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Rethinking Today’s Hot Issues Affecting Affiliate Programs


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2014 (August 10-12, 2014 New York City).
Session Description: Reduced coupon site payouts, toolbars, click attribution – have you evaluated these choices for your program lately? This diverse experienced panel discusses the pros & cons of today’s tough issues.

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Rethinking Today’s Hot Issues Affecting Affiliate Programs

  1. 1. Affiliate Summit East 2014
  2. 2. As technology changes, new issues arise demanding a decision Growth/Risks Fair/Unfair advantage
  3. 3.  Merchant - John LoBrutto ◦ 1&1 Internet  OPM - Rick Gardiner ◦ iAffiliate Management  Affiliate – Alan Rapoport ◦  Network - Jeannine Crooks ◦ Affiliate Window
  4. 4. You’re part of it too! Tell us your thoughts and why you reached your decision
  5. 5. Coupon sites – pay them the same or less than other types of affiliates?
  6. 6. Less value because Didn’t really drive the sale -people were only looking for a coupon code. Less revenue from sale because of the coupon Overwriting an existing cookie
  7. 7. Same Value as Other Affiliates because: Cost conscious customers start shopping process there Discount is just the cost of doing business Coupon sites often generate a higher average order value
  8. 8. Toolbars – Work with them or not?
  9. 9. Less Value Because: Cookie stuffing, so they really didn’t earn the sale Some overwrite existing cookies, so steals sales from other affiliates
  10. 10. Worth having in the program because: Drive large volumes of traffic from loyal users Technology exists to prevent cookie stuffing or overwriting existing cookies
  11. 11. Click Attribution – Makes things fairer, or not worth the trouble?
  12. 12. Worth the trouble because: Every touch along the way helps the conversion and should be rewarded Stops coupon sites from getting the full commission just because they had the last click
  13. 13. Not worth it because: Not all touches added value in the conversion process If they did add value, not at the same level in each conversion so same % each time wouldn’t be accurate
  14. 14. Multiple Networks for Merchants – Growing the program or waste of time & money?
  15. 15. Multiple networks will help to grow the program because: Access to different affiliate base Some affiliates prefer one network over another More exposure in the industry
  16. 16. Not worth the effort because: Original network has sufficient affiliate base so the incremental addition can be minimal Cost factor – another set of fees Time factor – more affiliates to manage through a different interface
  17. 17. Transparency – Grows relationships or too much information
  18. 18. Transparency improves everything because: Much easier to contact the affiliate or merchant Less guessing about how an affiliate promotes a merchant Easier to develop a strong relationship
  19. 19. Better to only provide limited information because: Affiliates don’t always want to be contacted by merchants, and vice versa Affiliates want to keep their trade secrets private Danger of going direct, cutting out the network
  20. 20. In-House vs. OPM Program Management – Better to have complete in house control or hand it over to an outside company?
  21. 21. Better to manage in-house because: No one knows or loves your product like a staff member does Less program control Fees and overrides add additional costs to having an affiliate program
  22. 22. Better to hire an outsourced expert because: They can grow a program quickly Fixed cost can be easily managed No need to hire and train a new staff member Easier to change if there’s an issue
  23. 23. Your Questions or Hot Topics?
  24. 24.  John LoBrutto ◦  Rick Gardiner ◦  Alan Rapoport ◦  Jeannine Crooks ◦