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Goodbye Keyword Optimization, Hello Topical Optimization


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit West 2017 (January 15-17, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada). Session description: Keyword research continues to be a vital part of digital marketing, but it’s now about building topical authority. Learn how to achieve search engine dominance one topic at a time.

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Goodbye Keyword Optimization, Hello Topical Optimization

  1. 1. @StoneyD Stoney G deGeyter @polepositionmkg GOODBYE Keyword Optimization... HELLO Topical Optimization
  2. 2. PRESENTATION TITLE @StoneyD • @StoneyD • +StoneydeGeyter • Web Presence Optimization Stoney deGeyter THIS IS ME
  3. 3. Marketers have one job  Gain new customers  Generate more sales  Become an authority
  4. 4. Customers are like love They are usually found when you’re not looking!
  5. 5. Searchers are looking for 2 things Customer Reviews the service you provide Valuable Content how well you know your stuff
  7. 7. PRESENTATION TITLE @StoneyD Keyword Research is Not Dead
  8. 8. Keyword data is still valuable
  9. 9. There’s more to a keyword than the keyword
  10. 10. PRESENTATION TITLE @StoneyD Understanding Searcher Intent
  11. 11. Research Purpose: Deciding on Needs Shop Purpose: Comparing Aspects Buy Purpose: Looking at Specifics Info Purpose: Seeking Knowledge Researchers Shoppers Buyers Different searchers have different intents
  12. 12. It’s not always obvious – keywords lie “cordless telephone” headset cordless “telephone headset” cordless telephone headset
  13. 13. Designs Glitter Supplies Tips Kits Powder Polish Brushes Art What is the intent for: acrylic nails? Can you create a single “authoritative” page covering all these?
  14. 14. Create topical groups DESIGNS • for summer • black • simple • black and white • pink • for spring • ideas • cute • matte SUPPLIES • wholesale • online • near me • cheap • professional • kit • for sale • store • quality TIPS • for sale • wholesale • only • with gel overlay • with designs • kit • french • colored • professional
  15. 15. PRESENTATION TITLE @StoneyD Topical Optimization Versus Keyword Optimization
  16. 16. Keyword optimization: one keyword / page acrylic nail designs simple acrylic nail designs acrylic nail designs for summer pink acrylic nail designs acrylic nail design ideas acrylic nail designs matte black acrylic nail designs spring acrylic nail designs
  17. 17. Topical optimization: one intent / topic • best • full • cute • for summer • for spring • long • short • black • matte • art • designs • 2015 • gallery • ideas • pictures
  18. 18. Multiple authoritative topics of entry
  19. 19. Keyword topical domination Designs acrylic nail designs
  20. 20. PRESENTATION TITLE @StoneyD Thank You!