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Your Links are Broken! Maximizing Sales in Fragmented Stores

  1. Your links are broken! Maximizing Sales in Fragmented Stores.
  2. My Story Traffic Revenue
  3. “Geo-Fragmentation”
  4. Global Amazon Ecosystem 14 Amazon Storefronts 12 Associates Programs
  5. Region Specific Storefronts Differences: Domain Prod. ID/ISBN Language Currency Shipping Prime Avail. Accounts … (User Experience Challenges)
  6. Storefront Specific Affiliate (Monetization Challenges)
  7. Most Think… Traffic Site Affiliated Store
  8. But In Reality…
  9. But In Reality… Traffic Site Affiliated Store
  10. Opportunity! Traffic Site Affiliated Store
  11. Ideal Traffic Site Affiliated Store
  12. Just Amazon?
  13. + = 10 different options Just Geography?
  14. Why? Traffic X Conversion Rate = Revenue Good luck! (It’s hard) Cater to more of your audience!
 (instead of ignoring them)
  15. Step 1 - Understand It Do you have International Traffic? Do your affiliate partners have Multiple Destinations? Do your affiliate partners use Multiple Affiliate Programs?
  16. Step 2 - Fix It Ignore it… Provide multiple links… Geo-targeting / Dynamic links… Options:
  17. Recap • Global e-retailers often have “geo-fragmentation” • Country / Region specific storefronts • Storefront specific affiliate programs • Most publishers have diverse (and international) traffic • A single destination often isn’t ideal • Understand how this impacts you • Fix it to earn more (it’s that simple!)
  18. Who Am I? • Hated affiliate marketing in college • Learned with iTunes and Amazon • Wrote a book about the iTunes Affiliate Program • Got a “cease & desist” from Apple, then job offer • Became the Global Program / Product Manager • GeoRiot -> Geniuslink • Consulting for Microsoft Store and NBCUniversal
  19. Questions?
  20. Thanks! Jesse Lakes @jesselakes