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5 Profitable Businesses To Build Around a Non-Fiction Book

This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2017 (July 30 - August 1, 2017 in New York).

Session description: A well written, problem-solving nonfiction book is key, but it’s the great business around the book that makes the real money. Learn 5 ways to profit from creating a business around your book.

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5 Profitable Businesses To Build Around a Non-Fiction Book

  1. 1. How To Triple Your Revenue With Non- Fiction Books Jim Kukral CEO, &
  2. 2. Before We Begin Please shut down your social media and turn the ringer off on your phone. Sit back, take notes, and get ready to learn how your non-fiction book is the key to your revenue problems in the future.
  3. 3. What We’re Covering Today? • How to maximize revenue from non- fictions books • How to take your expertise and sell it “beyond” the book • Discover business models available to you generate revenue • How you can get started today!
  4. 4. Who Am I? • 20+ years Web business experience • Author of 10 books • Founder of • 30,000 + members from over 105 countries
  5. 5. A Book Is The Best Business Card You Will Ever Have There are two reasons people use the Internet, and two reasons only:
  6. 6. Winning Non-Fiction Formula
  7. 7. Let’s Do Some Math • The average non-fiction author will only sell 800 copies of their book in their lifetime! • Let’s say you are the anomaly and you sell 1,000 books next year. • 1,000 books sold at $5.99 on Amazon = $5,900 • After you pay the Amazon cut, you make $4,130. • Plus your costs (cover, editing, marketing) • Maybe you only end up earning $2,000 from 1,000 books sold. • That’s not enough!
  8. 8. Question: What’s Your Monthly Number? • How much do you need every month to pay all your bills/expenses, and maybe save a little and take your family out to a nice dinner? • Is it $5,000/month? Is it $10,000/month? • How are you going to get to that number from just book sales?
  9. 9. It’s Time To Build A Business “Around” That Book • Scenario #1: A Product “Around” Your Book • Example: Greenhouse Gardening • You’ve sold 1,000 copies of the book, but what are you leaving on the table?
  10. 10. It’s Time To Build A Business “Around” That Book • Book is $4.99 on Kindle. 1,000 sales = $4,990 • Other costs factored in: Profit = $1,493 • But… what if you used the book to sell things like greenhouse DIY construction kit downloads, or pre-fab greenhouse structures? • DIY kit cost: $29.99 instant download • If 10% of 1,000 readers purchased = $2,999 • Pre-fab greenhouse structure cost: $599 • If 10% purchased = $59,900
  11. 11. It’s Time To Build A Business “Around” That Book • Book is $3.99 on Kindle. 1,000 sales = $3,990 • Opportunity missed: Beekeeping Membership Site • Monthly cost: $9.99 • If 10% of 1,000 readers purchased = $999/month • Yearly profit: $12,000/year • If 20% purchased = $24,000/year
  12. 12. It’s Time To Build A Business “Around” That Book • Book is $47.36. 100 sales = $4,736 • Opportunity missed: Speaking • One-time speaking fee: $5,000 • Opportunity missed: 2-3 day workshops • Workshop fee: $10,000 • Opportunity missed: Private consulting • Consulting fee: $5-$10k
  13. 13. It’s Time To Build A Business “Around” That Book • Book is $15.75. 500 sales = $4,990 • Other costs factored in: Profit = $3,500 • Civil war “true fans” might want tours? • Tour cost: $199.99 half-day tour • If 10% of 500 readers purchased = $9,999
  14. 14. It’s Time To Build A Business “Around” That Book • Book is $2.99. 1000 sales = $2,990 • Other costs factored in: Profit = $2,000 • Book leads into two businesses • Bestpagefoward: $197 service • If 10% of 1000 readers purchased = $19,700 • Currently has over 400 clients! ($79k/year) • Second business: SellingforAuthors • Sells for $597 • If 10% of 1000 readers purchased = $59,700
  15. 15. Why Do People Pay For Things? • People pay to have problems solved (non-fiction) • People pay to save themselves time • People pay because they don’t want to do it themselves • People pay because they don’t like making mistakes • So the question to you is… • What are you offering to people who want those things? And if you’re not… what’s stopping you? • Your book is an instant credibility builder and lead generator, it’s time you used it as such!
  16. 16. But Nobody Will Pay For What I Know! • Doesn’t matter in most cases what your book is about • Doesn’t matter that you think people don’t want to know what you know • What matters is you offer your expertise to a target of people who want the solution to the problem the have! • What matters is you use your book to build a business “around” that book!
  17. 17. The Big Questions!!! • What type of business should I create “around” my book? • What do I price it at for maximum revenue/conversions? • How do I know if I’m pricing it too high or too low? • How do I most effectively close sales? • What should my sales funnel look like and how do I set it up? • Should I use Facebook ads? How do I set them up and where to target? • How much time/effort is this going to take from me to do? • How much money can I make from doing this? • What technology should I used to power my program? • How do I get my first sale and future sales?
  18. 18. Want Someone To Tell You What To Do? • Questions in a moment. • What is the Business Around a Book service? • This is NOT a course. There's no homework or hours of videos or classes to watch • It’s hands-on consulting with personal service from me! • Get your business figured out quickly and start making sales!
  19. 19. Limited spots available. View pricing options & sign up at: