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Affiliatize Me: Earning Revenue from User-Generated Links


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit West 2017 (January 15-17, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada). Session description: More affiliate platforms offer scripts to automatically “affiliatize” links on your site that clicks off to an advertiser. Learn how Honeyfund is employing this technology and how you can do the same.

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Affiliatize Me: Earning Revenue from User-Generated Links

  1. 1. Inc. for Affiliate Summit West 2017 ©, Inc.
  2. 2. Hi! We’re Sara & Josh from Honeyfund! We’re a couple of crazy kids who started a free honeymoon registry back in 2006. You see, like many couples, our one-bedroom San Francisco flat was already furnished, our cupboards and drawers full of appliances and utensils… but after paying for our own wedding, we didn’t have a honeymoon budget. So, we created our own wedding webpage and put up a simple wish list … airfare, resort nights, excursions, romantic meals. Our wedding guests kinda blew our minds with their generous donations to our dream honeymoon in Fiji (more than $5000!)… and this is how Honeyfund was conceived. Josh is a bonafide genius, and our technology brain trust (CTO). He spent 10 years at Macromedia/Adobe where he invented two patented processes. Sara is CEO and runs the company’s finance, accounting, marketing and HR functions. Her background is online marketing. She earned an MBA in 2004 from Golden Gate University. OUR STORY ©, Inc
  3. 3. HONEYFUND HAS GARNERED ATTENTION FROM SOME OF THE BIGGEST MEDIA OUTLETS IN THE WORLD! •  Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2014 and 2015, and Beyond The Tank in 2016 •  Honeyfund was featured on Good Morning America’s segment on crowdfunding your wedding in 2014 • was named by as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2012 •  Honeyfund was featured as “Darcy’s Idea of the Day” on in 2010 AWWW… SHUCKS! ©, Inc
  4. 4. HONEYFUND MISSION “Honeyfund is the place for couples dreaming of their happily ever after.   From honeymoon wishes to home down payments, charity gifts to china, our one-stop wedding registry solution offers the greatest value with 100% free options.   Honeyfund is for all of us who aspire to one simple thing: a fun and memorable wedding.   We know that every couple that comes to us is just as unique as we were when we started out, and that’s why our continued mission is making each couple’s dreams comes true.” ©, Inc
  5. 5. •  #1 Honeymoon Registry in the world •  Our market share is more than all our competitors combined (Holy Smokes!) •  #6 wedding registry brand w/ 10-15% market share in ALL wedding registries HONEYFUND IS #1 47% Other 19% Agent Registries 16% Honeymoon Wishes 7% Travelers Joy 7% The Honeymoon 4% ©, Inc
  6. 6. •  #1 ranked online honeymoon and universal gift registry •  #1 wedding registry app •  6.4 million unique visitors per year •  36,000 new members per month (18k couples) •  $425 + million in gifts raised to date •  Top placement in Google’s organic search results •  Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2014, 2015, Beyond the Tank 2016 HONEYFUND AT-A-GLANCE WHO OUR USERS ARE AND WHAT THEY DO •  73% are female •  49% are between the ages 25 – 34 •  77% are college educated •  Over 30% have HHI over $100k •  Couples spend on average 5 minutes on the site and view 5.5 pages per visit •  Gift-givers spend on average 3 minutes on the site and view 4 pages per visit ©, Inc
  7. 7. "We planned an awesome 17 day honeymoon in South Africa, Rwanda & Kenya and itemized every element. Passes for gorilla trekking, hiking boots, massages, dinners...our guests loved it!" Sameer & Nita Raised $25,000 "We didn't want or need any more stuff. Honeyfund gave us a lot of freedom to not only pick exactly what we wanted but also to express it creatively on the website." Karli & Mckell Raised $3,500 Raised $3,500 "All our Honeyfund funds were put towards our amazing honeymoon traveling around Greece. We had dinners paid for, activities and airfare!" Whitney & Rob What. . . 25k?! COUPLES LOVE HONEYFUND! ©, Inc
  8. 8. A NEW Universal Travel Gift Card for all the travel lovers in your life! HONEYFUND GIFT CARD ©, Inc
  9. 9. How YOU can create affiliate links from user-generated content!! •  Examples of user-generated affiliate links •  Tools available in popular affiliate platforms and how they work •  Questions? “AFFILIATIZE ME” ©, Inc
  11. 11. •  Forums •  Comments section of your blog •  SaaS applications •  Featured users •  Others? WHERE DO YOU HAVE USER-GENERATED LINKS? ©, Inc
  12. 12. •  Suggested Guest Accommodations •  Store Registries Linked by Couple HONEYFUND EXAMPLES ©, Inc
  13. 13. “AFFILIATIZING” TOOLS ©, Inc
  14. 14. NAVIGATE TO LINKS > LINK TOOLS A single line of JavaScript you place on your website that automatically monetizes any link that leads to a CJ advertiser. CJ PAGE-BASED LINK TOOL ©, Inc
  15. 15. NAVIGATE TO LINK & TOOLS > CONVERT-A-LINK •  Switch on Convert-a-Link •  Copy and paste the Javascript into the bottom of each web page. •  Links appear normal to the user AFFILIATE WINDOW CONVERT-A-LINK TOOL ©, Inc
  17. 17. Example: LINKSHARE NAVIGATE TO LINKS > DEEP LINKING •  Choose advertiser •  Enter a URL •  Click “Create Link” •  Copy the URL at the bottom HOW TO USE DEEP-LINK TOOLS TO MAKE YOUR OWN “AFFILIATIZE ME” CODE ©, Inc
  18. 18. •  Take your LinkShare deep link URL •  Note the format: – –  id= –  subid= –  … –  RD_PARM1=[dest URL] HOW TO MANUALLY AFFILIATIZE A LINK h=p:// id=5mx9DcY8ZuE&subid=&offerid=391906.1 &type=10&tmpid=5988&RD_PARM1=[dest URL] ©, Inc
  19. 19. •  Choose a new destination URL HOW TO MANUALLY AFFILIATIZE A LINK h=p:// johnson-faux-fur-trim-hooded-lace-up-puffer-coat? ID=2814549&CategoryID=269#fn=COAT_STYLE %3DPuffer%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D276%26ruleId %3D65|BS|BA%26slotId%3D6 ©, Inc
  20. 20. •  Take your NEW destination URL •  Paste it into your favorite URL Encoder and hit “Encode” •  Copy the resulting URL URL ENCODER %2Fproduct%2Fbetsey-johnson-faux-fur-trim-hooded- lace-up-puffer-coat%3FID%3D2814549%26CategoryID %3D269%23fn%3DCOAT_STYLE%253DPuffer%2526sp %253D1%2526spc%253D276%2526ruleId %253D65%7CBS%7CBA%2526slotId%253D6%0A ©, Inc
  21. 21. PASTE ENCODED URL AFTER RD_PARM1= • id=5mx9DcY8ZuE&subid=&offerid=391906.1&t ype=10&tmpid=5988&RD_PARM1=http%3A %2Fproduct%2Fbetsey-johnson-faux-fur- trim-hooded-lace-up-puffer-coat%3FID %3D2814549%26CategoryID%3D269%23fn %3DCOAT_STYLE%253DPuffer%2526sp %253D1%2526spc%253D276%2526ruleId %253D65%7CBS%7CBA%2526slotId %253D6%0A HOW TO MANUALLY AFFILIATIZE A LINK ©, Inc
  23. 23. QUESTIONS? ©, Inc
  24. 24. Inc. ©, Inc