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Boost Your Income Using Social Media


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Learn how to use social media to boost your income and expand your brand presence. This session focuses on strategies top brands, agencies and bloggers use to make a revenue-focused campaign go viral.

Experience level: Intermediate
Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers
Niche/vertical: Social media

Dina Riccobono, Social Media Consultant, Crush Ads (Twitter @dinariccs) (Moderator)
Drew Bennett, Blogger, (Twitter @BenSpark)
Stephanie Lichtenstein, President & Pretty Big Deal, Micro Media Marketing (Twitter @MicroSteph)
Eric Schechter, Social Media Manager, Carnival Cruise Lines (Twitter @ericschechter)

Published in: Business, Technology
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Boost Your Income Using Social Media

  1. 1.    Boost Your Income Using Social Media
  2. 2.  Drew Bennett     @BenSparkHusband, Daddy, Blogger, Photographer, Brand Advocate & Transformers Fanatic
  3. 3. Eric Schechter   @EricSchechter Social Media Manager CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES
  4. 4. Stephanie  Lichtenstein     @MicroStephPresident & Founder of Micro Media Marketing  Social Media Agency Facebook/MicroMediaMarketing
  5. 5. Dina Riccobono     @DinaRiccsSr. Affiliate Manager at Crush Ads Social Good Supporter Facebook/CrushAds
  6. 6.  Case Studies  Eric - Carnival Cruise Lines  
  7. 7.  Case Studies   Drew - Chevy and Kia  
  8. 8.   Case StudiesStephanie -  People Water  
  9. 9.   
  10. 10.    Tools of the Trade
  11. 11.  
  12. 12.  Contact Us Stephanie Lichtenstein Eric Schechter@MicroSteph @EricSchechter#AskMicroSteph ESchechter@carnival.comSteph@micromediamarketing.comDrew Bennett Dina Riccobono@BenSpark