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Mike allen asw19-7do-7dont


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Mike allen asw19-7do-7dont

  1. 1. #ASW19
  2. 2. The Panel Mike Allen @mta1 Jeannine Crooks @Jeannine_Crooks John LoBrutto @JPL65
  3. 3. DO Prefer Networks Over In-House What are the differences? In-House: • The advertiser owns the relationship • Direct 1x1 relationship with partners • Limited to internal or 3rd party provider development • Exclusive community – may be by invitation or referral Network: • The network usually owns the relationship • Access to larger marketplace, new markets and different partner types • Better program scalability, tracking methods & technology • Friendly process and payment platform terms
  4. 4. DO Prefer Networks Over In-House Why is it better to work with a network? • More comprehensive publisher & advertiser profiles for communications • Better publisher support and ability to work with multiple advertisers • Better tracking methods and clearly defined attribution • Multiple commissions structures & payment options • Effective and more comprehensive reporting and analytics • Higher investment into overall technology behind the network • Support for GDPR, ITP, Parallel Tracking and more
  5. 5. DON’T Only Work with Amazon • One day cookie / lowest commission rates • Easily removed from program – over 25 different ways to trigger removal • No advanced technologies, i.e. cross-device tracking, convert-a-link, API • Smaller sellers avoid Amazon • Everyone promoting same products • No free products, no sponsored posts, no personal promotion opportunities • Limited presentation options • Can’t sell to family or friends
  6. 6. DO Use Technology & Best Practices • Network tools – don’t forget coupon code tracking • Other helpful tools: • Affluent ( • FMTC / Coupilia • Datafeedr • Skimlinks / VigLink • WordPress • Very configurable – affiliate marketing-friendly • FTC compliance plugins • Link management (ThirstyAffiliates & PrettyLinks)
  7. 7. DON’T Use GA for Affiliate Tracking Google Analytics • GA designed to help sell Google products – Google AdWords, search, Google Marketplace • Network tracking designed to track affiliate transactions • Different cookie length – same for all merchants, longer, regardless of program • Networks use last click. GA uses “unique click” • Ad blockers will affect GA results • Merchant/Network’s numbers determine the commission amount, not Google
  8. 8. DO Create Customer Loyalty Social Media • Use but not exclusively – that’s rented space! • Don’t fully rely on YouTube (host your own videos too) Grow / Build Your Own • Content & following – on your site • Unique value proposition + excellent customer service • Reputation – expert authority • Email list (consider group text messaging)
  9. 9. DON’T Confuse Traffic with Shoppers Traffic and shoppers are not the same thing! • Traffic will not buy and may be interested in viewing content different from your offerings • Traffic may be a click error, a redirect or spam • Traffic may hit your site, but not click through or view additional pages • Shopper will spend time on your site and view your pages, even if they do not click through to advertisers • Shoppers usually have intent to buy or comparison shop for an imminent or future purchase • Know what percent of your traffic are shoppers
  10. 10. DON’T Confuse Traffic with Shoppers How do I know if I have more traffic than shoppers? • Does the traffic convert? • Is the traffic quality a match to the advertiser campaigns? • Do I have a lot of page drop offs? How do I encourage productive shoppers? • Identify the right demographic for each product or service • Know how well your traffic converts and optimizing • Is the traffic quality a match to the advertiser campaigns (quality is key to advertiser-publisher success) • Are my readers/shoppers the key demographic for each product or service I offer
  11. 11. DO Develop SEO Relevance - Be Current • Don’t go overboard chasing the changing algorithm • Solve problems people have • Answer questions (“how do I…” voice searches) • WordPress plugins: • Yoast SEO – free and premium • – free and premium • Bruce Clay SEO – in beta • Provide a resource that is unique, valuable and trustworthy
  12. 12. DON’T Write Content Solely for Google • Google doesn’t buy anything! • Write for the shopper, make it easy, conversational and grammatically correct • Consumers come to a site looking for answers to a problem • Readers will keep reading as long as the content is useful • Don’t target a specific word count • Don’t write for Bing or Yahoo either – Google will know and penalize
  13. 13. DO Use Metrics to Understand Revenue • Do you know how you get paid? • CPS/Rev Share – Cost per sale. Paid a portion of sale amount • CPL – Cost per lead. Usually paid a fixed amount • CPI – Cost per install. Paid when an app is successfully installed • What products or services are selling the most & not selling at all • Am I getting paid on gross or net sale and what is the validation period • How do cancelations & return rates effect my commission • Am I getting paid on gross or net sale and what is the validation period • Do you understand how click-through, conversions and cancelations effect commissions and revenue?
  14. 14. DO Use Metrics to Understand Revenue Example A: High Volume (Optimized) Impressions 25,000 Results CTR - Click Through Rate 4% 1000 CR - Conversion Rate 3% 30 CX - Cancelation Rate 10% -3 CPA - Cost Per Action $200 27 x 200 Publisher Revenue $5,400 Impressions 25,000 Results CTR - Click Through Rate 4% 1000 CR - Conversion Rate 1% 10 CX - Cancelation Rate 20% -2 CPA - Cost Per Action $200 8 x 200 Publisher Revenue $1,600 Example B: Low Volume Performance dramatically effects Publisher’s Revenue
  15. 15. DON’T Get Lost in the Metrics Weeds • Keep things as simple (and actionable) as possible: • How much am I making? Who are my the top partners? • What products or services are selling the best? • What is not selling well? What can be done? • Set up a dashboard to monitor activity using the same metrics • Focus on CR (conversion rate) and EPC (earning per click) • Identify data anomalies – positive and negative
  16. 16. DO Use Unique Offers / Landing Pages Why is it important to have unique / optimization pages? • It adds value to the user experience • Validates you as a referral source for the advertiser • They are usually the advertiser’s highest converting pages • It creates SEO relevance and improves organic search results • Provides the user with a unique benefit and creates loyalty • Custom pages have competitive pricing and unique offers • Gives you a defined target audience and improves conversions • Builds a closer relationship with the advertiser
  17. 17. DON’T Only Use Banner Ads • Why? Text links tend to perform much, much better (test for yourself) • Display ad CTR is 0.05% -- just 5 clicks per 10,000 impressions! [Smart Insights] • Average CTR on Google paid search ads is about 2% [WordStream] • Flash animations – security risks plus not supported on iPhones • Logo banners work nicely to compliment text links (branding and trust) • Make text links easily visible and natural – we’re trained to click them • Tip: Summarize sources and link options below main content
  18. 18. DO Read Advertiser Correspondence What do advertisers communicate? • Commission changes & changes to program terms • Transaction issues payment updates • New content & promotions • Special affiliate links • Best practices Why is this important? • Know the latest on their program and products/services • Understand how best to sell • Have the most recent content and optimized pages • Make the most revenue from each click • Develop a relationship with advertiser
  19. 19. DON’T Wait to Start Affiliate Marketing • Traffic volume can still be small • Once site is 12-20 pages, networks/merchants can discern your style • Much easier to incorporate from the beginning • Appears like you’re working with major brands – because you are! • Use technology to help pull links
  20. 20. Q&A: Your Turn Mike Allen @mta1 Jeannine Crooks @Jeannine_Crooks John LoBrutto @JPL65