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Mobile Optimization Mastery: 5 Reasons Why Your ROI Sucks


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2015 (August 2-4, 2015 in New York, NY). Session description: Discover the top strategies I use to develop highly profitable and scaleable mobile campaigns. You'll discover exactly what's holding back your mobile campaigns and how to finally achieve optimal ROI.

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Mobile Optimization Mastery: 5 Reasons Why Your ROI Sucks

  2. 2. INTRO Rohail Rizvi aka the Suitcase Marketer - Started affiliate marketing back in 2008-2009 - Sophomore year in college - Had no funding besides a single credit card - Was in the hole $10k on it, until things turned around - One of the first affiliates on Facebook – seen everything - Was making $1000 / a day profit by my 3rd year in college - Moved to Miami after college, then NYC
  3. 3. INTRO - Traveled to 27 countries so far - Money is great, but freedom is better - One of the first mobile affiliates - Featured in FeedFront Magazine - Two-time speaker at Affiliate Summit
  4. 4. START WITH WHY What’s your reason for doing this? - Money isn’t the best motivator - Who or what is something outside of yourself as the reason you want to succeed? - How would your life change if you were suddenly making - $100 a day? - $1,000 a day? - $10,000 a day?
  5. 5. $724K IN TWO MONTHS? - Not to brag, shows you what’s possible - 100% ROI on this campaign - All mobile
  7. 7. 75% FACEBOOK CTRS???
  10. 10. THE NEW FACEBOOK Every day affiliates just like you are waking up to see the red box of death – And it’s only getting worse. BUT, this isn’t the case for everyone…
  11. 11. $200K SPEND ON FB
  12. 12. PICKING THE RIGHT OFFERS How do you pick & research an offer? - I pay attention to what I see being run - I talk to my AM and ask them what the best offer on their network is at the moment. I ask them the volume being run on it and the EPC on the offer. - Sometimes I go with my gut and pick an offer that no one else is running because I think it has potential. Some of my biggest campaigns have come from offers like these.
  13. 13. PICKING THE RIGHT OFFERS Is it better to tackle flavor-of-the-day verticals / offers / niches or rather find an evergreen vertical and stick to it no matter how much the shiny-object syndrome makes you want to change? - Trends are huge in this industry. Major waves such as diet, dating, and mobile come and go. It’s only smart to pay attention to these spikes. - However, in order to become good at something you need to focus on a single area. I’ve promoted every kind of offer out there. If I could start over, I would pick one evergreen vertical and dominate it on multiple traffic sources (including the new waves such as mobile)
  14. 14. REASON #1 – PAGE SPEED AND VIEWABILITY You’re not caring enough about page load speed and viewability! • Your page load speed on mobile can literally make or break your mobile campaigns. • Viewability is extremely important to test with so many different screen sizes and models on the market. • Use tools such as Google’s Page Speed Insights and
  17. 17. REASON #2 – OVER OPTIMIZATION If you’re optimizing down to the handset level, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table. • Instead, run a loss leading campaign and run broad on all handsets. • You will lose money on some of the handsets, but because you’re going broad you’ll pay a lower CPC and be able to do much more volume profitably. • Lower ROI + High Scalability > High ROI + Low Scalability
  18. 18. TOP OPTIMIZATION VARIABLES Carrier > OS > Creatives & Angle > Offer • Split traffic into different campaigns • Wifi vs Carrier and App traffic vs Mobile web • Wifi +App traffic are the hardest to convert, but there is potential • If you’re starting off, promote game / app install offers • Once you’re more experienced, you can move into pin submits
  19. 19. REASON #3 – TRAFFIC SOURCES W/ SCALE Most mobile affiliates are focusing on mobile-specific traffic sources. While these are great, they are not where a majority of the traffic lies. • Google and Facebook are where the majority of the world’s mobile traffic will be found. Why not focus on them? • Google has done a great job of providing targeting options for mobile. • Facebook is not quite there yet with a rich set of mobile targeting options, but that just means there is opportunity there if you know how to properly redirect and monetize your traffic.
  21. 21. REASON #4 – FILTER BY BROWSERS The browser the end-user is using can make a big difference in how likely they are to convert. Many affiliates fail to optimize by this. • Mobile traffic has a ton of fraud clicks and bot traffic. • Filtering out browsers such as Opera and Dolphin help eliminate some of this fake traffic. • Mobile Safari users are different than Chrome Mobile users
  22. 22. REASON #5 – NOT SCALING TO NEW GEOS Many affiliates become complacent when they find an offer working in one country and stick to it. Instead, they should be scaling it out to other geos with similar offers. • Test a bunch of different creatives and figure out the best one. • Have it translated into multiple languages on Fiverr or oDesk. • Now you have a highly profitable campaign in not just one country, but several with minimal creative testing involved. • Many countries you wouldn’t think work actually do and have immense amounts of mobile traffic. Ex. India, Thailand, Kuwait, Iraq
  23. 23. BONUS TIP – INTERNATIONAL ESPIONAGE One of the things I do when I travel is pay attention to the local media. I watch their commercials, top TV sitcoms, as well as music and news channels. • Inside edge into the mind of the local consumer • High relevancy = high conversions and click-thru rates • Local SIM card for real-time mobile spying
  25. 25. KIDDIE POOL VS OCEAN - A lot of affiliates are still swimming in the kiddie pool - They haven’t had anyone show them how to take the floaties off and thrive in the ocean - THAT’s where the big money’s being made - No one is teaching how to do this and no one likes to talk about it either
  26. 26. SUMMARY Page speed optimization and viewability • Going broad and running a loss leading campaign • Focusing on traffic sources with quality traffic where you can scale campaigns • Optimizing by user browser • Scale to new geos by getting top banner translated into multiple languages • Do international recon whenever you travel
  27. 27. RESOURCES and Google Page Speed • • International VPS providers for speed purposes • WhatRunsWhere Mobile • Chrome extension user-agent switcher for mobile spying • • More at