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Killer Email and Social List Building Techniques

  1. Killer Email & Social List Building Techniques Hunter Boyle Sr. Business Development Manager, AWeber @hunterboyle - @aweber Monday, Jan. 9, 2011 #asw12
  2. List Building Key: An effective list building strategy is more than just a bunch of tactics – it's tightly integrated with ROI #asw12
  3. List Building Strategy Research Which tactics have worked best for you? #asw12
  4. List Building Strategy Key: Support your tactics with research and testing; integrate them with ROI goals to build strategy Recommended Sites: MarketingExperiments, MarketingSherpa, #asw12
  5. “ Before” Landing Pages – 3 Key Tactics 1. Proximity: Place forms near relevant content 2. Variety: Test multiple forms, styles and CTAs #asw12
  6. “ Before” Landing Pages – 3 Key Tactics 3. Authority: social proof and credibility indicators #asw12
  7. “ Before” Landing Pages – Examples Form style test: Lightbox vs. slide box Source: The winner? Lightbox form – 59% more subscribers #asw12
  8. “ After” Landing Pages – 3 Key Tactics 1. Deliver on sign-up expectations and offers #asw12 Opt In Page Confirmation Page
  9. “ After” Landing Pages – Examples Confirmation Page Confirmation Email #asw12
  10. “ After” Landing Pages – 3 Key Tactics 2. Test social media and email sharing #asw12
  11. “ After” Landing Pages – 3 Key Tactics 3. Never leave new subscribers at a DEAD END! VS. #asw12
  12. Optimization – The ROI of Landing Pages Research Are you testing the most effective variables? #asw12
  13. Autoresponders - Examples Engage Offer Connect #asw12
  14. Autoresponders - Examples Comprehensive info Minimal info #asw12
  15. Social Media - Examples Tip: Test social media on before & after opt-in landing pages Registration page Confirmation page #asw12
  16. Social Media - Examples Tip: Customize Your Facebook Pages Incentivize Promote Sharing Engage #asw12
  17. Social Media - Examples Tip: Use Landing Pages, Social + Email for Contests Landing Page #asw12 Facebook – Like Landing Page Facebook - Email