Stop Leaking Leads. Get More Leads Without Spending More.


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2014 (August 10-12, 2014 New York City).
Session Description: Most affiliates and advertisers are leaking leads because of simple mistakes. By fixing common mistakes affiliates and advertisers can boost their ROI and increase revenue without increasing spend.

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Stop Leaking Leads. Get More Leads Without Spending More.

  1. 1. Stop Leaking Leads Presented by
  2. 2. Sales Funnel • Do you know every step in your sales funnel? • Not all leads go through the entire funnel • Leads that drop off from the sales funnel are considered leaked leads
  3. 3. Where are you Leaking Leads? • What is the journey that consumer makes to become your customer? • Have you outlined your sales funnel? • Where does the consumers journey start and end?
  4. 4. 3 Parts of Consumer Journey 1. How Consumers Discover your business 2. Converting visitors to leads 3. Signing up a customer
  5. 5. Discovering your Business • Advertise on major search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo • Bid on your business name • Is your PPC campaign optimized to include all relevant keywords?
  6. 6. Discovering your Business Part 2 • Rank organically on search engines • Claim your Google+ Local profile • Manage your business listings on local directories and review sites
  7. 7. Discovering your Business Part 3 • Ask happy customers to leave positive reviews for your business • Use remarketing banners to reach past website visitors
  8. 8. Discovering your Business Part 4 • Set up and manage social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. • Respond to questions and comments on social media pages • Include phone number and website link on offline marketing materials
  9. 9. Converting Visitors to Leads • Reduce bounce rate on your website • Inform consumers about fees and your products on the website • Add phone number on top of your website • Create landing pages for specific marketing campaigns
  10. 10. Converting Visitors to Leads Part 2 • Is your website mobile optimized? • Can consumers call you from your mobile website? • Offer different contact methods like email, live chat, SMS, web forms
  11. 11. Converting Visitors to Leads Part 3 • Answer the phone when consumers call. • What is the cost of unanswered calls? • Call back hot leads in less than 1 hour • Reply to emails and online leads in less than 1 hour
  12. 12. Converting Visitors to Leads Part 4 • Do you listen to voicemail? • Do you follow up with voicemails? • Do you keep track of missed calls and call them back?
  13. 13. Signing up a Customer • When you follow up with leads make a good impression • Gather contact information from callers • Listen to calls to improve your call center operations
  14. 14. Signing up a Customer Part 2 • Some leads are not ready to close yet, but they will close eventually • Follow up with fresh leads first • Analyze your customers behaviors throughout the sales funnel and improve.
  15. 15. KPIs Part 1 • Leads Per Action • Example: from an email blast or print ad • Qualified Leads Per Action • Sales Opportunity
  16. 16. KPIs Part 2 • Cost Per Sales Opportunity • Won Deal • Cost Per Won Deal • Lifetime Value Of The Customer • Return On Marketing Investment
  17. 17. Questions? Presentation by