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How to Create the Three Quick Qualification Questions


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Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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How to Create the Three Quick Qualification Questions

  1. 1. The Three Q’s David G Jonathan Herbert
  2. 2. First, a warning…• Language disclaimer• Because…
  3. 3. The Point Of ThisThe Three Q’s:• How to be a human flowchart to get the answers you want to build harmonious master quality affiliate relationships to enhance your business in a big way
  4. 4. The RQ Ecosphere• An ecosphere of ideas that will help you know the RQ with any given person• The RQ = Relationship Quotient
  5. 5. 3Things Come From The 3 Q’s• Qualify (who you’re talking to)• Quotify (about the numbers)• Quorum (create a majority of the type of people in your tribe)
  6. 6. What’s In This For You?• How many of you have made money with each other?• How many more of you could make more money with each other? That’s what the Three Q’s is all about.
  7. 7. The Problems With Most Questions• No warm-up• Impersonal• Not tailored to get the real gems• Direct hit
  8. 8. The Result?• A canned answer• The brush-off• The party line• A lie A direct hit question, especially without warm- up, makes people run and hide!
  9. 9. Warm-Up Is Like Foreplay• Set up for real dialogue• Test for harmony without going all the way• Have a good time• In the end, remove the resistance and get the answers you’re really looking for• And… avoid embarrassing situations
  10. 10. Going Too Far, Too Deep, Too Fast• Won’t get you what you want• However, counter-intuitively… – taking five minutes to ask a question and listen to the answer is actually more effective than the two second direct hit question
  11. 11. Leverage Being A Geek• Good listener• Good observer• Intelligent• So, ask the questions in the right way to get the answers to create unlimited possibilities by leveraging what you’re already doing naturally!
  12. 12. Think Flow Chart• A flow chart prioritizes the most important thing first• Decisions are made based on the first thing being resolved• Clarity comes from working through the process
  13. 13. First Q – Most Important One!• Pre-work: know your own values - can’t connect with others if can’t connect with yourself• Reason to Ask: elicit their values for compatibility
  14. 14. The First Q Five or ten years down the line, or evennow, whether or not you have time for it right now, what is it that truly fires you up inside? Or are you worried about your money now and working toward that?
  15. 15. First Q Answers / Insights• If they haven’t thought about it personally yet, are they thoughtful? Are they aligned with your values? Are they interesting to you? Are they abundance-driven or scarcity-driven?• It’s these principles that drive a business up or down – the underlying intent that needs to be established upon which to build a relationship.• Remember, you are looking to see if this is a fit or not so you can develop further, create an introduction or simply move on to someone who may be a better fit.
  16. 16. Second Q• Pre-work: know what you have to offer and be able to think about connections you can share• Reason to Ask: create a bond through sharing resources and building chit-bank you can call on later
  17. 17. The Second Q What they really need help with? Where are you in trouble?If you could wave a magic wand and get what you need right now, what would that be?What size projects could you undertake if you had some help?
  18. 18. Second Q Answers / Insights• This tells you if they’re honest with themselves, are an idealist or a realist, optimist or pessimist.• It also tells you where you can make a difference and how you can leverage something on their behalf to build rapport rapidly.• If they haven’t thought about it personally yet, are they thoughtful? Are they aligned with your values? Are they interesting to you? Are they abundance-driven or scarcity-driven?
  19. 19. Third Q• Pre-work: know your limitations and what interests you in building relationship• Reason to Ask: you’re looking to build a ‘majority’ of similar energy in your network that is complimentary – birds of a feather philosophy
  20. 20. The Third QHow do you like to connect with the people you reallllly hang out with? What do you like to do?
  21. 21. Third Q Answers / Insights• If they’re vague, either they’re really private or they aren’t ready to disclose yet.• If they tell you that they don’t hang out with business associates, they likely have some pretty good boundaries… or personal issues. ;=)• Consider their answers to see if they fit the ‘tribe’ you want to hang out and do business with.• See if they invite you to get together; if you like what you’re getting, you might want to invite them to a Skype chat to explore further.
  22. 22. Your Turn• Write your intention for conversation• Find someone you haven’t worked with yet• Start 5-minute convo and use three questions• SWITCH!
  23. 23. Share Time• Who wants to share?• What came up that you didn’t expect?• What did you want to ask but didn’t know how?• Any other questions, comments or ideas?
  24. 24. Closing“The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” ~ Dorothy Nevill May the Q’s be with you for creating real connections and more cash… (hint: stay tuned!)