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Conversion Optimization 6 Steps to Double Your Revenue


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2016 (July 31-August 2, 2016 in New York City, NY). Session description: Using several case studies, I will delve deep into the science of conversion optimization, and I will demonstrate how top affiliates applied the CRU formula to double their site.

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Conversion Optimization 6 Steps to Double Your Revenue

  1. 1. TITLE SLIDE ALTERNATIVE LAYOUT w/ *EXAMPLE* IMAGE (SWAP IN YOUR OWN AS NEEDED) `` Conversion Optimization: 6 Steps to Double Your Revenue Beyond the tactics
  2. 2. • 3,000+ Successful Tests • 400+ Successful CRO projects • 11 different countries Lessons from
  3. 3. Client X 2011 2016 Start of CRO work 6 years of CRO work 1.5m annual sales, 1.5% conversion rate 18m annual sales, 8.5% conversion rate
  4. 4. 150 tests 2015
  5. 5. 0% uplift 2015
  6. 6. Client X 1st test Start of CRO work 0% uplift 2nd test Start of CRO work 0% uplift 3rd test Start of CRO work 4% uplift 4th test Start of CRO work 15.5% uplift
  7. 7. Increasing Conversion Rates is a Complex Problem Focused Solutions “For retailers looking to grow their conversion rates — which typically hover around 3% — conversion marketing provides opportunities to address the other 97% of visitors” Forrester Research Sophisticated Analysis Higher probability of success
  8. 8. A process that worked for some amazing companies
  9. 9. Getting to the big “Yes”
  10. 10. Big “Yes” yes yes yes yes yes no no no yes yes
  11. 11. Best Practices
  12. 12. Starting with CRO
  13. 13. Close to 50% of AB tests do not produce significant results
  14. 14. POP QUIZ
  15. 15. POP QUIZ
  16. 16. Success & CRO
  17. 17. The Process
  18. 18. How does it work?
  19. 19. Quantitative research (analytics)
  20. 20. Qualitative Research
  21. 21. 3 Questions
  22. 22. 1. Do visitors know where they are? 2. Do visitors know what action you want them to take? 3. Do visitors know what will happen next?
  23. 23. • What elements will increase visitors’ trust in the website and on the page 1. Identify trust problems
  24. 24. • What elements will increase visitors’ FUDs in the website and on the page 2. Identify FUD problems
  25. 25. • What elements will motivate visitors to act right away? 3. Identify Incentives
  26. 26. • What elements will engage visitors? 3. Identify engagement
  27. 27. • Move from targeting the masses into specific targeting • Personalize conversion optimization experience 5. Address personas
  28. 28. • What elements do early shoppers need to see? • How do we bring them back to the website? 6. Account for buying stages
  29. 29. • What elements do help with complex sales? 7. Deal w/ complex sales
  30. 30. Suzan  Caring  Evaluating  Worried about delivery Mike  Logical  Ready to Buy  Looking for a good deal Chris  Aggressive  Just browsing  Loves technology Jessica  Spontaneous  Researching  Price conscious
  31. 31. Identify the problems before making any changes
  32. 32. Possible conversion problems on the page Conversion element Page element Priority Trust Lack of clear value proposition 1 Trust Disconnect in messaging 2 Trust Lack of congruent messaging 5 FUDs No clear order steps 3 FUDs Pricing is confusing 4 Incentives No use of urgency 5 Incentives No use of scarcity 6 Incentives Pricing discount is not clear 8 Persona – Mike the spontaneous Heavy use of jargon 7
  33. 33. Hypothesis Conversion element Page element Priority Trust Lack of clear value proposition 1 Hypothesis Copy Design Placement
  34. 34. Testing without a process is a waste of time and money
  35. 35. 24 tests / year 5% uplift /month
  36. 36. The Process
  37. 37. 1st give away!
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  39. 39. 2nd give away!
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