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Track A - How to Build Million Dollar Assets around Affiliate Marketing


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– What are the common problems faced by affiliate marketers?
– Why are affiliates good owners and business managers?
– Hear examples success stories of affiliates who have innovated and now turned into business and asset owners.

Oliver Kenyon, Director, pagesource Ltd

Published in: Marketing
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Track A - How to Build Million Dollar Assets around Affiliate Marketing

  1. 1. How to build assets around Affiliate Marketing
  2. 2. Who am I? Fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur Dropped out of school at 17 to become a full-time chef Stumbled across CPA marketing at the age of 18 Made my first £1000 online and thought it would last forever, it didn’t Started CPAFix at the age of 24, an affiliate marketing forum Founded Landing Page Guys, a design and development agency Quit my full-time job at the age of 25 and set myself one goalQuit my full-time job at the age of 25 and set myself one goal At the age of 25 I quit my full-time job as a chef and set myself one goal. I told two people, my business parter and my girlfriend. That goal was to become a millionaire by the age of 30. My one goal...
  3. 3. Why build assets and businesses instead of campaigns.
  4. 4. Campaigns Vs Assets Campaigns Assets
  5. 5. Examples of Affiliates > Assets: Rob Gryn Rob now runs the second fastest growing company in Europe, Forbes estimated his net worth over one hundred million. Lorenzo Green Lorenzo is now a key player in affiliate marketing co founding STM forums, iStack events, Monetizer and more. Charles Ngo Charles went from affiliate to becoming the go to guy for affiliate coaching, charging in excess of $10,000 per session. Tim Burd Tim recently sold another 7 figure company and now runs one of the largest Facebook ads marketing agency in the world.
  6. 6. Why affiliates are perfect asset owners Determination Risk Takers Scalability Data Driven Team Management Network
  7. 7. How to think of an asset to build What gap are you filling? Who are you filling the gap for? Why are you filling the gap? How will you fill the gap?
  8. 8. Asset Ideas Communties Events Software Publications Coaching Courses
  9. 9. Ready. Fire. Aim. How to build an asset
  10. 10. Assets I’ve created Landing Page Guys just celebrated it’s 4th year in business and has generated in excess of $50,000,000 for it’s clients. AffiliateFix currently has over 90,000 members and continues to grow as the biggest affiliate marketing forum online. My personal brand and blog has established my name in the industry and has given me life changing experiences. REBELHEAD allows me to pursue my passion and will hopefully benefit the way in which our future generations are educated. Unlimited custom landing pages built by your dedicated conversion expert for a low cost, fixed fee, alongside access to our proprietary software
  11. 11. Conclusion... Affiliates make great asset and business owners Think of a gap, think of who needs the gap you’re filling and fill it Ready. Fire. Aim. Don’t get too hung up on your MVP Take action and then pivot with your user feedback Always position and prepare for a possible exit Most impoMost importantly, enjoy the journey and have fun! I recently sold my first company and it’s assets in a 7 figure exit. I hit the goal I set myself at 25. I am now focused on my next goal, creating an 8 figure company with pagesource. My goal hit