Successful Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2014 (August 10-12, 2014 New York City).
Session Description: Content is king. Coming up with great stuff share and write about every day is hard. Learn how to keep your social media, blogs, and newsletters active with great content, for you and your clients.

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Successful Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day

  1. 1. Successful Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day Scott Jangro @jangro
  2. 2. PPDM
  3. 3. 3 P’s of Planning • Person • Purpose • Prepare
  4. 4. Produce • Who • What • When • Where
  5. 5. Distribute • Your Homebase • Primary Social Media • Secondary Social Media
  6. 6. Measure • Look • Listen • Learn
  7. 7. Overall Content Marketing Process • Read • Capture Ideas • Curate content • Create new content • Recap and Reuse
  8. 8. Monday Read content from your sources and go through captured content and curate what your audience may want to see. Schedule items (along with your unique perspective) to go out to your audience each day for the upcoming week. Time: 30 mins
  9. 9. Tuesday Look over what is trending in the items you scheduled to share. Is there a big idea that you could develop a unique piece of content out of? Look at your editorial calendar and see if it fits in with your overall plan. Begin to develop the unique content. Time: 30 mins
  10. 10. Wednesday Work on the unique piece of content. Create a topic based curated post where you collect several articles on one topic and share them with your audience. Include your own previously written content. Time: 30 minutes
  11. 11. Thursday Complete the unique piece of content that you began on Tuesday. Use supporting articles that you’ve collected from the sources you trust. Use the tools you have in place to distribute it to your audience. Time: 30 minutes
  12. 12. Friday Spend 10 minutes creating a wrap up post from your most clicked on articles of the previous week and distribute it. Use the remaining time to look over feedback, questions, and comments. Are there any ideas here for content? Put them on the calendar. Time: 30 mins
  13. 13. Saturday & Sunday Enjoy that you scheduled weekend posts on Monday. Get a jump on the following week by reading and capturing ideas for curating and creating. Read every day and capture interesting content ideas.
  14. 14. Tips for Curating Quickly • Find good sources that you can draw from • Tag the items you collect to do topic based curated posts • Watch for natural patterns to emerge