Working With Affiliates and Adding Value


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This session will help you to learn how to work with affiliates, negotiating, keyword lists, etc., and add value to your programs.

Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers
Niche/vertical: Merchants

Adam Riemer, President, Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. (Twitter @rollerblader)

Published in: Business, Technology
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Working With Affiliates and Adding Value

  1. 1. Working With Affiliate & Adding Value to your Company Adam Riemer Twitter: @Rollerblader Skype: Adam-Riemer
  2. 2. Overview What is value adding Reputation Management & SERPs Things to Watch Out For Coupon & Loyalty Sites PPC Affiliates Content Affiliates – Product Bloggers – Websites – Bloggers and Sites With Coupons Media Buys & Custom Deals Tools You Can Provide Twitter: @Rollerblader Hashtag #ASE12
  3. 3. What is adding valueAdding value is when an Affiliate is able to send you sales from customers that wouldn’t have known about you without them. They have their own traffic sources, do not rely or depend on Merchants and their own loyal following or marketing channel.Manufacturer vs. Retailer Twitter: @Rollerblader Hashtag #ASE12
  4. 4. Reputation Management & the SERPS What ranks for your – Trademarks – Extensions Do you rank for your own terms – Buy urls – Work with non Affiliate sites for it – Work on PR
  5. 5. Things to Watch Out For You don’t have enough traffic Giving a link to an Affiliate Tweeting out and sharing Affiliate posts and Sites – Your own customers – Exposing your top performers to competitors and other Affiliates
  6. 6. Coupon & Loyalty Sites 1/2 What to look for: (The bad) – Do they rank for your terms? – Are they bidding on your trademarks or domains? – Are you only on a page dedicated to you? – Do they use Couponware, Loyaltyware, Reminderware, Adware, BHOs, Toolbars, etc... Why is it bad? – Lose current full margin customers – Zero value add – Bad user experience if coupons are expired or you don’t have any. Twitter: @Rollerblader Hashtag #ASE12
  7. 7. “You don’t have enough traffic so I don’t want to add you.” – Bad coupon partner!Coupon & Loyalty Sites 2/2What to look for: (The good) Do they have a newsletter Do they have categories Do the categories rank for terms like Halloween Coupons, Christmas Coupons, etc… Can they no index your page Have them separate coupons so you can track which sales came from which pages vs. the page that ranks for your trademarks How many regular members do they have Is there a forum with ads and stickies Is there a community Twitter: @Rollerblader Hashtag #ASE12
  8. 8. Coupons Search Volume Example Twitter: @Rollerblader Hashtag #ASE12
  9. 9. “If I can’t bid on your trademark than I don’t want to work with you.” – Bad PPC partner!PPC Affiliates Trademark Bidders – Regular – Extensions – Reviews – Contests and Rewards (That aren’t real or are for paid sign ups.) Keyword Lists Negative Keywords Terms and Conditions 3rd Party Engines (, etc…)
  10. 10. Content Affiliates Are they always value adding? Can they hurt you with reviews? – Programs closing – Competitors – Amazon Is turning a site that reviewed you into an Affiliate value adding? – FTC disclosures – SEO
  11. 11. Product Bloggers Old posts – Dead links – Expired coupons – Old prices – Discontinued products Use dates and times Include an FTC Disclosure Discourage store name optimization and focus on products
  12. 12. Websites Turning links into Affiliate Links – SEO – Ranking for your terms? Newsletters Dedicated pages – No index if it is about your store only – FTC Disclosures Links in content instead of a banner on the side – Make recommendations on pages and keywords – Include a text link under a banner for a better CTR
  13. 13. Bloggers & Sites With Coupons Expired coupons Broken images and links Use your store name – Categories – Tags Use dates and times
  14. 14. Content Sites Write unique articles for them Ask for banners with a review instead of just one or the other to increase click throughs and add credibility Pre code the pages for them Look through their sites and make recommendations Pull your conversion rate from them in a media buy or from adwords and use it as an example of why they should put you ahead of others – No adware – No coupon poaching – No trademark poaching
  15. 15. Media Buys & Custom Deals Adware? – PPV, Interruptive, Toolbars, Reminderware, Couponware, etc… Use your program to negotiate cheaper rates Use your program for tracking: (To get data and recruit others or turn media buys into partners.) – Sales – CTR – Conversion date
  16. 16. Tools You Can Provide Datafeeds – Popshops – GoldenCan – Datafeedr Videos – Viewbix – Share a Sale video tool Widgets Article Spinners – SEO  75% to 100% unique  Black hat  Duplicate content and Unoriginal  Spelling and Grammar  Finding other Affiliates sites
  17. 17. Any Questions? Adam Riemer Twitter: @Rollerblader Skype: Adam-Riemer