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please "like" it at least before you download , dont be passive downloader.. appreciate people who upload

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recount text

  1. 1. * Afiah Safinatunnajah X MIPA 1 / 02
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  3. 3. Afiah safinatunnajah/X MIPA 1/02 Fall In a Basket of Horse Food Text Organization orientation Recount Language Features As an old school kid would love to play a kite. Even kites are not only played by children but also by parents.If the weather is friendly, daily from noon until nearly sunset many people flying kites. This story happened when I was in kindergarten. Past tense Pronoun event 01 event 02 reorientation It was Sunday so no school. Its about 8:00 am I’ve take the kites and tried to flying the kites. The morning the air still calm and no wind blowing. But I was not thinking even a little about what the wind does. The most important think in my mind was flying the kites. Noun Past At that time, there was a wagon of course with the horses a few yards behind continuous me. The horses was onjoying their food which placed in a big basket. I kept playing didn’t care about anything included the horses behind me. Because there is no wind and I was unexperinced with this one, the kites still doesn’t fly. When I was walking backward sudenly...GUBRAKK... I stumbled with something behind me. It was nothing but a bucket of horse food, I didn’t get hurt but it turns out I was under the horse’s head, I saw their big rectangular adjective teeth and cried loudly. The wagon driver rescued me and brought me home, my pants covered with bran and grass. Time connective Fortunatelly the horse wasn’t startled, because when the horse was startled they’ll run and I might get hit with the wagon. Since then I was no longer allowed play arround the street. Action verb
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