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Recognizing Performance Occurring Higher in the Funnel


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2016 (July 31-August 2, 2016 in New York City, NY). Session description: Performance events are happening higher in the funnel than the sale and lead activities that most affiliate marketers focus on. Learn the trickle down value of these early-funnel activities.

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Recognizing Performance Occurring Higher in the Funnel

  1. 1. R E C O G N I Z I N G P E R F O R M A N C E H I G H E R I N T H E F U N N E L R A C H E L H O N O W A Y C E O , F M T C F R E S H P R E S S M E D I A I N F L U E N C E R M A R K E T P L A C E
  2. 2. THE “FUNNEL”
  3. 3. OUR OB S E SS I ON WI T H “ A C TI ON” CPAction CPAcquisition CPSale CPLead CPDownload CPClick CPImpression
  4. 4. OUR C R E ATI VI TY WI T H “ D E CI SI ON” Coupons Deals Free Shipping Reviews/Testimonials Comparison Charts “…than the other guys”
  7. 7. T Y P ES OF A WARE NES S Awareness of a Product - I know that there are products that meet my need - I know this product meets my need Awareness of a Need - I have a pain - I have a desire
  8. 8. AWARENESS OF: MANSCAPING … YEP, MANSCAPING • Awareness of a need played a huge role in this multi-billion dollar industry. • In the U.S. alone, men's grooming (or "manscaping," as it's often called) has skyrocketed to a $4 billion industry; $1 billion of the sales chunk comes from hair removal services and products. "More men are preferring a clean, polished look over going au naturel,”… – about-to-see-an-even-bigger-boom.html • A survey conducted on behalf of the [P&G] found that nearly 80% of men use separate razors for their face and anything below the neck. – CNN Money: manscaping/
  9. 9. AWARENESS AFFECTS PERFORMANCE • If you’re not aware that you need manscaping, you’re not going to: – Take any interest in this ad – Decide that the offer is too good to pass up – Take action and make a purchase • In other words – if you don’t have awareness you don’t move through the funnel
  10. 10. T Y P ES OF I NT E RES T Interest in a Particular Kind of Solution - I am interested in products that will… - I am not interested in products that… - I am interested in a price range of… Interest in Meeting the Need - I want to
  11. 11. INTEREST IN DIET AND EXERCISE AWARENESS MAY EXIST… BUT… • I know I need to lose weight • I know I need to make healthier food choices • I know I should workout more • I wish I was in better shape • I wish I was healthier • BUT – I am not interested in doing anything about it NO INTEREST = NO MOVEMENT THROUGH THE FUNNEL
  12. 12. PERFORMANCE STARTS AT THE TOP • Story telling • Consumer experience • News • Events • Trend reporting • Disruption
  13. 13. B UI L D I NG A WARE NES S & I NT E RE ST Video Views Article Reads Social Comments ( NOTE: T HE S E A R E A L L T R ACK ABLE A C T I ONS)
  14. 14. MAXIMIZE THE WHOLE FUNNEL • Support the work that other teams are doing higher in the funnel • Weasel your way into the top of the funnel • Create new opportunities for existing partners • Identify ways to work with new partners
  15. 15. THANK YOU! R A C H E L @ F M T C . C O @ R A C H E L H O N O W A Y