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The Next Affiliate Battleground: Inbound Call Marketing


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2015 (August 2-4, 2015 in New York, NY). Session description: Getting consumers to call you directly is the Holy Grail of marketing. Learn how to use direct response call marketing for enhanced customer acquisition and mobile monetization opportunities.

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The Next Affiliate Battleground: Inbound Call Marketing

  1. 1. | @MatomyGroup THE NEXT AFFILIATE MARKETING BATTLEGROUND: INBOUND CALL MARKETING Daryl Colwell Senior Vice President Matomy Media Group | @MatomyGroup
  2. 2. • The Inbound Call Marketing Opportunity • Old vs. New Media • How to Avoid the Big Inbound Call Marketing Mistakes • Desktop vs. Mobile Inbound Call Marketing • Q&A AGENDA | @MatomyGroup
  3. 3. 2007 LAUNCHED 450 EMPLOYEES 11 OFFICES 26,000 MEDIA PARTNERS 5,000 CUSTOMERS • Manage North American performance marketing business for Matomy • 15 years in digital • Forged partnerships with several blue-chip international advertisers ABOUT ME ABOUT MATOMY | @MatomyGroup
  4. 4. | @MatomyGroup Avg. American consumer spends 34 hrs/mo browsing web on a mobile device (Source: Direct Marketing News) By 2018, mobile search will drive 73 billion inbound calls to advertisers (Source: BIA/Kelsey) INBOUND CALL MARKETING OPPORTUNITY
  5. 5. | @MatomyGroup It’s never been easier to dial a brand and purchase a product or service … And that’s making it harder for marketers to drive real value from their inbound call marketing campaigns INBOUND CALL MARKETING OPPORTUNITY
  6. 6. | @MatomyGroup OVERALL BENEFITS Opportunity to create multi-action, multi-channel pay-per-call campaigns Consumer can choose to dial in or fill out a lead form Multi-action campaigns increase performance and provide a better user experience
  7. 7. | @MatomyGroup Welcome to the next digital marketing battleground: inbound call marketing | @MatomyGroup
  8. 8. ASSUMPTIONS vs. FACTS | @MatomyGroup • Mobile users more likely to respond to direct response marketing by dialing in vs. filling out lead form • Because mobile traffic responds best to “call now” calls-to-action, marketers should make it as easy as possible for the user to take action • Marketers should drive mobile traffic to mobile pages that have “call now” and use click-to-call functionality • This is the best way to monetize mobile traffic and drive leads into call centers in the mobile era ASSUMPTIONS • Mobile users respond to whatever call-to-action is placed in front of them • Increasing the complexity of a mobile user’s experience actually improves mobile inbound campaign performance • Marketers should drive consumers to mobile pages that allow for collection of basic information • Monetizing mobile traffic isn’t just an inbound call; too many call center leads can drive down campaign performance FACTS
  9. 9. OLD vs. NEW MEDIA | @MatomyGroup OLD MEDIA
  10. 10. OLD vs. NEW MEDIA | @MatomyGroup NEW MEDIA
  11. 11. OLD & NEW MEDIA CONVERGE | @MatomyGroup Offline awareness turns to online intent Verticals haven’t changed; consumer touch points have changed Digital connection leads to human interaction
  12. 12. BACK TO THE FUTURE | @MatomyGroup What worked then is still relevant today … only updated for mobile-first consumers
  13. 13. BACK TO THE FUTURE | @MatomyGroup What worked then is still relevant today … only updated for mobile-first consumers
  14. 14. CASE STUDY | @MatomyGroup
  15. 15. CASE STUDY: RESULTS | @MatomyGroup
  16. 16. CASE STUDY: RESULTS | @MatomyGroup
  17. 17. IDEAL SCENARIO | @MatomyGroup User accesses site from a mobile device Users sees a phone number but cannot click it This increases form fills If user wants to call they must call from a landline High traffic to site, longest lasting & most qualified calls
  18. 18. CREATIVE MISTAKES | @MatomyGroup
  20. 20. LEAD FORMS INCREASE CALLS | @MatomyGroup
  21. 21. LEAD FORM WITH PHONE NUMBER | @MatomyGroup • 20% of responders will call in • 80% of responders will fill out the form
  22. 22. THE CLICK-TO-CALL TRAP | @MatomyGroup SEARCH Results: • Increased profitability by 50% by driving clicks to landing page vs. clicks on a call extension • Improvement in quality of calls
  23. 23. THE CLICK-TO-CALL TRAP | @MatomyGroup SOCIAL Results: • 35% of calls come directly from Facebook ads • Phone number can’t be hyperlinked • 25% of callers called in on a landline on mobile-only campaigns • Facebook drives some of the highest performing PPC campaigns
  24. 24. THE CLICK-TO-CALL TRAP | @MatomyGroup EMAIL Results: • 70% of emails opened on mobile device • Don’t fall into the Click to Call Trap • Offer lead gen form & hard coded phone number
  25. 25. DESKTOP vs. MOBILE RESPONDERS | @MatomyGroup • 66% filled out a form • 33% called in • 83% filled out a form • 17% called in 27% increase in connection rate of mobile responders vs. desktop responders when outbound dialing form fills DESKTOP RESPONDERS MOBILE RESPONDERS
  28. 28. | @MatomyGroup Inbound call marketing is the next big mobile ad opportunity KISS principle isn’t necessarily best — make the consumer work for it Don’t fall into the click-to-call trap Remember: different media types (Search, Social, Email, etc.) yield different inbound call marketing touchpoints WRAPPING UP …
  29. 29. Q&A
  30. 30. SVP, Sales & Business Development DARYL COLWELL | @MatomyGroup
  31. 31. THANK YOU!