Social Media Metrics – Beyond Likes


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As Social Media evolves rapidly, marketers and businesses struggle with producing concrete results despite the hype. Devising insights from the massive amount of data that will ‘move the needle’ can be a challenge on its own. We will discuss a simple framework to measure success and help optimize your performance in Social Media Channels.

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Social Media Metrics – Beyond Likes

  1. 1. Social Media Metrics Email Questions
  2. 2. Agenda:1. Social Media Benefits2. Measurement Tools3. Social Media Metrics of Success4. Tips to Increase Fans and Followers
  3. 3. Social MediaMeans Digital Connection
  4. 4. Opt-in: Create two-way channel withfriends and businesses, gather emailPublicity: Social media users giveeach other access to their networksShare: Social incentive to pass alongvaluable information or products
  5. 5. Social Media is Data
  6. 6. Listen: Tap into digital footprint tosense and respondSegment: Create an identity for yourusersLearn: Gather actionable insights toreach business objectives
  7. 7. Analytics Can be Simple
  8. 8. Metrics of Success: Reflect your longterm business Objectives1. All about Benchmarks2. Discipline: systematically improve product orbusiness model overtimeOnline Analytics are the most costeffective - market feedback tools
  9. 9. KISSMetricsCost Subscription – starts $30Tracking Conversion funnel, Drop-offs, Source of Traffic, Saas insights, Demographics, retentionPlatforms Saas, Social Media ProductsBest Use SaaS subscription analysis, conversion funnels, ROI, Demographics of buyers
  10. 10. Cost FreeTracking Visits, Unique Visitors, Frequency, Source of Traffic, Traffic Sources, engagement, Bounce Rates, Demo’sPlatforms Websites, Social Plugins, Social Page SourceBest Use ROI and Economic Value Analysis, Conversion Funnel, Traffic Analysis, Demographics, Product Launches (Social Media Platforms), Cohort Analysis, SEO
  11. 11. Free Social Listening ToolsSite Cost Channels MetricsSocial Mention Free All Social Channels Frequency, Reach, Sentiment , unique topic mentionsCrowdbooster Freemium Facebook, Twitter Growth, reach, engagementTwitalyzer & Free Twitter Activity, Klout,TWiTTURLY InfluenceYoutube Free Youtube, Channel Engagement, TrafficInsights and other’s video Source, drop off on VideosFacebook Free Facebook Pages Demographics,Insights engagement, Fans
  12. 12. Facebook Insights
  13. 13. Simple Metrics of Success:1. Conversation2. Amplification3. Applause4. Economic Value ROI
  14. 14. Conversation• Understand your audience/costumer base – What do they respond to?• What is your value proposition? Do you costumers care?• Ecosystem of your Social ChannelsSimple Metric: Conversation Rate = # of AudienceComments (or Replies) Per PostTools: Social Listening: FacebookInsights, Twitalyzer, Crowdbooster, Radian 6How to Grow: Acquire Followers, Post valuable content
  15. 15. Amplification/Reach• Can I make my product/brand go viral?• Does it bring value to the market?• Are there additional markets, channels I can target?• Do my costumers recommend, or care about the incentive?Simple Metric: # of shares or retweets per post, videosharesTools: Social Listening: FacebookInsights, Twitalyzer, Crowdbooster, Youtube analytics, Radian6How to Grow: Increase value proposition, EngagingContent, Incentive, Referral Programs, Additional markettargets - Advertise
  16. 16. Applause• Do I have enough exposure, should I advertise?• Does my audience care about my brand/product?• Is my product positively received by my followers?Simple Metric: # of Likes, clicks, +1’s per page, postTools: Social Listening: FacebookInsights, Twitalyzer, Crowdbooster, Youtube analyticsHow to Grow: Acquire Fans, possiblyadvertise, Incetivize, value add of information or product
  17. 17. Economic Value ROI• Are my effort Effective, can I quantify?• Am I bring value to the market, how is my retention?• Can I optimize my conversion funnel?• Can I save on cost?Simple Metric: ROI:(Economic Value= Revenue+Cost Savings)/Cost ofInvestmentTools: Google Analytics, KISSmetricsHow to Grow: Acquire Fans and Emails, Optimize onlineprograms, Optimize Conversion Funnel, Increase valueproposition, Incentive (Referral), Decrease cost of effort/time
  18. 18. Evaluate Micro and MacroConversions • Measure multi-channel impact • It will force you to understand the multiple paths on your website • Segment visitors and visits and behavior and outcomes
  19. 19. How Do Your Channels DriveConversion? • Segment Micro Conversions • Assign ROI weights – not every conversion is equal • Analyze how each Channel drives conversion, Optimize
  20. 20. Tips on Increasing Fans Build Pages Find Fans in the Real World SMS to Fan (32665)Create Incentives Promote Incentive on Facebook
  21. 21. Check out Page-Building Tools – Free!In-Facebook Drag’n’Drop Widget and TemplateTool Coming Soon – March 2012
  22. 22. Thanks!Email Questions