Advertisers: Take Your Lead Gen Beyond the Desktop


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit West 2014 (January 12-14, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV). Session description: Advertisers: it’s time to take your lead-gen campaigns beyond the desktop and onto mobile and tablet devices. Discover strategies on how to mobilize your offers and track across various mobile traffic.

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Advertisers: Take Your Lead Gen Beyond the Desktop

  1. 1. How to Take Your Lead Gen Beyond The Desktop | @MatomyGroup
  2. 2. Overview • Difference of Mobile vs. Web Lead Gen • Types of Mobile Lead Generation • Best Practices • Tracking and Analytics • How to Gain Distribution • Question and Answer | @MatomyGroup
  3. 3. Why Mobile Matters • 50: Percentage of U.S. population that will own a smartphone by 2014 • 141: Minutes/day that adults spend using mobile devices • ~50: Percentage of Facebook ad revenue that comes from mobile • 48: Percentage of emails opened on mobile devices | @MatomyGroup
  4. 4. Difference of Mobile vs. Web Lead Gen • 41% of mobile users access device while in store or while making a purchase consideration • Mobile searches for contractors and construction grew 68% YOY to 37% of total searches on YP Local Ad Network • Mobile users use device earlier in the sales funnel • Shorter consideration set due to information access • Sense of Urgency / Emergency | @MatomyGroup
  5. 5. Mobile Creative Needs to be Different | @MatomyGroup
  6. 6. How to Optimize for Mobile Lead Gen | @MatomyGroup
  7. 7. Which Types of Campaigns Work Best? • Mass-Market Appeal — Would 1-in-100 random people on the street be interested in the offer? • Impulsive Action — Is this an offer a user can quickly act on, or is the decision-making process very long? | @MatomyGroup
  8. 8. Which Types of Campaigns Work Best? • Broad Targeting — Super-targeted offers (age, geo, gender, income, etc.) make it difficult to scale campaign • International — International mobile inventory rates are very low right now; much easier and faster to make a campaign work • Server-2-Server Tracking — Cookies don’t track well on mobile; need advertisers that supports S2S | @MatomyGroup
  9. 9. Types of Mobile Lead Generation • Short Forms – Mobile-optimized pages designed to capture minimum required data of a user • Pay Per Call – Inbound user initiated calls to a call center or direct to business | @MatomyGroup
  10. 10. Short-Form Lead Generation • Keep It Simple – Keep file size low to increase loading speed. – Remove extraneous forms, CAPTCHA, dropdowns. – Not everyone has a ―touch‖ smartphone. • Show the ―value‖ to user for submitting information. • Use Server 2 Server Postback Tracking. | @MatomyGroup
  11. 11. Pay-Per-Call • Use tracking services such as Invoca (RingRevenue) – Allows you to work with partners based on call duration. – Can set up IVR to pre qualify calls. – Record calls to listen in. • Utilize mobile page best practices as above • When mobile phones traffic use Click-to-Call – <a href=―tel:+18001234444‖>Call Us Now</a> | @MatomyGroup
  12. 12. Analytics and Importance of Mobile Data • Use analytics and tracking technologies to monitor your mobile traffic – Meet • Mobile Data that can affect Quality and Performance – Platform OS (iOS, Android, Feature Phone, etc) – Carrier / ISP – Device Handset Model and Version – Device Type (Tablet, Phone, iPod) – Screen Resolution | @MatomyGroup
  13. 13. Where to Get Distribution Mobile Web Display Mobile In App Display Co-Registration Traditional Search Mobile Search Other Non Mobile Traffic Offline Lead Generation Strong Mediocre Strong Weak Mediocre Weak Weak | @MatomyGroup Pay Per Call Weak Weak Mediocre Mediocre Strong Weak Mediocre
  14. 14. QUESTIONS? | @MatomyGroup
  15. 15. Stay Connected Alex Tsatkin VP of Mobile Matomy Media Group P: 203.883.9870 E: TALK TO THE MATOMY TEAM AT BOOTH #202! | @MatomyGroup
  16. 16. Thank You