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Advanced Affiliate Program Management & Analysis

  1. Advanced?
  2. Five Pillars
  3. Five Pillars
  4. The Plate
  5. Advanced? Essential
  6. Analysis & Optimization
  8. KPI #1 Affiliates Recruited Number of new affiliates recruited into the program.
  9. KPI #2 Activity Index Percentage of affiliates active in the program over a given period of time.
  10. KPI #3 Activation Number of previously stagnant affiliates activated within a given time period.
  11. KPI #4 Traffic Increase in hits/clicks sent to your website by affiliates.
  12. KPI #5 Sales / Leads Increase in sales (focus on monetary figure) or leads referred by affiliates.
  13. Split Testing
  14. 3 Challenger Pages Tested A: Minimalist B: Screen Shot Isolation C: Video Player Isolation
  15. Worth Mentioning…
  16. Worth Mentioning…
  17. Competitive Intelligence
  18. Common Problems & Challenges
  19. Value?
  20. For example…
  21. FTC Compliance
  22. In Conclusion…
  23. Example Performance-based doesn’t mean effortless