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Boost Your Marketing with Faux Holidays and Special Events


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit West 2017 (January 15-17, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada). Session description: Expand your marketing with lesser-known “holidays” and trending events. Learn where to find them, how to use them in your content marketing and social media, and how they can boost your revenue.

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Boost Your Marketing with Faux Holidays and Special Events

  1. 1. Affiliate Summit West 2017 Boost Your Marketing with Faux Holidays and Special Events Tricia Meyer, MeyerTech, LLC, @SunshineTricia Joe Sousa, Fanatics, @drcool73 Nathan Smith, Zynali Marketing Solutions @CoffeeNate
  2. 2. ●The “National Dog Day” Phenomenon ●What are “Faux Holidays”? ●Finding and Tracking Them ●Using Them in Content Marketing, Social Media, and More ●Starting Your Own “Day” ●Monetize and Track Agenda
  3. 3. National Dog Day
  4. 4. National Dog Day
  5. 5. ●Food/Drink Holidays ●Shopping Days ●Charitable Days ●Sporting Events What Are “Faux Holidays” and Special Events?
  6. 6. Food Days
  7. 7. Food Days
  8. 8. Food Days
  9. 9. Drinking Days
  10. 10. • Black Friday • Cyber Monday • Green Monday • Free Shipping Day • Singles Day Shopping Days
  11. 11. Charitable Days
  12. 12. Charitable Days
  13. 13. Over 300 “Hot Markets” a year • Championships • Product Launches • New Team Logos • Trades and Free Agents • Drafts • Big Games Some events are planned, some are out of the blue “Fan” Holidays • MLB Opening Day • Jersey Day • College Colors Day Micro Moments • Record Breakers • Retirements • Amazing plays • Amazing performances Sporting Events
  14. 14. Online Calendars ○ ○ ○ ○ Create Your Own Calendar ○ Hashtag Tracking ○ Twitter ○ Facebook Finding and Tracking
  15. 15. • Is your content preparatory or reactionary? • Are you helping people prep for the day or get ready for the day? • Are you just celebrating on that day? Example: National Taco Day is Oct. 4th. On Sept. 27th You could write a post telling about how National Taco Day is in a week with favorite recipes, the history of tacos, a debate of soft or crisp, etc. That is a preparatory post. If you just happen to see a social post on the 4th and realize it is National Taco Day your post could be more along the lines of “10 Reasons I Love Tacos” or share some funny taco memes. This is more of reactionary content. Content Marketing Ideas
  16. 16. Content Marketing Ideas
  17. 17. Social Media Tips
  18. 18. Social Media Tips
  19. 19. Social Media Tips
  20. 20. • Tie the occasion to your niche • Coffee supports productivity, Creativity, and mental function • Use the trending hashtag for discoverability National Coffee Day
  21. 21. • Communicate • Merchants, give your affiliates a heads up • Affiliates, talk to your merchants • Custom Graphics • Any special products? • Special coupon codes and promos • Recruit around specific days or events • Blogs • Social • Niche sites Affiliate Managers and OPMs
  22. 22. Affiliate Managers and OPMs
  23. 23. Affiliate Managers and OPMs
  24. 24. Affiliate Managers and OPMs
  25. 25. • Create emails specifically around the holiday • Link to old content in your newsletters • Add a “holiday” section to your template and feature new ones each day as additional newsletter content Newsletters and Emails
  26. 26. Newsletters and Emails
  27. 27. ● Choose Your Niche ● Research What Is Already There ● Create Content ● Choose Hashtag ● Press Release ● Reach Out to Merchants, Affiliates, Bloggers, etc. Creating Your Own Day
  28. 28. Creating Your Own Day (Good Example!)
  29. 29. Creating Your Own Day (Good Example!) National Jersey Day - NFLPA and ● Started in 2015 ● First Friday in November ● Encourages everyone to wear their favorite jersey ● #jerseyfriday - thousands of engagements ● Social contests ● Great marketing messages ● Affiliates can promote the heck out of days like this
  30. 30. Creating Your Own Day (Bad Example!)
  31. 31. Creating Your Own Day
  32. 32. What good is all of this if you don’t make any money from it? Monetize and Track
  33. 33. SubId Tracking
  34. 34. • Simple tool to add UTM parameters • Reduces “Direct/None” in Google Analytics reports Use Google Campaign URL Builder
  35. 35. to find what ‘day’ it is Use Publisher Toolkit ( and ShareASale Deal database to find relevant deals Finding Affiliate Channel Deals
  36. 36. Free Shipping Day Conform the Occasion to Your Niche
  37. 37. Use a Faux-casion to Land a New job
  38. 38. Tricia Meyer @sunshinetricia Nathan Smith @CoffeeNate Joe Sousa @drcool73 Contact Information