Breastfeeding slide show


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Breastfeeding slide show

  1. 1. Breastfeeding in Teen Moms and the Media’s affects
  2. 2. Reality TV I watched 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, and Teen mom 2 to see if breastfeeding occurred, if bottle feeding occurred, and how both were talked about to see how it could potentially affected teen girls watching the show and their decisions to breastfeed
  3. 3. Breastfeeding bad for business?  Also research was conducted on several other factors that could contribute to a young women’s decision to breastfeed for example attitudes in the United States towards breastfeeding, advertising for formula, and availability of support and resources for breastfeeding and formula.  All this was compared all this to the statistic for women who breastfeed and there ages
  4. 4. The Results are in and …    The number of women who breastfeed increases dramatically after the age of 30 Breastfeeding is shown little to none in these shows and is talked about as a bad things most times and MTV actually cut out scenes of a mother breastfeeding The shows is now showing more breastfeeding after taking a lot of bad press about its representation of breastfeeding including a breastfeeding mother being feature on Teen Mom 3
  5. 5. Facts are facts  Representation of women breastfeeding show mostly older 20’s and 30’s moms  There is little to no information given about breastfeeding in sexual education classes  Information about breastfeeding is harder to get then information about formula  WIC provides breastfeeding support but also helps relieve a lot of the cost of formula on younger moms
  6. 6. Formula Companies: the good, the bad, and the ugly      Infant feeding is a multi billion dollar business and 2/3 of that is from infant formula sales Formula promotion shows it as being easy and more portable Advertisements for formula are everywhere coupons, commercials, poster Donation to hospitals and doctors are given but then doctors and hospitals are made to hand out samples Formula companies actually fought against and won for breastfeeding advertisements that didn’t show any bad light on formula
  7. 7. Breastfeeding in the News  Breastfeeding has received a lot of bad press lately  There are several new laws that are trying to be passed about breastfeeding such as covering up laws and selling or donating breastfeeding laws  Shows breastfeeding as something they will have to fight to do and could cause people to look at them differently
  8. 8. Attitudes in the United States about Breastfeeding    Hypersexualization of breasts in the United States have made breastfeeding seem like a “dirty act” In a survey mothers breastfeeding in private are shown to be more positively then those breastfeeding in public Body image is even more important to teens and stereotypes about breastfeeding include sagging breasts, leaky breasts, and also seen as painful.
  9. 9. Why we should care?     Breastfeeding is something fighting for and the more it is socialized the less stigmatization will occur Breastfeeding reduces the chances of breast cancer, helps the mother lose weight quicker, can lessen the affects of post partum depression Breastfeeding helps protect children from diseases, contains the perfect nutrients for babies, is shown to lessen the chances for childhood obesity and many more benefits to our children Women are being forced to go against nature due to societies views and they are even aware of the facts due to formula companies control over the government and media
  10. 10. Breast is Best!  As a Teen Mom who breastfed her child and experienced the negativity of others I wanted to call to light how amazing this opportunity is to share and bond with your child. I want more information put in the hands of teen moms about the benefits of breastfeeding not only for their child but themselves.