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Android Affiliate Mobile Marketing

  1. Android’s Importance to Mobile & Search
  2. Mobile Search Importance to Affiliates
  3. Mobile SEO
  4. Mobile User Behavior
  5. Mobile Advertising Options
  6. Built-in payment mechanism
  7. Provides real one-to-one marketing
  8. Most accurate audience measurement
  9. Allows augmented reality to be used in media
  10. Smartphones such as Blackberries advanced mobile email & the iPhone advanced applications while Android is advancing the mobile web
  11. Mobile users purchase based on location & impulse
  12. Smartphone use is led by Males 24-35 making over $100K
  13. App Directories
  14. Augmented Reality Advertising & use for Real Estate
  15. Click to Call – Pay per Call
  16. Location Based Ads
  17. Mobile Payment Services
  18. Mobile Casino Games
  19. Mobile Video
  20. Mobile Web Directories
  21. Near Field Communication (NFC) Services

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