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Using Twitter For Business


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Presentation to Frederick Chamber of Commerce New Media & Technology Conference February 19, 2010. Co-presented by Laurie Luck of Smart Dog University and April Finnen of DynPort Vaccine Company.

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Using Twitter For Business

  1. 1. USING TWITTER FOR BUSINESS Frederick Chamber of Commerce New Media & Technology Conference February 19 2010 19,
  2. 2. SO YOU’RE ON TWITTER… NOW WHAT? What is Twitter? Getting started B2C tips B2B/B2G tips Twitter tools How do I know if it’s working? Q&A 2
  3. 3. WHAT IS TWITTER? Twitter is a microblog. g People type short, 140 character posts, called “tweets.” If you follow someone on Twitter, their tweets show up in your timeline. When people follow you, your tweets show up in you their timeline. Posts show up chronologically in real time. Tweets can include pictures, links to Web sites, or videos. 3
  4. 4. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Twitter helps p p (p p people (potential customers, , clients, partners) get to know you in a relaxed, comfortable way. It’s t j t b t how many f ll It’ not just about h followers you have… interaction is key! Tweet about things others would find interesting. Become a resource for your followers. Be sure to add a picture to your profile. People want to know more about you – a picture really k b i ll helps them connect with you. 4
  5. 5. TWITTER RULES OF THE ROAD Common terms and definitions: Tweet – a post, an entry. Retweet (RT) – when a tweet is forwarded. Hashtag H ht (#) – A l b l for a tweet so others can find it label f t t th fi d easier. Also an easy way for you to search for a tweet. #FredNMT is the hashtag for anyone tweeting about this thi conference. f FollowFriday (#FF) – how you recommend people to others on Twitter. (also written #FollowFriday) Direct Message (DM) – a way to privately talk to someone. DMs don’t show up in any public timeline. You can only DM someone who is following you. 5
  6. 6. MORE TWITTER RULES OF THE ROAD Etiquette q Don’t tweet private or sensitive information. Use DMs instead. Some people auto follow anyone who follows them auto-follow them. Others follow only those who are in the same field or interest them. Auto-follows aren’t necessarily a good idea – you may wind up following questionable people. Don’t send your tweet more than twice, or you risk annoying your f ll i followers. Use “please RT” sparingly in your tweets. Your tweets should be valuable to your followers, not blatant sales messages. 6 Block spammers.
  7. 7. GETTING STARTED Hands-on exercise: You may want to follow: Log in now at @ fredcochamber / @jesshibb Follow a few people @FrederickCoMD sitting next t you. itti t to @FredCoOED dC O Post a tweet with the @frednewspost conference hashtag @MdBiz #FredNMT @washingtonpost @ hi t t Send an @ reply to someone in this room @FredrkMemorial / @AmandaChanguris @mashable @smartdogu / @laurieluck @ y p @dynport / @AprilFin @ p 7
  8. 8. GETTING STARTED (CONTINUED) Monitor your Twitter account at least daily y y Check for @ replies Check for DMs Unless you change your Twitter settings, you will get an e- U l h T itt tti ill t mail when you receive a DM, but NOT for @ replies 8
  9. 9. MAXIMIZING YOUR TWITTER TIME How to find and be found on Twitter Put your Twitter username on all your print and electronic media: Web site, business cards, fliers, etc. Offer useful content consistently consistently. Search for people or businesses in your field. Follow them, and also look at who they follow and who follows them. f ll th Don’t pay anyone who promises to get you followers! How to search on Twitter: In the right column of the Twitter page, there is a search box. Type in a person’s name or a subject 9 to see the relevant Twitter results.
  10. 10. BUSINESS TO CONSUMER (B2C) Make a list of who might find y g your services or products useful and follow them. Don’t stop with the end-user. What are the related fields? Who else might be interested? Don’t forget the Don t media! Use Twitter to listen to your client’s needs. What are their pains? Tweet about those questions, needs, pains. Use different types of media: video documents, video, documents links, pictures. 10
  11. 11. BUSINESS TO CONSUMER (B2C) Use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog or y y g your Web site. Post your updates to Twitter with a link. Make sure your information is valuable and not a sales pitch! Share helpful or interesting information, even if you didn’t create it. Generosity is good! Be professional at all times. Never bash your competition and don’t use inappropriate language. Provide lots of valuable, free information. P id l f l bl f i f i 11
  12. 12. BUSINESS TO BUSINESS (B2B) Readers expect at least some evidence that y p you’re human. Automated feeds, postings and replies are a good way to lose followers followers. No matter how regulated you are (SEC, FDA, etc.), there’s always something to tweet about. Business people are people too! 12
  13. 13. B2B – WHAT YOU CAN TWEET ABOUT Business opportunities pp Sources sought notices, requests for proposals, etc. If you’re looking to partner with other businesses, put it out there! White papers Events/conferences Industry trends/research Employment Jobs at your company Area job fairs or training opportunities 13
  14. 14. B2B – MORE YOU CAN TWEET ABOUT Useful resources/information Company culture/recognition The bottom line: Examine your goals, and tweet about goals 14 things that help you get there.
  15. 15. SOME FINAL TWITTER TIPS Have some goals before y start. Examples: g you p Position your company as a resource/expert Offer specials/discounts for Twitter followers Add to the conversation (don’t just broadcast) h i (d ’ j b d ) Seek to truly help others; the rewards will follow Ask your audience what they d like to hear about they’d Track how popular your links are for a better idea Be a real person, but be wary of sharing p , y g potentially controversial content that could harm your business/reputation. Monitor M it @ replies and DMs at least d il li d DM t l t daily. 15 If it’s not one person’s job, it’s no one’s.
  16. 16. TWITTER TOOLS Helpful Tools to Improve the Twitter Experience p p p TweetDeck – HootSuite – Twhirl/Seesmic – T hi l/S i i TweetBeep – Mobile Apps – search for “Twitter” pp URL shorteners – for example, These tools make it much easier to navigate the Twitter “stream.” Y can: T itt “ t ” You Organize people you follow into categories See DMs at a glance g 16 Receive audio and/or visual alerts for @ replies, DMs Streamline your Twitter experience
  17. 17. IS TWITTER WORKING FOR YOU? Measure the value of Twitter to your business. y Do you have more followers? Are you interacting with your target audience more now? Is your voice part of the conversations you wanted to become involved in? Have you had inquiries or sales due to your Twitter use? Have visits to your Web site or blog increased? Where are the visitors coming from? Have you had other positive experiences, such as media inquiries? q 17
  19. 19. QUESTIONS? (AND HOW TO FIND US) Laurie Luck, KPA-CTP , Smart Dog University, LLC l i @ td i it Faculty, Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior @smartdogu and @laurieluck April Finnen, MBA DynPort Vaccine Co a LLC D Po t Vacci e Company LLC, A CSC Co a Company Associate Director, Communications 19 @dynport and @AprilFin