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Secrets to Buying Established Websites for Profit

  1. Where to Buy Websites
  2. Evaluating Websites for Sale
  3. Case Studies
  4. Capital Growth
  5. Traffic Generation
  6. An Existing Business
  7. Range of Monetization Models
  8. Attractive Multiples: <2x net revenue
  9. Sellers miss opportunity to take website to the next level
  10. Buyers often fix basic SEO, monetization, marketing and margins
  11. Buying website = buying audience
  12. $2K on Google can = 10,000 clicks @ 20c
  13. Purchase organic keyword rank
  14. Build one-way links to your main property
  15. Do 301-redirects to monetize traffic
  16. Awareness: Many people don’t know you can
  17. Due Diligence: Reducing investment risk
  18. Where to Buy Websites
  19. Evaluating Websites for Sale
  20. Case Studies
  21. Go to Website Brokers
  22. Look at in categories to find sites that are not being updated
  23. Search for sites with old copyright footer that match your keyword
  24. Professionals who manually connect buyers and sellers
  25. Typically six-figure properties
  26. Dedicated Marketplaces -,
  27. General Marketplaces -,,,
  28. Where to Buy Websites
  29. Evaluating Websites for Sale
  30. Case Studies
  31. Website Due Diligence
  32. Whois
  33. SEOMoz
  34. SEM Rush
  35. Majestic SEO
  36. Copyscape
  37. Wayback machine
  38. Google (PR/Search)
  39. Verified Google Analytics
  40. Check robots.txt file
  41. Walk through site’s revenue systems
  42. Chat on Skype
  43. Get Proof of Identity
  44. Google Seller’s Real Name
  45. Check Seller Feedback
  46. Where to Buy Websites
  47. Evaluating Websites for Sale
  48. Case Studies
  51. 1.2 million page views, 600K uniques, $1,500 monthly revenue
  52. 2 million page views from 7,000 subscribed players
  53. 145,000 page views from 129,000 uniques
  54. 160,000 page views from 20,000 unique users
  55. 200,000 page views from 100,000 unique users
  56. Where to Buy Websites
  57. Evaluating Websites for Sale
  58. Case Studies
  59. Check out the Flippa Keyword
  60. Subscribe to A-List Premium Website Newsletter if you’re interested in websites over $10,
  61. Contact Me:

Editor's Notes

  1. Listing is for Mortgage Refinancing site ( strong number of backlinks resulting in OK PageRankRunning a check on the backlinks in Google shows they are not from related sites (ie not finance)Example is a link from the site belonging to a UK composerBy not having nofollow turned on, the site is attracting backlink spammers such as the site in questionOwners of these sites run the risk of losing SEO value once Google does an update
  2. This site has seemingly strong traffic, albeit with a slight declineFew causes for concern:Traffic has come out of nowhere and the Flippa due diligence page indicates no backlinksLooking at user engagement, the number of new users is exceptionally high as is the bounce rate: the audience is not engaging with the site and not coming back for another visitLooking at traffic sources, direct traffic is the primary source – this is typically driven by strong branding which does not correlate to the low levels of engagement we were seeing priorLooking at which countries the traffic is originating from shows a string of countries we’d not really expect. Nepal?Next, looking at the content, we’re seeing it heavily focused on a single pageIn summary: the Google Analytics seems to indicate a lot of people in Nepal are typing in the address for an article about heart valve replacement then leavingA more probably explanation is that the seller is using a pay-per-view service to artificially inflate traffic