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Little Known Facebook Tips to Maximize Reach & Effectiveness


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2016 (July 31-August 2, 2016 in New York City, NY). Session description: Not every Facebook change gets mass attention & tutorials from social marketing blogs. In fact, many of these tips are under the radar of the FB “gurus.” You’ll leave with fresh, actionable ideas.

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Little Known Facebook Tips to Maximize Reach & Effectiveness

  1. 1. Little Known Facebook Tips to Maximize Reach & Effectiveness Presented by Nathan Smith
  2. 2. @CoffeeNate /CoffeeNate1 Spent 13 years in a Michigan Prison Started in affiliate marketing in 2007 Founded Zynali Marketing Solutions, a digital marketing agency In the affiliate space I work with FMTC
  3. 3. @CoffeeNate I am not a guru or an expert I share what works for me and help organizations create viable strategies
  4. 4. @CoffeeNate “I didn’t know you could do that”
  5. 5. @CoffeeNate “I didn’t know you could do that”
  6. 6. @CoffeeNate is a url shortener Use anywhere you would use “” Example:
  7. 7. @CoffeeNate For Link Share (URL) Posts If you update featured/og image, page title, description Visit Update Image/Description/Title of Published Posts Paste URL, Click “Debug”, Click “Rescrape Page” Go to post Click Date/Time stamp (2X) Click dropdown arrow and choose “Refresh Share Attachment”
  8. 8. @CoffeeNate Invite those who “like” your page posts to like your page
  9. 9. @CoffeeNate Like “Shares” of your Page’s posts Click number of shares Show some love It pleases the algorithm gods
  10. 10. @CoffeeNate Facebook Customer Service Was... Image courtesy of
  11. 11. @CoffeeNate Facebook now features HUMAN employees!
  12. 12. @CoffeeNate Facebook Customer Service via Live Chat Even if your issue isn’t ads related, begin with an ads question and tack on your real concern afterwards
  13. 13. @CoffeeNate PM people who comment or post to your page Some people will comment, not believing you’ll respond Publicly acknowledge the comment, then address their specific issue via private message
  14. 14. @CoffeeNate Save for later + turn on notifications
  15. 15. @CoffeeNate Hide all from person/page Hide all from source page Save post for later Turn on notifications for post
  16. 16. @CoffeeNate Learn competitors’ targeting strategy
  17. 17. @CoffeeNate Tip to stop annoying your friends...
  18. 18. @CoffeeNate Audience Restrictions & Preferred Audience
  19. 19. @CoffeeNate Preferred Audience (News Feed Only)
  20. 20. @CoffeeNate Pages Message Features
  21. 21. @CoffeeNate Set anticipated response time
  22. 22. @CoffeeNate Set up automatic replies to let visitors know when to expect your message. Displays the first time a user initiates a conversation with your page Personalization markup to insert name and URL
  23. 23. @CoffeeNate Mention a trending topic to get a popularity bump
  24. 24. @CoffeeNate Missed Mentions may be here... Click Notifications>> Activity>> Mentions
  25. 25. @CoffeeNate Last-minute tips... Infographic with every Facebook ad targeting category You can also see which categories your Page’s audience fits into, using Ads Manager>>Audience>>Audience Insights Use an unpublished page as a staging environment for updating cover and profile images These slides and resources mentioned can be found at
  26. 26. @CoffeeNate Q&A