4 M’s of Effective Affiliate Marketing Management


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Sylvia will share her experiences and accomplishments in the implementation of the core 4 M’s of effective affiliate marketing management values.

Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate
Target audience: Merchant/Advertiser
Niche/vertical: Affiliate Management

Sylvia Cintrón, Digital Media Director, AREA203 Digital (Twitter @sylviacintron)

Published in: Business
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  • Sylvia CintronDigital Media Director of AREA203 Digital I will be sharing with you today my secret on managing successful affiliate proram by implementing 4 MsI left some sticky notes for you to attempt to guess what are the 4 MsPlease take a few seconds to write down
  • Affiliate marketing is a pay-for-performance marketing model.Advertisers and affiliates work in harmony with the mutual goal of increasing their customer base and acquisitions. This harmony is only accomplished when the advertiser offers the affiliate what I refer to as “The 4 Ms”:During the last few years, as new channels evolved and the market became more complex allowing affiliate marketing to become more elastic.Offering new platforms and technologies such as Pay-per-Call and bringing together online and offline. Marketers tend to ask what would be the future of affiliate marketing…My prediction is that affiliate marketing will continue to adapt and expand to fit the needs and developments of customers and technology.
  • The success in managing leading programs arises on the passion of the team and the implementation of a department culture referred as the “The 4 M’s”:
  • Measurement is the base component of affiliate marketing.As a marketer it’s imperative to monitor the performance of the campaign, to determine and identify successes, issues, trends, and seasonality.The success of the campaigns depends on the understanding of the performance of publishers, creative, date/time and channel. Tip -> non-converting data holds the key to true optimization and improvement.  Careful evaluation of traffic that doesn’t convert can be invaluable.When looking at data, there are a few questions to review:• What is/are the non-converting traffic(s) demographic/geographic/physiographic?• Where did the non-converting traffic come from? (site, page, channel)• At what time, date or day of the week was this non-converting traffic referred?• What creative asset drove the non-converting traffic? (banner, text link, keyword) Applying the learning about our non-converting traffic benefits affiliates and helps them increase their earning potential. Without measuring the performance it is difficult and almost impossible to manage a campaign.
  • Affiliate was not reaching max earning potential.Goal was to increase conversionWe analyzed site placements and performanceRecommended specific creative, placements fits based on customer’s profiles and provided unique contentResults increase in conversions by 37%
  • Affiliate marketing is becoming a highly competitive model. Advertisers compete with other advertisers to recruit and activate affiliatesIt is our job as advertisers to motivate our affiliates and get them enthusiastic about the product and service we provide.Motivating allows all players to increase loyalty and retention. Extending unique offerings allows affiliate engagements to be successful and continuous.Advertisers motivate affiliates by providing unique content, providing trend data, earning projections and acknowledging performance.“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”
  • Pillars or the mantra of affiliate Marketing:Recruitment-> does not mean the affiliate is actively promotingActivation-> does not mean the execution is effective/ profitable Implementation-> aid affiliate during the campaign set up process, best performing tips, creative and seasonalityOptimization -> identify and provide opportunitiesCompliance-> provide and share regulations, restrictions and guideless Customization -> think outside of the box and provide unique propositions
  • While implementing a campaign we identified the opportunity driving specific traffic to contact center.Increasing conversions by 12% Affiliate placed filters in their IVR to pre qualify traffic
  • Become #1 resource and expert“Mentoring” is not touchy-feely; It means as advertisers we are responsible of mentoring affiliates into success and help them increase their earning potential.We hold the information regarding trends, seasonality, performance, restrictions, regulations, and/or updates that impact their verticalsWe hold the keys that could make or break a program Communicating that information efficiently and thinking outside of the box, sending regular newsletters, or using social media platforms as real-time tool.It is our responsibility commit to the affiliates’ profitability and success… at the end of the day, each individual has to be successful for everyone to be successful.
  • By mentoring and creating a trusting relationship with an affiliate, we were able to test and implement a hybrid ping posting solution.Optimizing traffic by sharing performance data allowed a 34% increase in conversion.We became their #1 cheerleader
  • As advertisers become more tech savvy and begin optimizing budgets and CPAs, affiliate marketing will become a constant component of the marketing mix. Advertisers that provide full management services to affiliates will maximize efforts and profitability. Implementing the 4M principle will impact the relationship building and the development of effective customized campaigns, resulting in affiliate loyalty and increased earnings.
  • 4 M’s of Effective Affiliate Marketing Management

    1. 1. Presented by Sylvia Cintrón
    2. 2. Building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with networks, affiliates and strategic partners
    3. 3. • Situation: Affiliate struggling to increase earning• Objective: Increase conversions• Solution: Create a strategically, special placement and content campaign with a leading online shopping and coupon site• Result: Increase conversion by 37% within the first 9 months “You Cant Manage What You Dont Measure.” — F. John Reh
    4. 4. Customization Compliance Optimization Implementation ActivationRecruitment
    5. 5. Think outside of the box and provide affiliates with customized solutions and increaseloyalty to improve earning potential.• Objective: Increase qualified phone-in traffic• Solution: Set up a customized phone-in traffic filter campaign• Result: Increase volume by 24% and conversions by 12%
    6. 6. Creating a unique campaign with strategic, successful affiliate mentoring• Objective: Increase qualified Web traffic• Solution: Set up an affiliate ping-posting hybrid to drive better-qualified customer campaign• Result: Increased volume by 55% and conversions by 34% YOY“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatestbunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t beworth a dime.” — Babe Ruth
    7. 7. Sylvia Cintrón | sylvia@area203.com | @sylviacintron