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How to escape your current reality


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This is a post I wrote about how to escape your current reality, when you know you can and suppose to do something you want and your surroundings dragging your down...

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How to escape your current reality

  1. 1. How to ESCAPE your current jokerwild | on March 2, 2013In this post I am going to show you……how you can disconnect from your current reality by doing some easy adjustments in your life.Why should you disconnect from your current reality?I guess you’re already know the answer to that question. Because, if you’re already satisfied with your lifeand do not need to disconnect from it, you should never read this post, would ya?Okay, here is why you need to disconnect from your reality…This used to be my biggest struggle…When I first started with internet marketing, I was very, very motivated, inspired and pumped about thewhole idea of working from home. So I actually started of and studied all the education I was given andeven started to produce some results! That made my motivation go through the roof!I work a full time job and doing internet marketing part time so I am being around a lot of people who’renot in this industry and are very skeptical about it.So even though my motivation was great, I had to meet and be around all these people who believes thatworking from home is impossible and every single opportunity online is a scam.. And what I didn’trealize was that they were far more influential to my unconscious that I would ever thought…
  2. 2. “When I started to get some obstacles coming up in my internet marketingbusiness, I started to feel doubtful and negative towards it, even though I knew thatit worked.. So I started to talk about my business online with my dear friends at myfull time job and heard they give their opinions on that…”I was getting sucked in to reality of the “Negatron”…At the time, I did not realize how much they’d actually impacted me, so me myself was startedto QUESTIONING the leaders and the guys who’d actually succeeded in this online business that I was in.I was started to doubt the training, what the leaders was saying and even my self belief towards succeedingonline. I was slowly started to take less and less action until I was almost ready to quit…..Something snapped inside of me…until one day…. I sat behind my computer and was ready to throw in the towel… I’d just realizedsomething.I realized that the last weeks, I’ve been SUCKED IN to my coworkers, my family, my friends and otherpeoples reality that online business DOES NOT WORK. That it was IMPOSSIBLE to make an incomeonline. I realized that even the people who I love was actually my biggest obstacle I had. Although allwhat they’d tried to do was protect me. They did not even realize that what they’re doing was actuallyKILLING my dream and BELIEF to succeed online.
  3. 3. Here comes the change, here comes THE SOLUTION!When I realized these fact, I committed to myself to DO NOT absorb the energy and the naysayers attitudeand believes as my reality. I DECIDED to put my family, friends and co-workers ON DISTANCE if theydid not believe in me / that I would succeed in business, and tell them that I love them, but need time formyself for some time…I started to surround myself with people who BELIEVED IN ME… People that already have possessedthe lifestyle I WANT TO HAVE… I started to plug in to personal development like reading bookslike “Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill and “The 4 hour work week” by Tim Ferris… These guysbooks PROGRAMMED my UNCONSCIOUS mind for success. I slowly started to BELIEVE that I coulddo this. I started to ignore the people around me who did not believe in me. I started to ACT towardsreaching my goal instead of being STUCK with limiting believes…I’d finally BROKE FREE from the limitation, the naysayers etc that held me back.5 steps to ESCAPE your current reality and step into the desired one.1. Unplug from the naysayers – I know that you love your family and friends and you think that what they’re saying is absolutely correct. Although I have to tell you that you NEED to stop listening to them when it comes to your online business IF they’re questioning what you’re doing. You can’t allow any of your family and friends drag you down to their reality where succeeding online is a impossible thing to do.2. Read affirmations – This is a great and simple method to start programming your unconscious mind to work in your favor. An affirmation is basically a statement or sentence like “I WILL succeed in my online business, period!” or “I can be, do or have anything I desire in life”. The key is to write your own positive affirmations and read them for yourself DAILY. It can seem very strange to do at first, but if you’re consistent and reading them every single day, it will program your unconscious mind and beliefs to work in your favor.3. Listening to personal development audios – This is a HUGE one. Almost the most effective and easiest way to program your unconscious mind and changing your beliefs… What you do is basically listening to audios that are teaching you how you can succeed in whatever business you’re doing. Like the “Inner Circle Audios” we have here in the Empower Network. It’s actually interviews with ordinary people who’s already succeeded online and share their experiences and breakthroughs with you. That will also TURBO CHARGE your unconscious to work in your favor and make you act on reaching your goals.4. Read books on personal development – This is very similar to the last step but it’s hitting you from a different angle. By reading books, it makes yourself create your own pictures in your mind that you can relate to, compared to a movie when the pictures is presented to you… I recommend you to do BOTH reading on personal development / successful marketing peoples books and listening to personal development audios every single day to program your mind and beliefs for success.5. Surround yourself with successful people – The single most effective way to change your mind and your beliefs that you can succeed online. Not only are you going to see with your own eyes that IT IS possible to succeed online but you will also BE AROUND and hangout with guys that already live the life you want to live. You are unconsciously taking in information about how they behave, how they talk and how they act. By modeling these people and start behaving and thinking like them is the FASTEST and most EFFECTIVE way to start making fortune online, no matter what background you have in the niche.
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