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How to Build Your Brand and Generate Leads With Youtube


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2018 (July 29 - July 31, 2018 in New York).

Session description: YouTube is one of the hottest platforms right now for content and branding. I’ll show tips and strategies to create great content and how to optimize it for lead generation

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How to Build Your Brand and Generate Leads With Youtube

  1. 1. How To Build Your Brand & Generate Leads With by Carolina Millán
  2. 2. How Many Of You Are Uploading Regularly on Youtube?
  3. 3. A Little Bit About Me. I got started online in 2008 Had my breakthrough in 2012 2 Comma Club Award Winner Currently creating online courses, working with coaching clients, providing marketing and social media services, affiliate marketer, speaker and more!
  4. 4. EYE-OPENING STATS MARKETERS NEED TO KNOW Monthly Active Users: 1.5 Billion Daily Active Users: 30+ Million Youtube TV paid users: 300,000 source:
  5. 5. EYE-OPENING STATS MARKETERS NEED TO KNOW Videos Shared To Date: 5+ Billion Users Creating Content: 50 Million Average Viewing Session: 40 Minutes 300 hours Uploaded per Minute. source:
  6. 6. EYE-OPENING STATS MARKETERS NEED TO KNOW source: 62% of Users are Male 80% of Users come from Outside the US 9% of Small Businesses are on Youtube Millennials Prefer Youtube 2:1 over traditional TV 35+ and 55+ are the fastest growing demographic
  7. 7. Remember: Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google.
  8. 8. Let’s start with the Basics
  9. 9. Verify Your Channel This will unlock several features if you’re brand new to Youtube.
  10. 10. Verify Your Channel
  11. 11. Optimize Your Channel Profile Photo & Cover Photo: Close up and good quality. For a company, high quality image of your logo. Let people know you’re serious. Add info about what you do to the cover. Make sure it’s mobile friendly. About: Be concise, let people know what you’re about and what to expect when they follow you. Hint: let people know your business email
  12. 12. Optimize Your Channel: playlists You can have up to 10 playlists showing up on your channel homepage. Add relevant titles and descriptions.
  13. 13. Optimize Your Channel: playlists Make sure your thumbnails are congruent for each playlist and across your channel.
  14. 14. Optimize Your Channel: status & features
  15. 15. Optimize Your Channel: status & features
  16. 16. Optimize Your Channel: status & features
  17. 17. Optimize Your Channel: upload defaults
  18. 18. Optimize Your Channel: upload defaults
  19. 19. Optimize Your Channel: upload defaults
  20. 20. Optimize Your Channel: advanced
  21. 21. Optimize Your Channel: advanced Very important: this will allow you To add clickable links to all your videos
  22. 22. Your Content Strategy
  23. 23. Define the type of content you’re going to publish. Create Youtube-Specific Content. The more niche your content is, the better. Example: “Business” is too generic. “Ecommerce” is more specific. Organize the different types of content using your Playlists. How often should you upload? Upload on a schedule. Whether it’s every day or twice per week, try uploading at the same time each time. Example: Gary Vaynerchuk uploads every single day at 12:05pm EST. content strategy VLOGS Inspirational How-To’s
  24. 24. Video Length. Depends on the video, yet shorter videos still get the best engagement (2-4 minutes) Consider breaking your longer videos up into digestible bits. Calls To Action. Don’t wait until the last part of the video, have a verbal call to action in the first few seconds (example: “if you’re new here, subscribe for XYZ content, I upload every Monday and Friday”) content strategy Event Reviews Interviews Social Media
  25. 25. Use Thumbnails. I use or Research other channels in your niche. Search for relevant keywords in your niche to see what your competitors are posting, how many views they’re getting and what content is working for them. If you’re just getting started, collaborate with other people in your niche, ask if you can interview them, make a video with them at an event, etc. content strategy Driving Videos Keynote Speeches Travel & Lifestyle
  26. 26. - Make eye contact. Especially when recording selfie videos with your phone, don’t stare at the phone screen, stare at the phone camera. - Use your hands and arms. Even if you’re nervous and you aren’t used to being in front of the camera, make sure you relax and use hand gestures to reflect what you’re talking about. Don’t stand still, let people know you know what you’re talking about. - Watch the tone of your voice. If you sound too monotonous, you will bore the viewer. Make sure you vary the tone of your voice. - Avoid the “uhm’s” and “ahh’s”. If you need a second to think, it’s better to pause, than to make these sounds. - Avoid reading from a script. It’s better to write down bullet points with the most important topics of your video. Don’t memorize things either, it will compromise your authenticity. If you have a teleprompter and you’re used to reading, then great, but for your first videos, be natural. content strategy: tips for better videos
  27. 27. optimize your videos Title Must Contain Relevant Keywords to increase chances of being found. Custom Thumbnail
  28. 28. optimize your videos Add short relevant description on top of upload defaults. Add relevant tags. Use long tail keywords and sentences
  29. 29. optimize your videos Use Tubebuddy to get tag suggestions and rankings:
  30. 30. optimize your videos: End Screen Last 20 seconds of your video can be used to add several calls to action, including a link to your website.
  31. 31. optimize your videos: End screen Use Wordpress plug-in Pretty Link to be able to add any link you want and still be approved as your associated website.
  32. 32. optimize your videos: end screen Add title and a relevant image to draw more attention.
  33. 33. optimize your videos: end screen
  34. 34. optimize your videos: cards Add up to 5 cards throughout your entire video with Calls to Action!
  35. 35. optimize your videos: cards
  36. 36. optimize your videos: cards
  37. 37. optimize your videos: cards
  38. 38. Your Channel Analytics
  39. 39. channel analytics
  40. 40. channel analytics
  41. 41. channel analytics Optimizing Your Thumbnails helps you increase your CTR.
  42. 42. channel analytics
  43. 43. channel analytics
  44. 44. channel analytics Your top videos will tell you what’s the type of content your audience wants to see the most.
  45. 45. Syndicate & repurpose your content1. If you have a blog, create blog posts for each new video. 2. Share your videos on other social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 3. Create different versions of your videos for these platforms
  46. 46. Syndicate & repurpose your content
  47. 47. Use Google Ads
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Tools and resources1. to create thumbnails 2. Tubebuddy for analytics and optimization ( 3. to view other channels’ performance 4. to hire a video editor. Highly recommended if you’ll take video marketing seriously. 5. for keyword research. 6. for a neat way to monitor your subscriber count, as well as other users. 7. Pretty Link Wordpress plug in to mask links from your associated website. 8. Clickfunnels - to easily create funnels to send your viewers to
  50. 50. Finally: Focus on Engagement, not subscriber count
  51. 51. THANK YOU! Get the slides at: Follow me on Instagram: @carolinamillan Subscribe on Youtube: email me: