Attribution and Affiliate Marketing


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This panel will discuss the concepts of attribution and why it matters to affiliate marketers. We’ll cover attribution models, conversion path analysis and data interpretation’s impact on affiliates.

Experience level: Intermediate
Target audience: Merchant/Advertiser
Niche/vertical: Attribution

Paul Schroader, President, PS Web Solutions, Inc. (Twitter @pswebs) (Moderator)
Todd Crawford, Co-Founder, Impact Radius (Twitter @toddcrawford)
Chris Kramer, Founding Partner, NetX (Twitter @ChrismKramer)
Scott Kalbach, CEO, (Twitter @scottkalbach)

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Attribution and Affiliate Marketing

  1. 1. Attribution and Affiliate Marketing Presented by:
  2. 2. IntroductionsTodd Crawford: Co-Founder – Impact Radius
  3. 3. IntroductionsScott Kalbach: CEO – Avantlink
  4. 4. IntroductionsChris Kramer: Co-Founder - NetX
  5. 5. IntroductionsPaul Schroader: President – PS Web Solutions
  6. 6. AttributionDefinition:A model used to analyze consumer touch pointsacross all media channels and attribute value tothose sources
  7. 7. Attribution (cont.) WHAT?
  8. 8. Attribution (cont.)How many ads did they see?Over what period of time?How did those ads influence the conversion?What were the actual costs of the conversion?
  9. 9. Sample Conversion PathMark gets a Christmas bonus! Source:
  10. 10. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark’s New Year’s resolution is to get in shape
  11. 11. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark hears an ad for your Treadmill company on the radio Buy our Treadmill! Source:
  12. 12. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark searches for your brand on Google
  13. 13. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark digs deeper at your site
  14. 14. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark forgets about you for a few days then sees this ad
  15. 15. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark decides he wants to compare brandsHe finds a nice comparison chart on an affiliate site andclicks through on various models Source:
  16. 16. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark decides on one of your models, but with it being alarge purchase decides to try it before he buys it Image source:
  17. 17. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark decides he likes another model better and does aprice check on his phone (Wow…it’s $100 cheaper online)
  18. 18. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark goes home and searches for treadmill couponsonline…he finds one through an affiliate site
  19. 19. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark completes the purchase on your site
  20. 20. Sample Conversion Path (cont.)Mark is Happy!
  21. 21. Sales AnalysisWhy did Mark buy?What value is attributed to eachtouch point?
  22. 22. Online Media OptionsPPC Affiliate Natural SearchRetargeting Display CSEs
  23. 23. Conversion Funnel Samples
  24. 24. Conversion Path Scenario1st IMP PaidDisplay Ad Site Visit #1 Site Visit #2 SearchRetargeting Site Visit #3 CSE Site Visit #4Ad Coupon Affiliate Site Visit #5 Conversion!
  25. 25. Don’t be scaredSome people think Attribution is Scary
  26. 26. Don’t be scared (cont.)There are things much scarier…
  27. 27. Session FormatOpen panel discussionFocus on Affiliate Channel
  28. 28. Common QuestionsWill attribution efforts cause moreproblems than they solve?
  29. 29. Common Questions (cont.)How profitable is the channel?
  30. 30. Common Questions (cont.)How does it compare to otherchannels?
  31. 31. Common Questions (cont.)Who gets ultimate credit?
  32. 32. Common Questions (cont.) Duplication Issues?
  33. 33. Common Questions (cont.)Who are my best affiliates andwhy?
  34. 34. Common Questions (cont.)What is the value of Introducers,Influencers and Closers?
  35. 35. Common Questions (cont.)Once you’re able to illustrate the benefitsand value of each channel and/or partner,then what?
  36. 36. Common Questions (cont.)Data is always subject to interpretation i.e. Blaming a coupon site instead of consumer behavior
  37. 37. Common Questions (cont.)How might subjective interpretationsaffect an affiliate?
  38. 38. Common Questions (cont.)How might subjective interpretationsaffect a merchant?
  39. 39. Common Questions (cont.)How might subjective interpretationsaffect an agency?
  40. 40. Contact InfoTodd Crawford: todd@impactradius.comScott Kalbach: skalbach@avantlink.comChris Kramer: chris@netx.comPaul Schroader: