How to Relaunch/Revamp Your Affiliate Program


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Join three industry veterans in a discussion of the fundamental issues affiliate managers face when relaunching or revamping an affiliate program. Please bring your questions!

Experience level: Beginner
Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers, Networks
Niche/vertical: Affiliate management

Deborah Carney, Owner, ABCs Plus (Twitter @loxly) (Moderator)
Amy Ely, Ecommerce Acquisition Manager, Under Armour (Twitter @aely)
Kim Salvino, Director of Publisher Development, Chateau 20 (Twitter @kim_salvino)

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How to Relaunch/Revamp Your Affiliate Program

  1. 1. How to Relaunch / Revamp Your Affiliate Program Deborah Carney, Team Loxly Kim Salvino, Chateau 20 Amy Ely, Under Armour
  2. 2. Agenda• Step 1: Assess Program Goals & Reputation• Step 2: Evaluate the Competitive Landscape• Step 3: Build A Strong Foundation• Step 4: Confirm Tracking & Reporting• Step 5: Review Your Affiliate List• Step 6: Develop A Communication Plan• Step 7: Launch!
  3. 3. What Are Your Goals?Source:
  4. 4. Program Goals: Establish Baseline KPIs• Data, data, data….• It’s not just the total number of affiliates• Where does affiliate sit in the ecommerce revenue stream? Step 1: Assess Program Goals & Reputation
  5. 5. Reputation: Assess Where You Stand• Google search, forum search, affiliate survey• Google alerts – set for you and competitors• Accept the positives. Address the negatives. Step 1: Assess Program Goals & Reputation
  6. 6. Competitive Landscape: How Do You Compare?• Commission rate• Cookie length• Conversion rate• Creative suite• Feeds and tools• Terms and conditions Step 2: Evaluate the Competitive Landscape
  7. 7. Strong Foundation = Long Term Success Source:
  8. 8. Strong Foundation: Program T& Cs• Network terms vs. program terms• Clarity and consistency is key• Outline search policies o Brand name in display URL o Misspellings o Brand + term bidding• Coupon policy• Email terms• Social media policy Step 3: Build A Strong Foundation
  9. 9. Strong Foundation: Your Program FAQs• Think like an affiliate and anticipate questions• Share key information• Search engine friendly copy and content Step 3: Build A Strong Foundation
  10. 10. Strong Foundation: Creative Selection• Variety = accommodate and inspire• IAB Standard and unique sizes• Deep text links to boost conversion• Well categorized, regularly updated data feed• Content as a resource for affiliates Step 3: Build A Strong Foundation
  11. 11. Tracking & Reporting Test, Test, Test….• Test shopping cart in all major browsers o IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari• Complete a test purchase o Confirm tracking and reporting are working• Check each network o Ensure transactions across networks track properly **AFFILIATES WILL TEST YOUR TRACKING** Make sure it’s right BEFORE they find errors Step 4: Confirm Tracking & Reporting
  12. 12. Tracking & Reporting Mobile Ready• Add Safari to the list of browsers to test• Safari and Chrome = most widely used on mobile• NO FLASH, as not all mobile devices support flash• Ensure your cookie works in mobile Step 4: Confirm Tracking & Reporting
  13. 13. Affiliate List Review Current Partners• Check your placement on their site• Understand how they’re promoting you• Ensure compliance with Ts & Cs• Ask others about their reputation• Consult your network or OPM• Use search engines and forums to review positive and negative feedback Step 5: Review Your Affiliate List
  14. 14. Communication Plan Intro & Ongoing• Getting Started o Introductory newsletter and feedback request o Announce in forums and social media• Continued Communication o Newsletter content and cadence o Forum and social media involvement …Most of All… Provide full contact details and be approachable, genuine and responsive to affiliates Step 6: Develop A Communication Plan
  15. 15. Launch! Step 7: Launch!
  16. 16. Resources & Contact Merchant ABCs Podcast #29Revamping & Relaunching an Affiliate Program Merchant ABCs & Find Us On Twitter Deborah Carney @loxly Kim Salvino @kim_salvino Amy Ely @aely