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CPA Offers Are For Bloggers, Too! How And Why To Use Them


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2018 (July 29 - July 31, 2018 in New York).

Session description: Too often bloggers hear negatives about CPA offers and why they should stay away from them. Learn crucial tips about how to turn them into a viable source of revenue but protect yourself and audience.

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CPA Offers Are For Bloggers, Too! How And Why To Use Them

  1. 1. CPA Offers Are for Bloggers, Too! How and Why to Use Them Tricia Meyer Owner, Sunshine Rewards Executive Director, Performance Marketing Association @SunshineTricia
  2. 2. Agenda ● Basic of CPA v CPS ● Why You Should Try Them ● How to Use Them ● Best Practices ● Q&A
  3. 3. CPA v. CPS ● Cost Per Action/Acquisition v. Cost Per Sale ● “CPA Networks”
  4. 4. Monetize Without Selling ● Contests/Sweepstakes ● Newsletter Signups ● Free Samples ● Offline Coupons ● Surveys ● Clubs ● Mobile Downloads
  5. 5. Examples
  6. 6. Branded Offers ● Built-in Trust Factor ● Higher Conversion Rates ● Good Fit with Other Content ● Disney is a Big One! ○ Disney Parks Map ○ Disney Cruise DVD ○ Free Build Your Disney Side Stickers
  7. 7. Diversify Your Earnings ● 3 cents CPC on a Disney Contest Link ● $2 CPA on a Travel Survey ● $4 CPA on Coupon Mobile App Installation ● $25 Flat Rate for a Deal Blog Post All of these came in one week from one CPA network!
  8. 8. Odds and Ends ● Frequent New Opportunities ● Two Tier Programs ● Advanced Tracking (Pixel Placement)
  9. 9. Best Practices ● Get As Close to the Source As Possible ● Shop Around for Best Payout ● Read the Terms for Your Readers ● Take Caution Promoting Offers That Are Affiliates ● Cash Back Sites ● “Survey” Sites ● Coupon Sites ● Newsletters ● Downloads
  10. 10. More Best Practices ● Understand What You Are Getting Paid For ● Reputable Networks ● Use Link Redirects (Preferably Your Own) ● Be Prepared to Direct Link or Use ShopHerMedia for CPC ● Watch for Network Caps
  11. 11. Questions? Reminder of What We Talked About: ● Contest/Freebies/Surveys/Offline Coupons ● Branded Offers ● Diversification ● Protecting Yourself with Best Practices Contact Me: ● @SunshineTricia ●