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Copywriting That Converts


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2018 (July 29 - July 31, 2018 in New York).

Session description: Are you making the most of your ad dollars? Even if you’re targeting the right people and using the best software, your message needs to be clear, catchy, and convincing to get the clicks.

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Copywriting That Converts

  2. 2. Who am I? Founder of Intrigue Creative, Copywriting Consultant For tutorial videos on copywriting, visit Portfolio:
  3. 3. How did I get here? ● Copywriting School? Sort of. AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) ● Lead Copywriter at Beachbody for almost a decade
  4. 4. Do you know what these companies sell?
  5. 5. How do you choose between these lipsticks?
  6. 6. Unique Selling Proposition A unique selling proposition (USP) is what differentiates a product or service from its competitors, such as the lowest cost, the highest quality or the first-ever product of its kind. A USP could be thought of as “what you have that competitors don't.” You must define it and keep it in mind with all the copy you write for that product or service. 1. Step 1: Describe Your Target Audience. ... 2. Step 2: Explain the Problem You Solve. ... 3. Step 3: List the Biggest Distinctive Benefits. ... 4. Step 4: Define Your Promise. ... 5. Step 5: Make sure it is different than competitors 6. Step 6: Combine and Rework. Cut it Down.
  7. 7. Content vs. Copy Let’s blur the lines. People expect and get hooked with free information and entertaining articles. That’s where you sneak in the sale. ● On your websites and landing page, don’t just say what you or your product do, explain why, soothe fears, make users think it’s their decision. ● Email Blasts to acquire customers should not always be a hard sell, you should intrigue them with information that might be interesting to them. ● Don’t just hit people up on an email journey selling new products. Coach people through what you’re helping them with, offer information, provide inspiration, sound like a human, even if you’re using an auto-responder. ● In articles, you should still be softly selling, suggesting, relating to, recommending, and retaining your companies voice and virtues. ● Even your FAQs your About Page should be selling. P.S. Your about us page should really be about your customer, even when telling your story. ● Research via eye-tracking technology shows that consumers look at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads. Business Insider forecasts native ads will provide almost 75% of all ad revenue by 2020. ● With the recent General Protection Data Regulation regulations, we must be more focused on transparency than ever before. (auto-renew,
  8. 8. Test coming at an ad or landing page from different angles.
  9. 9. Write a better button! ● Though the user has to shop to get this free gift, “shop now” is not the only button copy option. ● Keep their focus on the excitement of getting something free!
  10. 10. Relate to the customer as much as possible
  11. 11. Voice – your brand’s personality Common Voice Problems ● No voice; too corporate, or robotic. ● Copying the voice of other brands not authentic ● Inconsistencies in voice across messaging ● Too much jargon or acronyms; hard to understand ● Skews too negative ● Mixing up your voice as a person or the CEO with your brand’s voice. ● Sometimes the voice is an actual person. Watch their videos but also tweak voice in writing when needed. TRY IT! Think about how a zany goofy voice like Flow from Progressive or a Morgan Freeman educational assuring voice would talk about your product or service. If you’re selling supplements, how would the message sound different from a doctor’s voice versus an inspirational speaker vs. a friend. The copy, connection, and credibility change.
  12. 12. Determining Your Brand’s Voice ● How are you different in your in your persona, attitude, and beliefs? ● What adjectives describe you? Confident? Helpful? Idealistic? Expert? Friend? Conversational? ● If this persona could have a job or role, would he or she be a fitness instructor, a flight attendant, a personal trainer, a motivational speaker, a friend who is really into fitness, a busy mom, a dietician, a anything job person who is into health on the side? ● Are you smiling, smirking, cheerleading or seriously hardcore? ● How do you talk about the results of your products? Look sexy or live healthy?
  13. 13. Make millions with an attention grabbing headline! ● Your headline should be unique. (Why should they read what’s after it?) ● Your headline should be ultra-specific. (Not like those mystery facebook posts where you have no idea what they’re talking about) (unless it’s a teaser paid off in the subhead or intro copy. ● Your headline should convey a sense of urgency. (So they’ll stop and read it now) ● Your headline should be useful (not just clever) ● Your headline should focus on benefits to customer not description of product ● If your headline is catchy but non-descriptive, add a subhead. ● Your headline should tell people to do something. I.e. Trunk Club - Become the best dressed guy in the room. ● Article headlines/titles should usually be a how to, or 3 ways to…. Or Why [insert surprising fact]
  14. 14. Headline/Copy Test My headline and copy performed16% better than the control and other test creative! (172% RPM (revenue per thousand sends) over $5,000 made for company from this email!)
  15. 15. Headline Examples for a Blood Pressure Supplement Early warning signs you might have high blood pressure. How to prevent the life-threatening consequences of high blood pressure. Special Report: High Blood Pressure is at the Heart of Today's Health Issues Special Report: High Blood Pressure Might Be at the Heart Of Your Health Issues Shocking New Research Reveals A Breakthrough In Heart Health How To Reduce Your Chance Of Heart Attack Or Stroke Special Report: What your doctors aren’t telling you about high blood pressure How to choose a blood pressure support supplement (Compares to competitors) Take Controlling Your Blood Pressure to Heart: How Michelle saved her life with science (Open with testimonial)
  16. 16. Copy gives you a clue to what products do.
  17. 17. Tagline Brainstorm for Derm Exclusive Professional anti-aging at home Serious anti-aging without needles or lasers Powerful at-home anti-aging system Medical grade anti-aging regimen The more you use it, the younger you look Cosmeceutical grade skincare Age-defying expert skincare Your at-home skin makeover No recovery required. Doctor’s results—without an MD Never look your age Surgery-free beauty Save face without surgery Like a Derm at your fingertips The new alternative to cosmetic procedures Radical anti-aging without extreme measures
  18. 18. Fun with headlines MORE EXAMPLES
  19. 19. Time to mobilize! 95% of Americans own a smartphone. Mobile visitors make up the largest percentage of traffic and purchases for most companies. So make sure your copy & design are at least mobile friendly, even better mobile responsive. MOBILE FRIENDLY (less copy) RESPONSIVE (designed for each mobile device, even less copy) Add clickable text-based phone #s to trigger a call or email. This means the website is completely flexible regardless of the device. The website orients itself based on the screen size, platform, and way the user is holding the device. It is best for purchases on the go. Use a slideshow or carousel to present the image and copy in a less cluttered manner. You can let users click on something to find out more as opposed to saying it all up front. Make sure you take them the quickest route to a sale without too many clicks. Use small image sizes to account for fast loading and LESS COPY! Use clear, user friendly navigation and lead the user on a short journey with very concise copy.
  20. 20. Desktop websites can get a bit cluttered…
  21. 21. Challenges increase conversion.
  22. 22. Copywriting Tips ● Focus on benefits and on the customer. ● Establish credibility. ● Paint a vivid picture or stimulate an intense emotion like guilt, flattery, greed, exclusivity, anger or even FOMO ● Imagine what the reader will want to know right after what you just said and that will drive what you write about next ● Make it entertaining and fascinating even if the subject is not. ● Think about the design structure or images that will work with the copy. ● Make it easy to scan. Break it up with subheads. ● Do your research. ● Simplify your content. ● Don’t use words people won’t understand, unless you’re trying to be seen as an expert in a field or explaining with science. ● Speak your ideal customer’s language. ● Only ask questions in copy if you know the answer will be yes. ● Try a unique angle or hook. ● Read customer reviews. ● Use an active voice ex: “You will love the way you feel “vs. “Customers love how they feel.” ● Back up your claims with facts and statistics, success stories, testimonials, etc. ● Always close with a call to action. ● Differentiate your product or service from the competition. ● Make it personal and relatable.
  23. 23. Copywriting Resources SALES COPYWRITING: "The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells" by Robert W. Bly CONTENT WRITING: "The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right" by Meghan Casey GOOGLE EVERYTHING: Best Headlines, Best Ads of 2018, How to write an automated email and more! FREE: PAY: FREE:
  24. 24. Questions? Want this presentation emailed to you, have more questions, or need consulting and copy from an incredible copywriter? Email