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Winning SEO Tactics for Product Affiliates


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Solo session with Dale Bertrand

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Winning SEO Tactics for Product Affiliates

  1. 1. Winning SEO Tactics for Product Affiliates Dale Bertrand President, Fire&Spark August 12th, 2019
  2. 2. SEO is a Moving Target  Gets more competitive every day  Search algorithms are constantly changing  Generating backlinks is harder than ever
  3. 3. We want to live the SEO dream! Massive amounts of free traffic that converts I’ve lived it. It’s awesome. Why Do We Bother?
  4. 4. What Type of Sites Are We Talking About Today?  Dropship  Ecommerce  Coupon  Product review Anyone promoting products with any type of content  Price comparison  Product blogs  Wholesalers
  5. 5. My background  Built product review and education lead gen sites  Studied AI in graduate school  Practicing SEO since 1999  Founder of Fire&Spark digital marketing agency  Focus on SEO, content marketing and analytics
  6. 6. Our Clients Our Agency
  7. 7. Problems We’ll Tackle  Competitors are outranking you  Organic traffic isn’t converting  Gave up on link building  Lost traffic during an algorithm update
  8. 8. You must have the most useful, trustworthy content in your niche What Does Google Want? Happy searchers (and to sell more ads)  Google is a happiness engine  Google wants to send searchers to sites they trust
  9. 9. Foundational SEO Strategies Build an SEO friendly site 1 2 Develop SEO Content 3 Generate backlinks
  10. 10. Research keywords one- by-one I did this for a decade! Rinse and repeat Lurk in forums and FB groups for content ideas Continuously generate content Send thousands of link building outreach emails
  11. 11. Old-school SEO Tactics Rely on SEO Is Not a Numbers Game  More content  More links  More outreach emails
  12. 12. SEO in 2018 Keyword targeting Build an SEO-friendly site Authority based on backlinks SEO in 2019 Content must be high quality and useful Minimum viable technical SEO Authority based on backlinks and reputation
  13. 13. High Leverage Strategies Purpose-driven SEO User Generated Content One-task SEO strategies Content creation & link building Technical SEO Foundational Strategies
  14. 14. One-task Strategies  Interview campaigns  Product giveaways  Student group sponsorships
  15. 15. User Generated Content Strategies  Forums  Q&A Sites  Learning communities
  16. 16. Purpose-driven Strategies The process 1. Identify a trending topic in your niche 2. Engage authentically 3. Build relationships Lead a movement!
  17. 17. Lead a Movement
  18. 18.  Contacted anyone who wrote about the law  Interviewed activists  Wrote articles about the impact  Distributed banners and badges We led the movement against the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Strategy
  19. 19.  Mentions and backlinks on blogs  Backlinks from Handmade Toy Alliance  Backlinks Overlawyered Blog  Banner and badge backlinks  Links from toy makers  Interview and issue oriented content Results Content, links and Rankings
  20. 20. Takeaways  SEO has evolved and we need to elevate our strategies  Your affiliate site can be “important reading”  Influencers have a soft spot for causes they care about  Dump mass email outreach for targeted email outreach  Generate natural links (don’t do link building)  Find a cause that you personally care about
  21. 21. What conversations are trending in your market?
  22. 22. OLD Evaluate keyword search volume vs. competition New Start by looking for trending topics that you care about Choosing a Niche
  23. 23. Text LINKS to 66866 To receive Outreach Email Templates and Recommended Software Tools Dale Bertrand
  24. 24. Questions? Dale Bertrand 1.877.214.5385