmedical expertise. Congratulations to SPC Manter for being into operation and a 12 mile ruck march. Since returningselected as Soldier of the Month for the Battalion. Medical from Christmas block leave, the FIST and Mortar PlatoonsPlatoon Sergeant SFC Velasco is serving as the Battalion have been working closely in preparation for future live-fireSexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention training events. The focus for the training has been occu-(SHARP) Representative. SHARP fights to eliminate sexual pation of respective positions, set up of radio communica-assault and harassment in our community and provides tions, crew drills and ensuring all radio talk is understoodsupport to members of the military and their families. The across the board. FIST and Mortars are going to be con-platoon has fielded all of the Medical Evacuation Vehicles ducting a live-fire in March to validate their procedures andwhich will allow us support the Battalion during training crew drills. Everyone in the consolidated Fire Support Pla-events at the Fort Wainwright Range Complex and the toon are working hard each day to ensure they are ready toDonnelly Training Area at Fort Greeley, Alaska. go back to the line Companies and conduct their jobs to the best of their ability. Thank you for your support of the Fire Support platoon. Havoc Scout Platoon Havoc Company’s Scout Platoon has continued totackle a difficult training schedule that included long rangemarksmanship, team live fire, land navigation, cross countryskiing, snowshoeing, and team situational training. All thistraining has been conducted in a very challenging arctic envi-ronment with temperatures dropping to -40 degrees. In No-vember the Scout Platoon received four Recon VariantStrykers which will be our primary form of transporta-tion on the battlefield. Drivers’ training has been completedfor all Scouts and constant maintenance has been conductedto get the vehicles ready for training. The Scout Platoon willmaintain a fast pace heading into the New Year with field Want to enjoy Parent’s Day Out or have yourtraining exercises, live fire ranges, and individual training. All children participate in organized sports? Make sure you getof us in the platoon would like to congratulate SFC Michael them registered through CYSS. You can find theFeldt for making the most recent E-8 list. registration forms at the following link http://ftwainwrightfmwr.com/cyss/flyers/reg% 20packet.pdf HHC Points of Contact Company Commander: CPT Teter, Jeremy jeremy.m.teter.mil@mail.mil Company First Sergeant:1SG Fischer, Bryan bryan.k.fischer.mil@mail.mil FRG Leaders: Michelle Jones hhc124frg@yahoo.com
  4. 4. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 4 Alpha CompanyGreetings Friends and Family of Ares Company! After a well-deserved Winter Leave, AresCompany jumped right back into the game with Stryker-focused training. The platoons worked hard preparing forour upcoming field exercises to the Donnelly TrainingArea, where we executed Stryker Gunnery and Squad LiveFires. Before the big field exercise, platoons executedStryker Infantry Carrier Variant Situational TrainingExercises followed by a familiarization fire to make sureStryker crews were ready for Gunnery. The following week,the company mobilized to the Donnelly Training Area. Weencountered several challenges while down at the DonnellyTraining Area due to the extreme Arctic conditions.Despite the time lost on the range, Stryker crews conductedconcurrent training to sharpen their Gunnery skills.Weather cooperated much better for us during Squad LiveFires. This was our opportunity to evaluate the SquadLeaders’ abilities to maneuver their two fire teams as well asa machine gun team and a Stryker. We were impressed withall the hard work and improvement that we saw with all theSoldiers. We have a lot of announcements to makeregarding promotions, reenlistments, child births, and remembered as that great Soldier and leader that can alwayspregnancies. We would like to congratulate the following make you laugh. Please keep Juan’s family in your thoughtscouples on their new arrivals: SPC Joshua and Britney and prayers as they mourn the loss of this incredible person.Miller, CPL Troy and Briana Curtis, CPL Ryan and JaniceWinkelbauer, PV2 Lyle and Kara Eaton, and PFC Jalan and On behalf of the Company Command Team, weAngie Pugh. Finally, 1SG Roberto and Carmen Alomar are would like to thank everyone for their support over the lastproud grandparents of a healthy grandson. We would also couple of months with our busy training schedule. Our Sol-like to recognize the following Soldiers and their families diers are working very hard, and we are doing great in every-who are expecting a baby soon: SFC Christopher and Erika thing that we do. We are very proud of the way the companyNehl, SSG James and Vicky Thomas, SSG Tyler and is shaping and look forward to what the future holds. As al-Monique Nelson, SPC Raibin and Romy Quiterio, CPL ways, feel free to contact us for any questions or concernsHarrison and Kim Johnson, and SPC Sergio and Desiree you may have.Perezaraguin. My wife, Susan, and I are also expecting ourfirst child this summer. Take Care! On a more somber note, SGT Juan Pedraza lost CPT Chip Krugerhis battle with cancer on 16 January 2013. Juan was one ofour rising leaders in the company when he was suddenly Ares 6diagnosed with stomach cancer while he was on his R&Rfrom Afghanistan last year. He remained with his family in Don’t forget to visit our Facebook Page for the most currentRaymondville, Texas on hospice care during the majority of and up to date information.his cancer treatment. After several surgeries and numerous 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regimenttreatments, he was diagnosed to be terminal with cancer http://www.facebook.com/pages/1st-Battalion-24th-Infantry-back in November 2012. SGT Juan Pedraza will forever be Regiment/459819984038977?ref=hl
  5. 5. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 5 A CO Points of Contact Company Commander: CPT Kruger, Carl carl.m.kruger@us.army.mil Company First Sergeant: 1SG Williams, Warren warren.d.williams.mil@mil.mail FRG Leader: Victoria Thomas aco124frg@gmail.com
  6. 6. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 6 Alpha Company Field Exercise at Donnelly Training Area
  7. 7. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 7
  8. 8. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 8 Bravo Company Early Morning AFPT Test – 2 mile Tired Iron Fun for all ages February 23-24, 2013 Up Coming Fairbanks events for the Entire FamilySnowmobile races for older Check out the following link for the Come out of the Febraury cold and model machines and into the fun and excitment of the fun activities for the entire Fairbanks events Calendar 2nd annual Family Fun Carnival! Join us for games, concessions, prizes, family http://www.explorefairbanks.com/events raffes, bouncy castle, disaster prepar- downtown on the Chena edness games and an abundance of fun for everyone! 100% of the pro- River. ceeds benefits the Tanana Valley Disaster Response Services.
  9. 9. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 9 1st PlatoonFirst Platoon returned to duty after a blessed two week block leave. Thankfully everyone had an enjoyable time with theirfamily and friends. With the New Year we welcome new faces and say goodbye to familiar Soldiers. SSG Gellerman will beleaving us to serve at Fort Bliss in Texas. We will miss his hardworking attitude and vast mechanical knowledge of ourvehicles.SPC Slater and his wife Shelby recently had their first child early Tuesday morning (1/15). Kloie Lucille Slater was born atFairbanks Memorial Hospital weighing in at 8.4 lbs and 20.5 inches. We welcome their family to First Platoon!SGT Music recently married his bride, Letticia, in California on January 12. Congratulations to him and his wife!Our very own Platoon Leader was promoted January 1st to 1st LT by CPT Bergman. As the CO said, “With great powercomes great responsibility.” SSG Gellerman reenlisted by 1LT Holck Lt Holck being promoted to 1LT B CO Points of ContactCompany Commander: CPT Bergman, Zach zach.bergman.mil@mail.milCompany First Sergeant: 1SG Alomar, Roberto roberto.e.alomar.mil@mail.milFRG Leader: Laura Bergman bco124frg@gmail.com
  10. 10. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 10 B Co 2nd Platoon 2nd PLT Conducting a SQD Patrol 2 PLT Stryker BII Layout at ICV STX training on 23 January 2013 IED Awareness Class: Barbarian An “enemy observation post” that 2nd soldiers attended IED and mine PLT Squads planned, rehearsed, and exe- awareness classes in preparation for cuted an attack to destroy at Donnelly DRF mission Training Area2nd PLT Barbarian Company has continued to sustain progress and motivation as the after a refreshing return from blockleave. The Battalion’s focus remains on its continuing mission of Global Reaction Force. Maneuver training hasprogressed from Fire-team to Squad level missions. 2nd Platoon has been preparing for vehicle crew qualification, Squadlive-fire exercises, and the beginning of operations as a Platoon. The New Year will continue by integrating the firepowerof Stryker vehicles, “Weapons Squad” with their machine guns, and well-trained Squads and Fire-teams operating as acohesive unit.Since the last newsletter several changes have occurred:Births: SPC Stephen Pritchett and his wife Rebekah welcomed their son Stephen; he is growing stronger every day. Theyare currently still in Anchorage as Steven remains in Neonatal intensive care. Thank You for your strong support of theirfamily as they go through this difficult time!Promotions: No promotions have occurred since DecemberFamilies Expecting Children: The Kozaks, The Yazzies, The Valles, and The Prietos.
  11. 11. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 11 B Co 3rd PlatoonSince returning from block leave, the platoon has been diligently preparing for Stryker Gunnery and Squad Live Fire.Soldiers have been working with there Mk-19 grenade launchers, M2 .50 cal, and fighting formations. To prepare for thefield exercise, Soldiers have been cleaning and inventorying equipment. At the turn of the new year, the platoon welcomedSPC Korey Adams’ baby boy Bentley on 13 January. In addition, the platoon said goodbye to three of its members; SPCFalde began his travel to FT. Drum New York, SPC Sechrist to Arkansas, and SSG Watson to Vinceza Italy. block leave,the platoon has been diligently preparing for Stryker
  12. 12. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 12 B Co 4th Platoon OutlawsFirst of all, Happy New Year to all the Outlaw family mem-bers! As we welcome in the New Year, your beloved soldiersare preparing for high speed training. Our mortar sectionsare preparing for an upcoming live fire exercise while thetankers are preparing their vehicles for our battalion’s firstvehicle gunnery since our return last year. Over the course of the next month we will be sayingfarewell to SGT Lor. He will be moving to Georgia, closinghis tour in Alaska and beginning a new chapter in his career.With a departure is always an arrival for the platoon. At thebeginning of January, we welcomed SPC Guest, his wifeKayli, and their daughter Adelai incoming from Georgia. With the break in training for the holidays, severalsoldiers have attended further training here since our return.SSG McBean has attended CWLC, while SGT Hobbs andSPC Guest began their initial arctic training conducting ALITone and two. SSG Walton on the range during the With the closing of the holiday season, we want to company’s M4 qualification.thank all of our family members for their support of the sol-diers, both on the home front and their support to the sol-diers who were unable to travel home. All of your support iswhat keeps your sons motivated, helping them to perform tothe best of their ability. OUTLAWS! Our Nice new MGS SSG Johnson preparing the vehicle to move to the range.
  13. 13. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 13 Get out of the house and enjoy what the Great State of Alaska has to offer! Visit http://www.ftwainwrightfmwr.com to find out what activities FMWR has planned. OUTDOOR RECREATION Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday: 1100-1700 Friday: 1100-1800 Saturday: 1100-1700 Sunday- Monday: CLOSED Phone: Rentals Reservation, Camp Ground, & Tours 361-6349/6350. For Outdoor programs call 361-4089 or Adventure programs call 361-2652 Address: Bldg. 4050 Glass Dr. http://www.ftwainwrightfmwr.com/outdoorrec.html Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 p.m. Installation BOSS meetings are every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month 1330 at the Warrior Zone in Building 3205 Phone number: 353-7648Program OverviewThe Ft. Wainwright BOSS Program supports the overall quality of life for single and unaccompanied soldiers (includingsingle parents) on the installation focusing on three core components: Quality of Life Recreation and Leisure Activities Community ServiceDirectly working with the chain of command, BOSS assists single soldiers in identifying and resolving any issues effect-ing quality of life, planning recreational and leisure activities that are unique to Alaska and Fairbanks, and providing op-portunities for soldiers to participate and contribute to the Ft. Wainwright and Fairbanks community. http://www.ftwainwrightfmwr.com/boss.html
  14. 14. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 14 Charlie Company C CO FRG FRG contact: cco124frg@gmail.com Newsletter “C- Nation” Centurion Colin M Corrigan Families, CPT, IN As you are all aware we have Commanding been training hard for a while now and we have been keeping some pretty longhours. The recent changes to the Army’s budget have causedthe Battalion and Company to modify some of the trainingplans that we had laid out for the near future and throughSpring and Summer. This will effect some of what we aredoing but I don’t want anyone to worry about this. TheSoldiers will still receive pay and we will still continue totrain and prepare for future operations.We have had many additions to the C Co team since my lastnewsletter. So, in fear of forgetting someone I suffice to say,welcome to all the new spouses and congratulations to all ofthe families who have added a new member to their familyin the recent past. As is always the case with the military wehave added new soldiers to our ranks and had to saygoodbye to a few in the past couple of months. The bigchanges I would like to point out are the addition of 2LTLeroy Foster as the Platoon Leader for 3rd Platoon and 2LTJeremy Sheir who will be taking over for 1LT Olsen as hemoves to become the Scout Platoon leader in HHC nextweek. SFC Cummings remains in Ranger School and we allwish him a speedy return with his Ranger Tab in the nearfuture.As the winter comes to a close a lot will begin to change.For those of you who have lived here for a few years youknow that this means break up is coming. For the newfamilies and spouses in the formation and for the veterans itis the long awaited end to the Alaska winter. This being saidas it warms up it is still paramount to ensure that everyone isbeing safe with the cold; frostbite and hypothermia are still abig issue as the temperatures will remain below freezing for awhile. The roads will be increasingly dangerous as thetemperatures rise and fall as spring comes so please continueto be safe.
  15. 15. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 15 Family Fun at the C Co FRG Meeting C CO Points of ContactCompany Commander: CPT Corrigan, Colin colin.m.corrigan.mil@mail.milCompany First Sergeant, 1SG Dasch, Mark mark.d.dasch@us.army.milFRG Leader: Bethany Corrigan cco124frg@gmail.com
  16. 16. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 16 HHC FRG Meeting
  17. 17. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 17
  18. 18. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 19 C Co FRG Meeting
  19. 19. Volume 2 Issue 1 Deuce Four Page 16 2013 BP World Ice Art Championships* February 26 - March 31- 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily Ice Park offers the best in family entertainment!Ice Alaska is in its 24th year hosting thelargest annual ice art competitions andexhibitions worldwide. The Fairbanksevent, the BP World Ice ArtChampionships, has grown to a monthlong attraction involving over 70 teamsfrom all over the world. Thecompetitions, and the accompanyingkids park, attract more than 100 iceartists and approximately 45,000 visitorsfrom Alaska and all over the world. The Flint Hills Resources Kids Park -- February 26 - March 31 The Kids Park is open on Tuesday, February 26; the first day the park opens, until the gates are closed for the final time on March 31. This magical Kids Park is like any childrens playground, ONLY it is constructed entirely from ICE.There are slides and rides for all ages, challengingmazes, and life-sized sculptures of favorite animals,popular characters and toys to touch and climb on.Visit http://www.icealaska.com/visitor-info.html for more information and a schedule of events.
  20. 20. FEBRUARY 2013 1-24 IN Legion Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 Full Scale Exercise (28 Jan-01 Feb)3 4 5 6 CAC 7 8 9 MEETING Parent’s Day Super Bowl Out Sunday10 11 12 13 14 15 16 NEWCOMERS BRIEF Valentine’s SOS Day TRAINING Support Group HOLIDAY17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Federal Black History WLC Graduation Holiday Month Observance Parent/Teacher Conferences24 25 26 27 28 UAF and FWA Job Fair World Ice Art Championships (26 Feb-31 Mar)
  21. 21. MARCH 2013 1-24 IN Legion Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 23 4 5 6 CAC 7 8 9 MEETING10 11 12 13 Newcomers 14 15 16 TRAINING Set Clocks Ahead SOS HOLIDAY Support Group Parent’s Day Out FNSBSD SPRING BREAK17 18 19 20 21 22 23 WLC Graduation Good24/31 25 26 27 28 29 30 Friday (31) Seward’s Dept. of Labor and Military Easter Sunday Day FWA Job Fair Appreciation Banquet March Madness at Birch Hill (29-31 Mar)
  22. 22. APRIL 2013 1-24 IN Legion Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 CAC MEETING7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Newcomers RETIREE APPRECIATION DAY SOS Support Group14 15 16 17 18 19 WLC Graduation 20 Parents Day Out TAX DAY Volunteer TRAINING Recognition HOLIDAY Ceremony21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Spring into MOMC Summer Carnival28 29 30 31