Personal vs. Professional Marketing: What’s the Right Mix?


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2013 (August 18-20, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA). Session Description: Savvy customers choose companies with whom they connect personally. We’ll discuss content and social media strategies to give your business the personality to gain new customers and enhance loyalty.

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  • Can be like acting
  • Intro: Example of a Business with a very professional voice. They explained why they decided on this strategy.
  • Skittles has developed their own unique voice on their Facebook Page (point out number of shares, likes and comments. Skittles has a loyal following!)
  • Kim Garst, a Social Media Influencer, has a unique voice. She peppers her tweets and Facebook posts with smiley faces and exclamation marks and concern about her clients.
  • Question 1. What is the voice of your business on social media? We’ll start with Nate. Nate’s Coffee Page
  • Nate’s consulting firm- you can probably guess the voice that Nate has developed! Nate, how does this help you connect with your specific audience? (not just funny, but using humor to teach)
  • When Melissa was with BuyTV, the strategy was a little different, because it revolved around Melissa as a personality.
  • But you can see how they used her as a personality to give their business a personality in their social media.
  • Melissa, now you are with Swiss Watch International, and you have a new challenge. Your company owns several different sites, each with their own social media. These sites have some similarities, but slightly different audiences. Can you tell us a little bit about your strategy to develop a specific unique voice for each of the different sites? How is this different than what you did with BuyTV?
  • Scott’s social media strategy is similar to Melissa’s in that he is the personality that represents his business. He is a known industry expert, so he uses his personality, interests and knowledge to connect with his customers. Scott, tell us about your strategy and what we’re seeing here on the screen.
  • You’ll see me use several examples from Jeremy Schoemaker, because he has a unique voice that comes across very strong. I thought it was interesting the two different voices in posts that were similar between Scott and Jeremy.
  • Skittles is consistent throughout all of their social media campaigns with their voice. Is this important? Why? (trying to get at the point that if your audience knows what to expect, they develop a loyalty because you produce content they are attracted to.)
  • Nate, you tend to be a little more risque with some of your posts, taking it a little farther than some internet marketing consulting companies might. Can you tell us why you’ve made this part of your strategy? How has this strategy helped you?
  • I’d like each of you to talk about how you handle negative comments on your social media accounts (or how you would handle them if you ever got them) but first, I want to show two examples of how you should NOT handle it.
  • Maybe not the best use of voice on social media…
  • Do you think social media is a good place to encourage customer service discussion? (this one is hard to read, but I can provide the gist. The important part is seeing all the hearts.)
  • (Ways to Appear More Personable to your Audience) I’ve pointed out a few ways to do this, but I’d like you to add any suggestions you have.
  • Sharing what your workplace culture is like. Melissa, you’ve shared many photos of what it is like for you at work, including some awesome Halloween costume photos. Why did you feel like this was important?
  • (Ways to Appear More Personable to your Audience)
  • (Ways to Appear More Personable to your Audience) Sharing Images of your workplace
  • (Ways to Appear More Personable to your Audience)
  • (Ways to Appear More Personable to your Audience) Personal stories about your family. At what point is this too much?
  • How do you address current events on your social media pages? What do social media users need to be cautious of and what do they need to keep in mind? Success
  • Fail
  • Fail
  • Sharing your Opinion- what is your strategy? Where do you draw the line?
  • Questions are great. Or Not so great. Connecting with your customers is important, and asking questions is one way to do this, but that can backfire. Can you give us some example of successes or failures you've seen when companies (yours included) have used this strategy?
  • Personal vs. Professional Marketing: What’s the Right Mix?

    1. 1. Personal Vs. Professional Marketing: What’s the Right Mix?
    2. 2. Social Media
    3. 3. Keeping it Professional
    4. 4. Unique Humor
    5. 5. Touchy Feely
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Zynali Marketing Solutions
    8. 8. Melissa Salas
    9. 9. BuyTV
    10. 10. A New Challenge – Swiss Watch International, “The SWI Group”
    11. 11. Scott Jangro - Shareist
    12. 12. Two Different Voices
    13. 13. Two Different Voices
    14. 14. Consistency
    15. 15. Taking Risks
    16. 16. Taking Risks
    17. 17. Negative Comments
    18. 18. Negative Comments
    19. 19. Customer Service
    20. 20. Ways to Appear More Personable to your Audience
    21. 21. Sharing Workplace Culture
    22. 22. Sharing Hobbies and Interests
    23. 23. Philanthropy
    24. 24. Showing Strategies and Failures
    25. 25. Showing off Successes!
    26. 26. Personal Stories
    27. 27. Real Time Marketing (Newsjacking)
    28. 28. Newsjacking #fail
    29. 29. Newsjacking #Fail
    30. 30. Newsjacking #Fail
    31. 31. Newsjacking #Win
    32. 32. Sharing Your Opinion
    33. 33. Inviting Customers to be Personal
    34. 34. Conclusion • Identify Your Audience • Determine Your Voice, or the voice you decide upon for your page’s audience • Remain Consistent with that Voice to build loyalty of followers • Use Common Sense • Let Your Personality Shine!
    35. 35. 36 Who are we? Ashley Coombe - Shuffling Madness Media Twitter: @ashleybcoombe Facebook: ashleybcoombe Nathan Smith - Zynali Twitter: @coffeenate, @zynali Facebook: Nathan.Smith1 Melissa Salas - Swiss Watch International Twitter: @melissadsalas Facebook: melissa.salas Scott Jangro - Shareist Twitter: @jangro Facebook: jangro